Medical Jobs Tulsa | Ready To Watch out for Bad Hires?

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello, hello. And welcome back to the A-player matchmaker where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And the title of this podcast is watch out for bad hires and hold on to the good ones. And this particular podcast is really interesting because it’s a, it’s a poll that was done by a career builder, uh, by, by the Harris poll from, uh, August 16th to September 15th in 2018 and it included a sample of 2200 full time hiring managers and S uh, human resource professionals, 3,600, almost 3,700 full-time workers across industries and it asks them about their employment experience with great Medical Jobs Tulsa.

And there’s a lot of really interesting information in, in this because it’s really important to know that disengagement is contagious. And as managers, it’s our job to improve or, or remove the poor performers or the lower bar in, in your workforce or else you could end up with a true disengaged team with Medical Jobs Tulsa.

And when you look at the statistics in descending disengaged teams, uh, across America, it’s not looking good for the workforce with 35% of employees being disengaged. You know, when, when asked how a bad hire affected their business in the last year, employers responded to this poll, I’m siding less productivity, which was 37% lost time to recruit and train another coworker that was 32% and um, compromise quality of work was 31%. You know, but you’ve got to ask yourself, how do you know that you’ve hired the wrong person? And when you, you know, what makes you think that you’ve hired the wrong person?

You know, here are some things that employers have said and I just think that this is interesting to walk through because a lot of times as managers we get stuck in the weeds of just working hard and trying to meet our metrics and trying to run a successful business, making sure that we’re profitable, um, working with all the vendors that we have Medical Jobs Tulsa.

It just, there’s balls up everywhere and sometimes you just get your eye off of some of the most important simple things. And these are some things interesting to think about. Why are your employees, uh, not working out? Um, so here’s some things that the employer said while the candidate didn’t have all the skills needed, they thought they could quickly. And so they went ahead and hired them. 35% said that did not work well for him.

A candidate lied about his or her qualifications. Um, that was 33% of people who found it out later, 33%. Now we’ve been told that most people at some point lie on their resume, but of employers there they are seeing that 33%, they can see it after they hired him. Um, the third one is they took a chance on someone they really liked. I’ve done that before and it didn’t work out for me and it didn’t work out for that person either with Medical Jobs Tulsa or not.

And I really feel bad for them because I really just had a hunch that they could do the job and it really wasn’t a good deal for them. Um, managers hired someone because they were pressured to fill the role quickly. That was 30% of the hires that they said they had a hard time finding qualified candidates. And so they hired someone that was 29%. They hired someone unqualified. They focused on the skills and not the attitude, what, what, what they decided for skills. There’s a lot of studies that have come out lately saying how bad of an idea that is when you don’t hire for cultural fit.

That’s a better way of saying that actually, um, is they focus only on their skills and they didn’t think about the culture. They ignored some of the warning signs. Um, yeah. You know, I, I think that checking and verifying some of those warning signs with references oftentimes will get you out of that little hot mess that uses Medical Jobs Tulsa.

There are a lot of things that you can do to get out of that. They lacked adequate tools to find the right person. That’s where I think you should consider utilizing staffing firms when you don’t have a human resources department truly dedicated to finding the top talent around, especially in today’s employment market where Oklahoma right now is 3.2%. National average is about 3.4. Um, the, the, the company didn’t do a complete background check. Um, I think that would probably be also related to reference checking great Medical Jobs Tulsa.

And then the last one is they, the HR department didn’t, uh, didn’t work close enough. I’m sorry, the manager didn’t work close enough with HR to mitigate some of those risks. Um, and overall this is how employers categorize someone as a bad hire. Number one, the worker didn’t produce the proper quality of work. 54% number two, the worker had a negative attitude. That’s 53% that’s scary. But that’s one of the most frustrating parts. You know, if you, if you have somebody who’s just negative, you want to talk about having a disengaged workforce, we’ll throw some bad attitudes in there and see how that goes for you. And in my experience, one bad person can impact drastically an entire workforce.