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Hi My name is Corey mentor president truly employment specialist we’re staffing organization men and we’re located in Tulsa Oklahoma but we serve toso considered and the surrounding areas of Oklahoma Texas Arkansas and Kansas and we have. Consistently grown throughout the years we’ve been in business for about 10 years we’ve won multiple morgues including eco magazine’s award of one of. Medical Jobs Tulsa One of America’s fastest growing companies we’ve done that by just doing a good job for people over and over and over again with all this one thing this thing is like for every company if you own a company this this rule applies for you if you do somebody a good job they might tell one or 2 people you don’t know for job will tell sometimes a minimum of 20 and if you don’t feel believe me I go look at some of the airlines right now when somebody was unhappy with their service hole emo they did they unleashed on we have a culture now where all you have to do to go see if somebody is going to get jobs go look at their Google reviews and you’ll find out some stuff you know the thing is that all of our we have like 3 bad reviews and 70 good reviews so we’re in a different or a different kind of ballgame bit try to keep in mind there’s also some good that companies do all those bad things because I mean some of your movies you see are bad but.

Mitt I want to talk real quickly to day about. About just the things that you can do to set yourself apart as a good manager for people one of the things that I’ve noticed is you’re a player’s they will quit their boss oftentimes. Medical Jobs Tulsa. And that’s something really important want to hold on to your A players and so as a as I say. Supervisor or as a manager of a company you know there’s certain things that you want to do one but one thing I’ve noticed you know I’m going to I’m going to talk with you about things that I do for much a players but this is something that’s just really unique and to be honest with you I’m still learning the I’ll tell you doing some of the same things for your B. And C. Level players or I wouldn’t even say be that like people who are not huge drivers I’ve noticed that this just frustrates them when you try to do some of these things it may not frustrated but they did are definitely not leaning in towards It’s been it’s been a way that you we’ve been able to see who are a players are almost based on the way that they. That they react to certain management things you know but I’ve noticed that are a players in our company the ones that just really crush it numerically like they are just killing it. The Those employees really really improve and dig in to this the small things that you do as a manager and the thing is it keeps them around so I’ll give you some examples on how I do it in of course I’m not perfect but these are these are some things that I do that I’ve noticed that have worked and they come from doing a lot of things that didn’t work and said Here is some Here’s my ideas for you. One of the things that I try to do is I try to genuinely go out and help people personally if I hear certain things you know in our I’ll give you some examples of how how I do that.

You know I have I have one of our employees and there I found out that their husband was struggling with with a couple of things professionally and she she. I made a suggestion said you know I would just love if he could get around someone like you for a little bit and and you know try to try to help him get through this certain stage and it was Tuesday horrible is just and so I was offered to do that. You know I don’t have to spend about 30 or 40. Minutes of my time every month but I agreed to meet with them and try to get to know the spouses well but not only that really trying to help him to succeed in this employee really really appreciates that you know and you know the it’s been really unique because now this one individual his salary has almost tripled and he’s doing better in his career than he ever has been and so for me that was a huge win for me because there’s nothing that makes me feel better than being able to see somebody the are that are generally tried to help succeed and you know my employer is extatic and that I had taken the time because I think that she knows that no one else would have likely done that for her and so for my players you know I look for different ways to help them and you don’t have to go mentor someone but you can look for different ways to help them you know Zig Ziglar said this he said if you help enough people get what you what they want you’ll never have a problem getting what you listen to this one individual. Medical Jobs Tulsa Makes our company a lot of money and they go away 4 of them and I never ever have to even ask her to step in if it’s after hours I mean my biggest problem with her to be honest with you is I’ve had to tell her listen I need you to take a break see Bill. Now because she would go and work on a on a vacation and we’ve got staff to cover for that and so that. Some of the behavior you know best a little bit here and what we get out of it is just so much greater so invest Don’t be scared to invest in your in your employees personally. Relate to your employees as the 2nd relate to your employees and don’t act like you’re bigger and better than.

One of the best things that I ever did in our company is I’ve worked every position you know us when I started Trinity I started it and I’m sitting there at my kitchen table scared to death because I just basically quit my job you know because they’re asking me to do something unethical so I quit my job I’m like I’m going to start this thing I’m hacking away on my kitchen table you know in recruiting doing sales doing every position I did all the administrative work any anything that somebody any kind of paperwork they sent in I had to deal with the every employee I had to sign them up I had to get their i nines filled out their Dubey fours I had to track all this stuff Man did I do it all and one of the one of the things that I don’t ever want to for good is I don’t want to forget it what it’s like to get all that stuff done because sometimes it’s real easy to get above the clouds as a as a manager or in my case the president of company where you don’t forget you don’t really you don’t remember what it’s like to do that and so always trying to keep yourself humble enough to remember what it was like to do that so that you can have a decent understanding of what their workload is like you know one thing that happened just this last week that I thought was really. Eye opening for me is my my secretary had said Listen Cory how does sometimes. I wish that you could see what it is that I do because she was getting overloaded we had a ton of cars last week we didn’t just trust us but she had she had so many new cars coming in and I was asking her to do this that and the other you know and I wasn’t keeping consideration that there was just no way she was going to get that stuff done. Medical Jobs Tulsa So a wake keeping a having a good self evaluation on what it is that your employees are doing and not acting too far above you know be relatable I think it’s I think it’s really important 3rd thing is.

Show interest in their significant others I’ve already told a story about this a 2nd ago but I’d also told you about how it can change things so every employed that I have like I asked them about what’s going on you know and I have one employee and she doesn’t have a significant other but one of the things that’s really important to her is she’s cut farm animals all around and she loves her pigs and she wants a donkey and all of this other stuff and I’m not kidding you I was really considering buying her a dagum donkey the other day and I made an offer of that donkey I mean I’m a made an offer on a doggie the farmer journey down but I do I’m not kidding you I was going to load that stupid donkey in the back of my truck and he can take it back to Earth because it was going to cost me a $100.00 to buy this stupid donkey but it was going to mean the world to her. You know and so I just looked out for ways. To increase the lives of the people around me I always want to be you know there was a there was a a picture I saw the other day and it had had a picture of this super buy it it was obvious a supervisor and they were pushing everybody up the hill you know and everybody was going on. Medical Jobs Tulsa then you had another picture of the leader pulling people up on top of the building with you know and so on who is want to be the want to try to be the person pulling the person to the next level and it’s something that I’m most trying to build. Part of that is just showing that you that you care that these are small things you have to do. This and for more than. A number for hours want them to know that I’ve got their bag and just just this last week I had I had.

Some of our employees there were out on assignment and they had they had called and they’d just started ripping my one of my recruiters and you know so I went in did an independent investigation on this and so I was genuinely trying to seek to understand what what was the problem that you had and and what it came down to after asking a big series question like so you know this person called last a certain question and I had and and our recruiter apparently had like 4 or 5 phone calls and she just gave you the answer in that was it and so if Ali got down I’d ask serious questions like So is is the biggest thing that you’re concerned of grocery with is that she was just short with you that day she gave you the answer but she’s didn’t elaborate she’s like yeah really that was it Will these these employees and create enough firestorm of you know they’ve gotten together and talk badly about about want to arm our recruiters but listen I’m Medical Jobs Tulsa If you go in read our reviews on Facebook I’ve got so many reviews talking about how awesome this person is and how related pull that they are and I have and the thing was is this person this specific phone call that this person was talking about my wife was in the room when it happened because it was a specific instance and I talked to Abraham was like there’s no way so what I what I did is I win and I showed this individual that I have got her back. Medical Jobs Tulsa Not going to go and just jump off the handle and if something happens to him I want them to know that I’ve got their back when when we have some customers sometimes that can be just absolute jerks about something or they’re being unfair with something I want our staff to know that I’ve got their back now I’ll reprimand when I need to because the last thing I’m in the business of doing is losing customers in making the customer wrong but there are some there are some customers and if you own a business you know exactly what I’m talking about you have some customers that just have expectations that are just out of this world and they might be customers willing to get rid of because they’re just sure to work with and when if we had that kind of scenario I want our employees knowing that I’m going to be fair about it in that I’m going to get the back with. You know enough I mean you hear the wind back and there in a.

Couple years ago you know I did enjoy talk about the right employer to talk about this saying. The same with Krueger and they’d made a dramatic mistake or we went and said hey listen we need to fix this you know we’ll be fair about it but I want our employees to know we can be fair warning that. The next thing is by. Being real and transparent with with people I think this is something that I excel at but I think it’s important to just be real with them and let them know what the scenario is you know meet with the with some of our recruiters and we bring our crews are the very 1st thing that we do is we say all right listen this right here is where we break if you’re at if you’re generating this much money for our company this is where you breakeven and this is where you start making us money if you bring in this you’re making the cut. Medical Jobs Tulsa this much money if you bring in this you’re making the company this much money and we’re really transparent with them so that way when they’re not meeting the numbers we can go to mean say hey listen we’ve been losing money on here. For and you should know exactly how long you know but hey listen we’ve been making a lot of money with you at the same time being transparent and open in real I think really helps. Employees to to recognize and listen I’ve got some bison be honest and trustworthy. Number 6. Be Be aware of the expectations that you have I’m not a talked about this last time this is the last one I want to talk about but I want our I want to always try to be aware of where they’re at with their workload now you can’t go and ask a B. And C. Level player paying so do you have too much of your play every Tom Really oh yeah yeah I do. Medical Jobs Tulsa But if you’ve got one or you’re a players and they look a little bit stressed I think it’s I think it’s honest and fair to go and say hey listen assume that your little bit stresses or anything that we can help you out with. It what’s what all’s going on in your in your life not not your life but like what I’ll do you have a plate and let’s see if that’s manageable and on sometimes it’s meaningful for that and they just need to get through it but sometimes you know sometimes there might be some ways where we can step in some resources somewhere else but be aware people who are people are out of THINK is and these things are just things that we try to do in our office we’ve been told that we have a really great culture and so these are some of the things that I do or that we do Trinity to try to create that culture I hope this helps you if Trinity can help you in any way please give us call our number is not all night 622-2588 or you can visit us online at Trinity employment dot com Thanks.