Medical Jobs Tulsa | Part 1 So Harvard Business Review Says America Is Recruiting All Wrong?

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You are listening to Trinity employments, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the co-founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter.

Hello and welcome back to the “A” player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers alike. And this particular article that I want to discuss with you has come from the Harvard business review. Um, and, and it’s taught, it’s called your approach to hiring is all wrong. And I thought that this was a really great article that was worth actually going over because it’s got some really innovative ideas to hiring that I think a lot of our hiring partners or some of our customers would be very interested in just knowing what some of the smartest, um, recruiting trends are throughout the nation. Now we live here in Oklahoma, so a lot of times some of these things that start on the East and West coast, it takes a little bit of time for it to become mainstream here in Oklahoma with top Medical Jobs Tulsa.

But a lot of these things are currently happening. I can tell you that because I can see it just in our Medical Jobs Tulsa operation here at Trinity, but what, what we’re trying to, uh, the approach is just what is happening in this new industry. Really. Our unemployment rate, I just did an article, not an article, I’m sorry. Um, a new spot for channel eight the other day about the unemployment rate and it is, it is down lower than it’s ever been since 1969. Employers are trying very difficultly, they’re diligently trying to find some of the top talents when it comes to skillsets. So we’re, we’re not necessarily talking, having a huge, um, a reduction in force or reduction of op options when it comes to, um, know like lower talented labor. But once you get to a mid-level and above, it’s, it’s much, much more difficult. So we want to dive into this, cause I’ve got so much information here that I don’t even know how we’re going to break it up.

This has gotta be a two-part series most likely because there’s just a lot of interesting information in this article about Medical Jobs that I think it’s worth sharing to, to other people as a, uh, as an authority on this topic. Um, the first, the first thing is businesses have never done as much hiring as they do today. They’ve never spent as much money doing it and they’ve never done a worse job of it is the first sentence of this article. Um, and, and so I, I don’t know that I agree with that completely. In fact, I think that some of the Medical Jobs Tulsa, and some of the ideas that are happening right now, the reason that it looks like no one’s done as a bad enough job of, or whites why recruiters have done a bad job of it is because technology new, the newest technologies getting thrown at us like crazy and trying to make up, trying to figure out which pieces of these technologies will work for us and which will not.

One thing that I’ve noticed is just art extreme effort to get on social media and go after and connect with people. That trumps all of the other technology that’s out there. In this article about Medical Jobs Tulsa, I’m going to talk about AI technology. I’m going to talk about all of the most innovative things that really a big companies are trying to use. They’re trying to use, uh, um, an artificial intelligence software to read the person’s body language to determine if they’re the right fit, read the way that they speak, um, read their resume and make a lot of assumptions based off their resume. I get that. But listen, I’ve not talked to anyone, not one person who has used this software that thought, Hey, this really, really works. I remember when I was meeting with a, uh, he was an executive at IBM and we went to lunch and his entire job was to create an artificial intelligence software that would do all of the hirings for a company.

Well, it was really weird because I just happened to meet the Medical Jobs Tulsa hiring manager of that, of that company that he says that he’s one of his pilots that they’re trying on. And this person that was, uh, the head of HR at the company that they were providing this service to said this is the worst hiring that they’ve ever done. Now I’m not saying they’re not going to catch up and get this software to where it’s going to begin to make sense for employers, but they’re a long way from it because for the most part, the post-world war two era where large corporations went about hiring in this way, basically human resources experts prepared a detailed job analysis to see what tasks needed to be done next. They did a job evaluation to determine how to fit the job into the organizational chart and how much should we pay it, you know?

And so there, there was all this, these surveys I remember that we used to utilize in the oil and gas field, you know, and, and then what kind of personality in IQ tests might we need to do, um, to figure out is this the right person? But today, the approach, couldn’t be more difficult. Different census status shows, for example, that the majority of people who took a new job last year, they weren’t searching for one at all. Someone went and got them. See, often employers advertise jobs that they don’t exist, hoping to find people that might be useful later. Um, but really what they’re doing is companies are seeking to fill the recruiting funnel with as many candidates as possible and they’re going after them when, when they have them in their database. And so oftentimes, and, and even here at Trinity, we do it differently with the best Medical Jobs Tulsa.

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