Medical Jobs Tulsa | Part 2 Big College says the US is Hiring Poorly?

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We do have a crazy resume database concerning Medical Jobs Tulsa that we can contact people from. But the way that we go after it and are more successful is through social media because people are on social media no matter what, especially those people, like almost everyone. In fact, our country is addicted to this. And I can tell you that I’m probably addicted to it because I’ve been trying to stop looking at my phone and somehow someway I watch myself going to my phone and actually having some kind of calmness come over me when, when I’m on the phone and I’m only noticing that because I’m trying to quit. So Americans are most like, that’s most likely. Those are addictive types of traits that I just described to you. Most likely I’m not alone. I’ll bet you that kinda makes sense to you a little bit. Almost everyone with the phone is addicted to it and they’re going on social media and that’s where people are.

So that’s where recruiters are finding people looking for Medical Jobs Tulsa. The recruiting and hiring function has been vacillated since world war II. Many us companies, about 40% according to research by Korn ferry have outsourced much if not all of the hiring process to recruitment process outsourcers or other staffing firms.

You know, um, companies that still do their own recruiting and hiring, um, where managers are trying to fill positions are largely left to figure out what jobs require and what the ad should say. So they have managers trying to do this. And when applications come in, generally it’s always going to be electronically. Applicant tracking software sifts through them for keywords, um, that the hiring managers have said that they wanted to see. And then the process moves basically to the wild West where a new industry of vendors offers another astonishing array of smart-sounding tools that claim to predict who would be a good hire with great Medical Jobs Tulsa.

Those voice recognition, this is all I was talking about earlier, body language clues on social media and, and also machine learning algorithms. You know, everything they’re throwing at it. Entire publications are devoted to what all of this software is doing for Medical Jobs Tulsa. But the big problem is, is that these new practices, we really don’t know whether they’re actually producing the satisfactory Harz. And the people that I’ve spoken to have said that it’s not. And so hiring talent remains the number one concern of most CEOs in, um, in, uh, according to the conference board annual survey, um, a, a conference board in 2017 CEO survey reports that chief executives view the unavailability of talent and skills as the biggest threat to their business employers who spend an enormous amount of hiring an average of $4,129 per job in the United States according to the, uh, to the Sherm for society of human resource management.

And the United States fills a staggering 66 million Medical Jobs Tulsa a year. Most of the $20 billion, $20 billion that companies spend on human resources vendor, on human resource vendors, it goes to hiring. Wow. So the problem starts, you know, survey after survey that I’ve, that I’ve mentioned here, finds employers complaining about how difficult hiring years hiring is, but it’s clear that you know, they’re hiring much more, uh, than any other time in, in history. A lot of that is probably due to art. I mean, it’s not probably our economy is better than it’s ever been. I know that our, our social media and the media talks about how it’s not going so well that it’s a, it’s a, you know, I’m not trying to be political, but you can tell that there is some kind of an agenda for the mainstream media to show that our country is not doing well.

But I can tell you as a businessman and also in doing business, in communicating with other businesses around town, business is doing really, really well and it’s better than I’ve ever remembered it happening before. This is a huge growth for our company and many other staffing firms as well. Um, this is kind of an intro to the first part of, of this, of this topic of our approach is all wrong to hiring. And this next, this next um, podcast I’m going to be bringing in action items. What is it that we should do? Um, what is it that this Harvard business review article is suggesting that we all do to try to stay in front of this hair hiring challenge? If Trinity can help you in any way we would love to do so, please give us a Please come and check, uh, check out this next podcast with the action items in it as you search for amazing Medical Jobs Tulsa.