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Corey Mitter president Trinity employment specialist Trinity we are staffing organization we’re located in Tulsa but we staff in our surrounding areas as well we have a lot of staffing that we do in Oklahoma City Texas and Arkansas and Kansas so we do a little bit of our surrounding areas we try Trinity has a system for guaranteeing you getting a player and it really just goes like this do not tolerate be in C. Level players through when they’re on our payroll listen this is something that is really easy to say and when you talk you know when I go in and I talk to managers and and cast this vision for them they’re like oh yeah yeah who poop you raw All in all of this and then when the rubber hits the road it’s it’s just hard for really nice people I’ve found to terminate people when they need to and to do it early because Medical Jobs Tulsa really nice people they want to see the best in other in others and they want to give them a chance to show themselves and although we’ve seen you know we all have a story where someone you know would it wasn’t so well 1st and then there’s a big huge conversation in they did better those instances do happen but you are taking if you’re expecting that to happen every time you’re taking such a risk or one. Oh and struggle on having to put yourself there struggle and problems and you’re trying to do it to be nice.

but I would say about 90 maybe even higher maybe 95 percent of the time is not going to be the case that this turns out to be roses when you’ve got problems with so with someone early on most likely you’re going to experience those problems throughout the entirety of the time that you have to work with them and so when you since. A negativity in someone when you sense that people can it there’s some people that they’re just not going to be happy it doesn’t matter who is in who helps them you know or who they’re around then matter what kind of job they have. Medical Jobs Tulsa

When you since this someone talks negatively about the organization pretty regularly to employees or their general conversation is negative when they don’t do what you ask them to do and they come up with all sorts of excuses when someone comes in on the 1st few days they don’t even take any kind of incentive to take notes I’m trying to give you some of the indicators that we try to give our managers to let them know that hey listen when you experience these types of behaviors it is best to terminate the relationship and move on at Trinity we tried to promote terminating your way to an A player and that is it’s not necessarily Medical Jobs Tulsa horrible because some of those people that are not enjoying the job at wherever you’re places you might take them across the street and they fit in perfectly and at Trinity we have so many different customers and opportunities for people you may be doing the best favorite they’ve ever been given by terminating them and letting them go somewhere else where they can be successful but it’s really really important that our managers follow the system but what we found is that so many of them just don’t they like the idea but it’s very difficult for them to do it and most of these people I really really like myself because they are good genuine good hearted people but it’s so important that you do not tolerate B. And C. Level.

top performance because what happens in the long run is you get what you tolerate over and over and over again and if you tolerates for too long you’ll end up you’ll wake up one day and you’ll be like I spent my entire year miserable and it was because of that one person and you know we’ve had this happen in our in our work before where one person leaves and we had to terminate them and the whole office is peaceful and thankful force you know seen you never know you may be doing everyone a favor but Medical Jobs Tulsa.

It’s so very important that you follow this pursuit this process but we do this in the medical field all the time especially with clinical LP and Medical Jobs Tulsa and in medical assistance these are the people that are going to be the 1st front for our medical clinics that we work with they’re going to be the face of the company they’re going to be the person that the patient sees the most and the doctors going to come in at the very end but it’s really really important there’s a good bedside manner or a good patient experience and so holding on to peons Aryans and medical assistance that work directly with patients in patient care it is our job to make sure that we get only a players to the clinics in the hospitals that we service and so this is our our men priority in our main goal our turnover rate is 6 is not even close to our competitors in in the staffing industry we would love to show you the quality and what the difference in the quality that what Trinity what we do I’m so pleased give us call at 918-622-2588 or you can business online at Trinity employment dot com We would show love to show you the Trinity different.

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