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I money was Gauri mentor I’m president of Trinity employment specialists Trinity we are staffing organization staffing in the Oakland City in Tulsa markets but we also have people working in Texas Arkansas and Kansas. But we specialize in staffing everything in the medical field that you can think of everything from a front office person all the way up to a physician we staff for that regularly in in our business division we staff or finance accounting and banking positions and we also do. A lot of customer service when it relates to finance and so that’s really what our are specialties. Medical Jobs Tulsa

We try to help companies find only an A player and have a pathway to getting a player and that pathway it’s a guaranteed thing it’s just that you have to go through a little bit of pain to make sure and get there it’s also explained this a little bit and that is it’s following Jack Welch’s system that he put a put together and it’s really just this you don’t if you’re going to hire a staff Yuri’s ations really important that you don’t. Tolerate B. In C. Level players it’s really really important Here’s reasons because you’re paying extra to have somebody recruit for you and they are. Medical Jobs Tulsa Recruiting a good recruiting company they’re always going to be recruiting So you want to take advantage of the fact that you likely will have other candidates come in and you can terminate quickly I want to I want to tell you about something that Trinity went through for a a good walk and I had no clue no clue whatsoever. We had an employee that did a good job but behind the scenes was just blasting every small little complaint that you could ever imagine and it wasn’t you know they didn’t do it in front of the management they did it in front you know with their own ploys and so for a good while. I had no clue and the the morale just stayed kind I mean I just noticed it wasn’t nearly where it where it usually has been we’ve been in business for 10 years we’re generally a happy place to work and halts but he starts seeing employees their faces are just kind of grooming and end and so I want you to know.

Medical Jobs Tulsa That by reducing that one employee that one employee we have grown in a short amount of time by a 3rd. We have we’re doing it with less people and everyone is happier so this is this is what I’m this is what I’m wanting to try to explain is the drastic impact that one bad employee will have no this is what this is what companies generally they can give you as a manager if you’re if you’re a hiring manager looking at hiring someone will your your management team is very interested or your executive team they’re interested in how much it cost you to recruit the employee so they don’t want you to pay us too much money at seizing companies all the time especially when we do a direct tie or with a director fee is pretty it’s a pretty shocking numbers for some for some staff members when they’re not used to using a recurring company but and so they look at that one number how much it cost to recruit person that they look at you know maybe some of the training hours that they put in you can calculate those numbers it’s really easy to calculate those numbers but what management staff are executive teams generally don’t have access to and that is how much money they spin it holding onto someone who was not and a player they might not even been a B. Player with in they if they’re in the B. And C. Medical Jobs Tulsa

Category holding on to the wrong person. Is one of the most catastrophic things that you can do for your team and here’s why. Medical Jobs Tulsa I’m telling you they will run away you’re a players it will be very difficult for you to be able to recruit a players into your group your energy in your team when you have being sea level players on your team is going to be moderate at best or everybody’s having a great time and they’re not working at all it could be it could be the other way but having someone on your team that. Just does not get it doesn’t fit in with the team they don’t they’re not energized they don’t bring their A game I’m telling you I’m encouraging you. Do not tolerate that type of individual and terminate quickly and get yourself early set yourself up for being able to find a player.

Medical Jobs Tulsa when you have a players they do 3 things they stay longer which saves you a ton of money in recruiting fees and training and having to revamp everything just to bring in a new person and they do one and a half times the work and they often times will recruit other a players to work with you but if you tolerate be uncivil players I’m just telling you you’re going to get what you tolerate as a manager and most managers when they come and talk to me they they are not complaining about their normal every day job stuff they’d complain about what Ted tolerating with their employees and so I’m just telling you from my standpoint in admitting to you that it happened to me not too long ago and I had no clue because it was done in the background but I’m telling you the impact that it made when we realized what was happening and we eliminated that one individual on a pretty large team. I could not believe the the impact that they had to not let this happen to you and if you are needing to recruit in a play or listen. If you’re not going to use a staffing company consider that that pathway to not tolerating anything but in a player but it is much easier to do that when you have a staffing company always recruiting for you if we can help you please give us a call it’s at 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at Trinity employment dot com.

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