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Medical Jobs Tulsa | Calling To Get Ahead in Life?

To Trinity employments, a player matchmaker podcast storing your host and the Co founder of Trinity Employment Specialists, Cory Minter. Hi, welcome back to the a player match beggars where we’re always trying to help you. We want to help you get top Medical Jobs Tulsa and see what these guys are willing to do to help you today! Call us and see what we can provide you with!

ways to add value to job seekers and um, to employers. And this particular topic of this podcast is common interviewing questions, ask for medical assistance. Um, this is the second part of a two part series for this. Uh, for this section, I went over to the first nine questions in our first podcast. We’re going to start off with question number 10 but before we start that, we always go over some statistics and I’ll make this really quickly, cause I already went over this in 2018, the median pay in salary for medical assistance was $33,610 per year. That’s on average $16 and 16 cents per hour. This really isn’t congruent with it is incongruent with the salary that we’re seeing here in the state of Oklahoma, which is very, very unusual because the department of Labor has always been way off for some reason when it comes to the state of Oklahoma with salaries. Call us now if you want top Medical Jobs Tulsa for your and your jobs!

In fact, the Department of Labor was always very, very high based on what we were paying here in Oklahoma. So I believe what’s happened is the state of Oklahoma has actually caught up with the rest of the nation when it comes to salaries for medical assistants. That’s based off the 10 years of experience that I have working directly with medical assistants because of our exposure to the medical field here at Trinity. Um, the typical education is a postsecondary nondegree. There, there are a lot of schools that have like quick one year degrees.

Um, you know, we have Tulsa Tech. So technical schools oftentimes have a medical assistant programs before and it’s changed a lot. We had some secondary education systems that, um, I believe the, uh, bum, the Obama administration had some real problems with and they created some big time problems for those schools. In the, in Tulsa, in Oklahoma.Reach out now for the most amazing Medical Jobs Tulsa in town!

We began to see these schools basically begin to disappear. Um, there are still a couple of that around, but I believe now the biggest supplier to medical assistants are, there’s one school here in Tulsa called Community Care College and um, Platt College. As I said, one, there’s, there’s two black college and then there’s a, um, there’s our technical college, which is Tulsa Technology Center that provides, uh, education for medical assistants. The number of jobs in 2018, uh, was 686,000. And the current growth is at 23%, is what they’re expecting in the next 10 years. Call us now at 918-622-2588 or help over to as soon as you can!

Medical Jobs Tulsa | Are You Ready To Win At The Job Market Game?

That’s from 2018 to 2028. And the employment change, so that should add 155,000 new jobs to this nation, to uh, this, uh, specific job title nationwide. So this job title, it’s going to grow. It’s not going away. I believe that it’s because of the baby boomers and most likely we’re going to have a lot more people needing medical care. Be sure to call us now and see what amazing things you can get from a Medical Jobs Tulsa !

And that is the reason that we’re going to see such a huge increase in medical assistance. One of the great things for trinity is that looks really good for our business, um, especially on the medical side. So we’re going to start off with question number 10. Like I said, we went through some of the basic questions that a medical assistant likely is going to be asked in an interview. However, um, question number 10 is we’re getting more specific now we’re getting more specific questions. Question number 10 is what phlebotomy training have you had? Are you comfortable with drawing blood? The employer basically wants to make sure that you’re not nervous about blood draws. A lot of medical assistants are going to be asked for this. However, there are many there, there are a number of positions where you wouldn’t need to do blood draws at all.

However, it is definitely something that’s a common question. You simply want to explain your training and phlebotomy or your experience that you had on the job. Um, I would also include the number of sticks that you, that you do during a day if you have some experience. Um, and, and let them know the, the amount of experience that you have. If you’ve had experience already, discuss how long you’ve been performing blood draws and like I said, how many sticks per day that you, uh, that you perform. Be in contact with us to find Medical Jobs Tulsa for yourself today.

Question number 11 is have you taken patient histories and vital signs in your previous job? And um, I’m going to add to this. I’m going to add to this question. The, the thing you should add is are you doing it manually or are you doing it doing the machine? There are many clinics that just have a machine doing this now and there are some clinics that want you to be able to do it manually. Be sure to call us now if you need the most amazing Medical Jobs Tulsa today!

Most Clint, you’re going to want you to be able to do it both, both ways. If the machine goes down, they’re wanting somebody who knows what they’re doing. If these were some of your responsibilities and your previous job, you can explain your role. If not explain that you’ve been trained in these areas. But the thing is, is any medical assistant we’ve ever worked with, um, you’re going to have those type of, uh, skills or you’re probably not going to have been working or certified or registered. So I would definitely, uh, be talking about those things. Question number 12, have you ever worked with patient prescriptions? It, some medical assistants may have experienced with calling and refills or using an electronic system to place and refill orders. Um, that’s going to be a common thing. Simply make sure that you explain the experience you have and like what we talked about earlier in the first pod in the first section of this is to explain what EMR or EHR that you’re working you’re working with. Be sure to call us now at 918-622-2588 or go to!