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This was many years ago, but we had one person on our team and this one person, Ugh, created such a descent, like just a disturbance in our work in our office. And I had no idea everyone else apparently did in, I didn’t, this was way before I learned just some general things. And I learned that next day because when we finally ended that person here the next day, the next day, the entire office turned around. It was, it was a lesson that I will never ever forget. And, and it was, it was one of the best lessons I’ve ever learned without Medical Jobs Tulsa.

I hated how painful it was to learn it, but I won’t ever do that again. Um, the, the fourth thing is, is the worker had immediate attendance problems and they didn’t handle it. Here’s, here’s the last one. Number five. Um, the workers skills did not match what they claimed it to be when they were hired. That’s 45%. A lot of times you can, you can verify a lot of that on the references, but workers have regrets to. Employers are not the only ones making regretful decisions. There’s two people in this and it really has to be a match with Medical Jobs Tulsa.

I tell all of our employees before they start or before the, when they’re going through the interviewing process, I let everybody know, listen, this is something where we are both trying to make the right decision for each other and we need to be able to rely on the information that each one of us gives each other to make a really good decision for both parties because it’s not just the employer trying to get an employee from a Medical Jobs Tulsa.

You’re trying. We’re both getting ready to spend more time with each other than we do with our families, most likely. So it’s really important that that employers, that employees work on this too. So here’s some things that employee said. Um, two and three workers, 66% say that they’ve accepted a job and later realized it was a really bad fit. And while half of these workers, 50% have quit within six months, more than a third, 37% stuck it out as an employer. Do you know how expensive that is? Do you think they were engaged? Probably not. Workers who said they’ve taken a job only to realize it was a bad fit. Uh, and they noticed that their mistake was based on a toxic work culture that was 46% bosses. Management style was 40% and the job didn’t match what was described in the job listing in interviews.

That’s 37%. A lot of big companies have trouble, um, actually getting together and rotting a legitimate UpToDate job description, you know, but you can’t let the good ones go if you’re a good manager. The cost of hiring the wrong person is higher is high, but the cost of letting a good worker go is way higher. According to employers, the average cost of losing you get higher is 29,600 [inaudible]. Earlier we said 30,000 in while 75% of workers say that they are loyal to their current employer, much less 54% feel that their company is loyal to them and nearly 31% say that they are likely to change jobs in the next year. And this is not good for employer employee relationship and it’s probably going to get worse. I just don’t see it in our culture. I don’t see the gap closing right now. Uh, and a lot of it has to do with the mainstream media and how they present employers of Medical Jobs Tulsa.

I just, I just know that as a business person myself, I’ve noticed on, on movies like good movies, I’ve, I can’t remember where the business person or the businessman or the business owner was presented in a good positive light. In fact, they’re always the evil, the evil villain. Whereas if you think back to a Beaver Cleaver days or leave it to Beaver, the businessman was always the guy that came in, helped the young boy mentored someone. It’s just changed. You know, in our culture doesn’t view businesses as being good and maybe some businesses deserve that reputation, but not all do it without Medical Jobs Tulsa.

But uh, in until our mainstream ideology about the typical business changes, I don’t see that gap closing. But these are some things that I think are really interesting to think about. Uh, when hiring and just knowing winded terminate an end, something that w is not, it’s not good for either party. And that’s what I think is hard for most managers to understand is a lot of times you’re doing that employee a favor by just ending the pain for everyone. And so, listen, I hope that this podcast is somewhat informative on just the realities and statistics about a bad hire and why to put effort into the good, onto the right people for Medical Jobs Tulsa.

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