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Hi My name is Corey mentor I’m president Trinity employment specialist charity we are staffing organization we work. In the medical field everything the medic medical field from front office to physicians to physician and then also in our business we step primarily for banking accounting and finance and some mighty work that we started doing in the last several months and Trinity we we have developed quite a Medical Jobs Tulsa culture in our organization and that’s what I want to talk about just real quick is about culture. I want to throw a couple of suggestions on how I have Trinity’s created the culture that we’ve had. And in some of the things that we’re starting to implement now because it’s always a moving more to try to figure out how to have the most the best and in positive environment but 1st I want to tell you I want to tell you a story starting with Trinity’s beginning in how we got to where we’re we’re at and we’re we’re certainly not perfect right Medical Jobs Tulsa now I can tell you that but man are we light years further than what we we were when we started but one of the things that happened with it early on in Trinity is that we had as we grew in staff and we got to about $77.00 or 8 people in our office we started having a problem of just.

A negative atmosphere started to create because really and truly Trinity is not perfect we you know we do a lot of great things but you know no company is and every company that I’ve ever known even some of the top best companies that they just have certain things that you know could be better or there’s no way it can be changed it and it’s just frustrating to everybody that they have to deal with this way thing is is your company culture can shift there and it starts with this just simple grumbling about this that or the other Medical Jobs Tulsa I don’t like this I don’t like that I don’t like this I don’t like that and you know it started with Trinity This was how this is how it started with us we had we had an instant messaging system that we thought was really great thing rather than us yelling at one another because we’re we’ve got about 8 people in the office at this point in time and read us yelling at one another and creating in just creating distraction for everybody else like we said let’s just do an eye in things so we can talk not not yell and everybody really liked it so we had a really quiet professional sounding environment there for a while but this is what happened we had one person one person started it and she started talking on I into one of the other company or one of the other employees Medical Jobs Tulsa Man I wish this would be better or man I don’t like the Trinity is like this and one day we Acme an amber actually saw it and we were like oh my gosh that explains everything and you know that one person every.

We had we had really good people at the moment at that time but we had one person that was instigating everything in now knowing everything that I know that I had like this one person brand off 3 people 3 good people in our organization were random off and I have one I’ve one employee the with this now they told me said listen I have felt left and they’re one of my big players so one bad apple can change your culture and it can be a bad thing if you’re not proactive with it this is one thing that you need to learn from me in this and that is that. I believe that had I went through and worked on our culture and worked on our positivity and encouraged everybody else more and communicated with more and not got my head stuck in the mud of my work because we’re really busy that time is kind of a big growth spurt for us I really think that I could have kept all of our good employees there but Medical Jobs Tulsa just didn’t do that so I want to I want to talk real quickly about what how you can how you can work on this in your organization if you own an organization make sure that you bring in positive people.

And they are the type of individuals that lean in towards proper positivity I strongly suggest that when you hire them talk and ask the references and ask how positive they were really in the long in the long run Were they a positive influence on people or were they a negative influence on people I strongly suggest you ask this directly in your references you’ll be surprised at what you get because for those people that were a problem for everybody else it’s hard for that suit for that pesky provider not to talk about it it really is in even if they refused to say something directly to you you will be able to tell because they’ll be like. Medical Jobs Tulsa I’m just done you can tell so make sure that you watch that the 2nd thing is I encourage you to have positivity type of a visit in your organization regularly and you’re so busy I get it as a supervisor owner whatever it is you are to stop what you’re doing and go and do those things but it really means a lot for people yet yet no zone is couple of days ago I was I was coming back from a meeting and I called everybody and I was like Listen we’re going to have a job a break I’m going to the coffee shop and bring coffee for everybody what do you want and let them have a break we sit there and you know talk for a little bit and that was something you know one thing that I’m doing next week is I’m going to go get an ice cream I’m going to get a bunch of ice cream and I’m Clinton I’m going to have an ice cream sundae break and we’re going to we’re going to go do that. On Monday mornings we have a thing called make Mondays great Medical Jobs Tulsa.

And so I I have somebody in the office do an uplifting top of a story or suggestion oftentimes on the one doing that why bring everybody together we talk about something funny. Medical Jobs Tulsa Oftentimes show a funny video or something like that in her mind everybody let’s make this week great let’s make Monday great because a lot of times when you’re coming into the office you’re just mean you’re covered off the weekend and you just don’t want to have a mentality in your office where everybody is living for the weekend we spend more time at work than anywhere else it’s our mindset and so you want to get your teams mind right about the week and get them positive and excited and let’s figure out ways to have fun throughout the week so they kind of look forward you know to what’s coming I like just surprising them with something that way they never know what’s going to happen at Trinity and it’s and it’s and it can create it can create a good positive atmosphere is something that we do one thing that I learned from an office just this last week I went to an office and met with them they’re actually a new customer of ours really proud about that but they had a they had a jar up there that said the complaint jar and I asked her what it was she said listen any time somebody says a negative thing well they have to put a dollar in the jar and then it into the into the month we go and donate that money to charity or we go buy something fun for the office with all that money and I thought that was really great and so the employees started talking about it and me end the person was there doing the sales meeting with me we started talking about it in Medical Jobs Tulsa our I caught myself walking out of our office because we got this big giraffe in a small draft and and my wife likes it she set it up in our office I got to be honest we I don’t like it so much.

So I made a comment up that drafted in the person that sold me said listen you’re being negative and and she’s like you owe us a dollar I’m going to put this in our office because it encourages you to least be conscious of when you’re being negative in a lot of times talk starts without the owners being there and I’m sure that it’s possible right now somebody say it’s about me and office now that you know I don’t know about. Medical Jobs Tulsa I hope not possible. But we. That’s something that I want to incorporate in our in our office is a complaint jar. That I want to I want to tell you I want to go through 5 things real quick that is my key to happiness I say this in a lot of videos in so if you watch any of my stuff you’ve likely heard this before but this is my key to happiness and contentment and positivity this is it most important 5 things in my life. Number one whatever it is that I do whatever it is that you do make sure that you commit to being the very best that you can be don’t be half way about it don’t don’t just get by commit to being the very best when you do that I’m telling you is going to give you an energy and that is contagious to the people around you and they will love being around you because no matter what they know that you’re going out to be the best and people want to follow people that are like this if you want to be a leader make sure you commit to being the very best that you can be at whatever it is that you do number 2 when you get an opportunity to Medical Jobs Tulsa.

Medical Jobs Tulsa Focus on helping other people get what they want and put it above what you want I’m telling you it is the key to success just help enough people get what they want and really go out and put some effort into helping them to do that help will help them to get better help them to figure out things that they need help them to get what they want if you’ll help enough people get what they want Zig Ziglar said this you’ll never have any problems getting what you want in life number 3 be grateful being grateful is not natural I promise you it’s not and if you don’t believe me you should have seen me trying to trying to feed my 3 year old this one I was keeping him alive and he was not grateful for it being grateful has to be a practiced event you you need to. Be intentional about being grateful my mentor taught me this at the very beginning of the day spin your 1st minute to 2 minutes being grateful it will literally change your entire tar ball game being grateful is the key to happiness the 4 believe the best is yet to come wherever you’re at in life and wherever you know whatever life stealing you laugh isn’t fair it stinks doesn’t but wherever you’re at in that life isn’t fair piece. Believe the best is yet to come hope gives you an energy almost nothing else will and it’s the key to success is having hope in seeing what your potential is believed the best is yet to come never ever stop knowing that in the very last thing you know in the on this in this is really only if your spiritual individual but I’m a Christian man in this is this is something that’s very very important to me Medical Jobs Tulsa Never forget who your partner is when your partner is God The guy can do anything and he’s very very very powerful in my life and so one of the things that I do personally is I just never forgive him up partners my partners God in it gives me an idea that anything there’s nothing that’s off limits I hope that this helps you encourage today Trinity can help you out in any way please give us a call the number is 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at Trinity employment call Thank you.

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