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Medical Jobs Tulsa | Change is Necessary

How many oranges President Bush history were stacked as they should look also but we have we have a lot of places that we were sitting 10 Texas it’s all Kansas and we’ve been doing this teen years. You know it’s one several different words but it really redefined how people do stare at least in the medical field specific tools that we were organization who has really tried to put huge emphasis on high quality over quantity and I think for a lot of the staff who were you least 90 percent. Does it really different. Medical Jobs Tulsa Read just classes many resumes get out to clients and hoping that some sticks and trying to do all. They figured a way to make money. Off the backs of their own customers customers don’t realize it oftentimes until after day spirits time when they trip guys that they have the same problems start staring stage in our model it is truly you don’t tolerate being single players we only focus will give you a clear we do that to change the tire off and we don’t think companies keep doing the same things that we have to get our companies to actually buy in to this vision but we know that it works we were we say companies thousands of dollars and so it’s something that I get really excited about.

I want to talk to you about trying to parse what is it that you should look for in these these are just a few things that I’ll come up with just over my head in just to do so video but. You can. Go into so much deeper. In the study what you need to do today but that this should get your. Your process there because when you’re going to hire someone you don’t want to just hop in and they His us talking to the good he was good chief operations officer or joyous markets for us and we were talking about. He’d ask me what I was doing was one try to hire some one I said I’m going to take a risk and said you know in a time you are some type of someone who really this was. A good fit for you talk to me or you know you are you know tell the truth he said I hear even this mystery this is like unbelievable like everybody wants to go through history Christian he’s like maybe 3040 percent of the people that we are like you almost got here team there’s at least a 50 percent. Miss rate there and it was really interesting talking to him because that is so true and even when you get somebody great there’s still a decent chance you’re not great for your company you know 5 people who can play will see your kids enjoy playing the same box you know you go to the same box and just as simple as that Algiers You’re watching 3 year olds play where you know that’s very true in college workplace So here’s the things you really are strongly want to recommend Medical Jobs Tulsa.

These are things that over time have. Noticing people who are the ball on our team what are they what do they do here’s the 1st one you want to get somebody to sit down. Medical Jobs Tulsa You know the people that we’ve had to terminate in our company. Generally are. People who they just want to go do their one particular job if you ask them to do anything outside of work there see is it just that a bad 2 comes out of it and they don’t want to be a part of it and so one of the things that we’ve had to be clearly pig headed about and we’re just not going to tolerate it is that if we have someone who is not willing to we need to do clearly anything in our company. And help out the routine they are not the right person for us I’m really struggling heard try to find someone and ways that you can find out the poor adaptable or to ask behavioral software question you know ask questions say you know hey tell me Tell me about a time when or if you had to go do something that was a job in a company what would that look like and and ask to have 3 different behavioral type questions get this the ability to describe to you how they operate you’ll be able to tell in their body language or whether or not they need healing with to go over that need this attention or if it was something that was Medical Jobs Tulsa.

You know and you can even phrase the question get them to them to hear. Medical Jobs Tulsa That you’re on their side you can say you know sometimes get stuck into a situation where you just asked to do things to live your job gets you off track sometimes you have to tell you the situation that happened when you phrased the question like that you might get a little bit more thought as to answer but it’s really worth trying to figure it out because you need someone who is going to be adaptable is going to work with your team your team needs help you need to have somebody who unequivocally knows that they’re going to die there they’re not going to have brought it to be so detriment to a company when we have someone who just is not adaptable get over him. Just recently we had someone calling it was like that and it did this was this was the biggest aisle for me I couldn’t believe I allowed it to go quite as long as I did because generally we’re pretty. Medical Jobs Tulsa Pretty observant to what’s going on you know we’re pretty sure of it too who are always reacting to the person who’s just just charge you a way they share their displeasure and so it’s very difficult but so when we finally had a big Tom Foreman’s issue and their separation happened all of a sudden by tart comes up to me and thanks I was like well why didn’t you tell me before we were concerned with good will with which she planned to tour this if he and this person acted so dicey hardly what happened in our office the weeks following was crazy to me but everyone’s having a good time there are a production ramps up like crazy.

In days what one person not be adaptable does you know this person if somebody would were to come to ask her for a kind of existence she beat leave the house all especially with me and the majors right there. And so having one person in your office can kill eager tired in the run off. Medical Jobs Tulsa One of my players came up and told me after after all this happened she said you know I could behave a little more about girls like whoa I had no clue because this person was nice as apple pie so I would I want to her to get help looking back I could see that she was not be as adaptable by the shoes doing so. Pay attention to the side bars especially since they’re not being deaf I really suggest that you and them as quickly as possible the next 8 years. If you want to try to build a culture of only a players you know when we lost this one individual I’m really sorry Graham. Trying to build a culture but a player because I know how to deal with this if you want to try to create it in courage and group war at the top to hate it makes people death will bring people in it makes them want to work for your group same people this is out of you girl fall the life of the project how much huge huge basketball player best Bobby but I do know this about. Here we’re with the Cleveland Browns for years and he was the main player but the thing was he was surrounded by be unsuitable players like sports it was they all said this they all do it everyone knew the Cleveland Browns was it was all because it would provide James and he got to the playoffs begin their ever get. You know it to them we need to break and you know you took him over to a completely different team. Of 8 players to the team was made a bunch of a players he went over there and just took off that’s the difference that having a culture of a player’s. But you can see it in school work so you can see it in any type of team top bar that you’re good to. Medical Jobs Tulsa That’s the big difference is getting the same players getting one a player will build and building a team culture that will Trast in which. The way the company works. And they say this is just having a really good attitude and a good attitude to building a team or a players and also make sure that the people who are adaptable are just huge game changers when you actually find something that’s like this so if you be insistence in trying to hope 5 Be proud of this please give us a call it looks speak with you my arm around her is tightly 62228 we’re in business by Trinity point dot com Thanks.

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