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You are listening to trinity employments, a player Matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity Employment Specialists, Cory Minter. Hi, I’ll come back to the A-player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find ways to add value to job seekers and to employers. Um, the title of this podcast is how to recruit a players. What is it you look for? What are some things that you can, that you can actively begin to pay attention to? The hiring a players does magical things for companies. Uh, employees who are a players stay longer. They do one and a half times the work most like most of the time, and they also begin to recruit other a players over into your company. Beware though, if you’ve got a team of B and c level players, you’ll run away your a players. So it’s very difficult to begin a team of a players, but if you put some effort into it and really focus on trying to get and retain a players, it’s gonna make a drastic difference in your business with Medical Jobs Tulsa as soon as possible!

I say this all the time, mainly because our podcast is called the a player matchmaker. But Steve Jobs, um, that is how he created the Mac computer and he said a small team of a-plus players can run circles around a giant team of BNC level players. So the very first thing he did it at apple whenever they were kicking him out and getting him on a project that they didn’t really want him working on with them, but they were trying to get him out of their hair. Really. He went and grabbed the top three or four or five top people that he found in apple and created what we all know now as the Mac. How amazing, um, what great vision he had for that. And so we’re just going to try to implement ways to find those a players with amazing Medical Jobs Tulsa serves! What is it that he was looking for in the a players?

Um, you know, uh, Steve Jobs also said the a players, these employees were not necessarily seasoned professionals, but they understood his vision and excelled at self-management. He also went on to say, any business owner or manager will tell you that hiring and development of talent is one of the most important yet difficult tasks. Having worked at apple and now as a senior business development professional in the, in the technology industry, I follow many of the best practices espoused that jobs created, um, to help the company build and cultivate a bench of talent. So hiring a players is just extremely important. So how can we do that? What, what is it that we can do to start? I’m looking that the first thing is cast a wide net. One mistake that managers often make is hiring someone who is just like the rest of the team. Um, I think this is a big mistake not to go with a Medical Jobs Tulsa!

I mean for me, I’m a big visionary. I had to put detailed people around me. It’s very, very important. Um, but you want to be able to create a team with a diversity of experiences that can bring texture to team that enables them to break out thinking when someone’s thinking someone’s coming with a different perspective. And it fills in all the skills gaps. You know, at apple jobs, hard and fired two professional managers for the Mac computer line before bringing in a young financial manager with literally no experience in technology or manufacturing. And her organizational effectiveness and management skill set help propel the growth of the company and when hiring, remember that employee’s talents and skills should compliment the team or the leader. The next thing is network relentlessly. You’ll want to leverage the people that you know and respect to accommodate and recommend a talented professionals and this can save a lot of time and money because these individuals have already passed the vetting processes from people that you trust, but networking and connecting people.

That’s one of my biggest gifts and just talking about it and letting people know, hey, I’m looking for this person. What do you think? Do you know of anyone? Please let anybody know because we got a great company. We’re getting ready to build. I’d love to speak with them. You’d be amazed at how many times people will will really try to help you. The next thing is is pay attention to cultural fit. We probably all know someone who’s tremendously intelligent and capable, but who failed miserably at a job because the culture wasn’t a good fit. Here at Trinity, we do that all the time. We will have, we’ll take someone that does not work out in company a and we have a feeling they’re going to work out and company B and um, and we’re able to move them there and they work out famously.

Medical Jobs Tulsa | Are You Ready To Change Jobs For The Last Time?

You know, now if, if an employee just for people who are listening about trinity, if the, if the employee has done something really bad or not shown up, we are done. We are so done. But if we can tell that that potential and if the manager lets us know, hey listen, there’s some potential there. It’s just not working out here on this team. We are all about giving them another chance in a company that might just be a better fit for them. So make sure that you pay attention to cultural fit for your company and your office if they’re going to be working close to you. The next thing is assess their interest level. One of the most important things is just curiosity and interest. See once you know that someone culturally fits and you know, presumably they had the skills needed for the job, they pay close attention to the, to the interest level with the top Medical Jobs Tulsa.

At the very least I want a candidate to come into an interview with a strong knowledge of our industry in our company. Like it’s a mandatory thing. I ask every person, tell me about what you learned when you went onto our website. I just assume that they already have and it’s very, it, it happens about half the time. They’re like, well I haven’t gone on there really that much and they give some answer in. At that point, everyone in our team kind of knows that we’re done, you know? But you can usually gauge and react to the questions that they ask. You know, how the candidate followup a follows up. That can be a really good indication of their interest as well. Like you know, are they following up with a letter or, or an email, you know, or are they showing you that they’re interested?

You can look for these things, but you definitely want to hire someone who’s very interested in the job. The next thing is, this is one of the most important things to a players that I believe exists. And that is look for coachable individuals. If you’ve got someone that thinks they know it, all, the likelihood of you getting something done is just not going to work. You need someone who’s going to be moldable and be able to, um, just to be able to adjust to all the different things that come into play whenever you’re, whenever you’re trying to work with someone. The next thing is, is remove internal silos. So in order to develop talent, it’s crucial to expose team members to different areas of the company. We all seem to get hyperfocused on our jobs alone and we can become stagnant. But I’ve found that when the team members understand the tasks and the challenges of others in the company, it helps for people to understand where they’re coming from with Medical Jobs Tulsa!

And it generally will bubble up new ideas. So make sure that you don’t create just islands on your company and get everybody involved with one another enough so they understand the perspective. Um, the next thing, the last thing here is cut non-performers loose. Listen, your a players, no way beforehand. This is one thing I learned early on. It’s unfortunate, but every, when we finally got around to terminating someone that obviously wasn’t fitting on our team, the entire team knew it. They were so ready for it and they knew that it wasn’t a fit. You know, in one situation we really liked the individual, but it just wasn’t working. We knew it. And then immediately with the next person, we just began to flourish. So make sure that you are disciplined enough and strong enough to, you know, terminate early it. You’re doing that person a favor from the best Medical Jobs Tulsa!

When you know that they’re not a good fit on your team, you’re literally giving them the opportunity to be able to go and find something that they enjoy and they are good at doing rather than spending time in a company that you can tell they probably already know and no one really wants to admit it, but it’s just a losing situation for that individual and the company. So make sure that when you know that you have a non-performer, go ahead and cut them loose. Giving them, giving them an opportunity to go out and find the specialty that God’s created them, hopefully. But listen, I hope that this helps you in trying to find your a players. It’s really important that you do that. Trinity would love to help you with a players. We believe that that’s something that we’re very, very good at finding for people. And if you go and check out our reviews on Google or if you check out all the things that people write about us on Facebook and all the different social media platforms, you might get a glimpse of the culture that we have over here. We would love to share it with you. Please give us a call at 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at