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Medical Jobs Tulsa | Keeping It Moving Forward

Hi my name’s Corey Minturn and I’m president of Trinity employment specialists charity we are staffing organization we work in the Tolson oakum city markets in our surrounding area in our region and we’ve been doing business in Tolson for about 10 years now this last September tragedy was in each magazine’s one of America’s fastest growing companies and we’re really really proud of the way that we’ve been able to do customer service. Provide customer service to our customers to where 80 percent of our business has come by the way of referring to it A happens because if you treat people well they might kill one or 2 people and if you treat him poorly built to at least 20. Medical Jobs Tulsa that’s just especially especially in Oklahoma where we’re at people talking and they’re not happy man they’ll get on Facebook sorts of stuff. But what one of the things that I want to try to talk about today is I want to speak to the potential in the news potential employees are looking for the next opportunity that they might have and trying to find opportunities is really what you’re you’re looking for now where is it that you go to find opportunities.

Well the 1st way that I would recommend that you do is use the people that you know oftentimes the best job that you’re ever going to get it’s it’s going to be something that someone heard you over to him and as an employer I know we get a referral that is in a way better team generally in something that we can go find our own and so we put a huge emphasis on the for in fact we put such an emphasis on the phones that we are I’ll tell you right now we see. Since you’ve been a friend. And a really nice restaurant for a one year for over 2 separate lines and we do rescind on I don’t know how many gift cards a month just in our referrals because it’s the it’s the best way to recruit is something that we always want to put such an emphasis on so the but the very 1st thing that I think you should do is use your social media to let other people know that you’re looking for a job it’s it’s extremely important that you do this a lot of people. Medical Jobs Tulsa At the very at the very beginning the job search and maybe even sometimes throughout it they are embarrassed at their own unemployed and there’s probably a feeling of inadequacy or whatever it is and it keeps a majority of people who are unemployed from reaching out and letting people know their situation and asking for help The weird thing is is people.

Love helping someone else when when you ask for someone’s advice. Medical Jobs Tulsa It is sometimes one of the best gifts that you can give them is giving them the opportunity to give their life lessons to you it just it just makes people feel well and so one of the most important things you can do is just ask for and I recommend because social media is so powerful to let people know that you’re currently seeking help or to use and let them know what it is that your see the opportunities about before you do that though I really want to suggest that you at least go on your social media platforms and make sure that you do not have a bunch of stuff on your social media page that you personally posted the you really wouldn’t want someone in a professional sector see. Make sure that you clean up your social media page before you do that because the last thing. Medical Jobs Tulsa Is you don’t want to ask for someone to help you find a position and in the you know 3 posts down you don’t want to have some kind of vulgar message that you posted up which is is pretty common I mean let’s just be hottest So make sure and clean up or social media in then ask one of the you know in trying to find opportunities you can find opportunities there you can find opportunities on job search websites and that sort of thing I’ll So recommend that you activate your Linked In profile a lot of times you’ll find a lot of job opportunities on there out scour that looking for opportunities.

But let me tell you some examples of. We’re staffing organization and we are partnered with some of the larger organizations in Tulsa and I will tell you that a large majority of the positions that we are searching for are with large organizations who can actually afford us and they are positions that are not going to be advertised at all they are only going to go to US So one of the ways that I think that you can use a staffing organization is is make sure that you staying good communication with what you’re trying to do is get as many tools working for you is possible get as many avenues is many systems working for use possible so you can go and get your social media working for you keep that updated keep posting you know. You can get. You can get the job search websites working for you you can get staffing company for 4 years in but here’s how you get them working for you. Medical Jobs Tulsa Go into the interview. Present yourself really will fill out all the documents that they need for you to fill out and then follow up with them and notify them of where you are in your progress in your process and let them know that you’re interested one of the bigger mistakes that I’ve seen people make in working with us is they go in and in their mind they believe hey I’m too good for staffing sation Well I’m I’m not kidding M M M M One of like at least 20 or 30 staffing companies in town and. Medical Jobs Tulsa There are many companies that they are not going to hire inless they use a staff you know is a shit they’re just not going to do it so if you have the idea that you are too good for a staffing organization you very well may be eliminated sometimes 15 and 20 percent of all opportunities all because of your perception that way and I see people treating some of our recruiters that way a lot. You’re trying to get systems working for you when you come in and treat a recruiter or subpar in any sector or as a shoes that have to be ours you are going to eliminate yourself from a lot of opportunities I don’t know how many times we have had someone that had the skills that are like man that person is just not pleasant to work with we don’t want to work with them and we don’t want to refer them out to anyone.

And so we can do it all because of the attitude of the individual and so I just want to encourage you to find a staffing organization that specializes in your field or you can obviously see that they do a lot of placements in your field and submit your information to them and let them go to work for you if you stay in touch with them they will go to work for you in fact they will make money all because. Medical Jobs Tulsa Those they had connections with you but they’re going to it’ll give them incentives to go and find an opportunity just this week alone I have created personally positions with companies because we had the candidate and they just created a position for me. I believe it was 2 or 3 positions this week that our company has done that so we had some buy we really liked we contact our customer which is a big company people that can afford us and said hey listen we’ve got somebody great they don’t come around very often you might want to take a look at this person and because they know that you don’t come around very often they created a position for them in the end one of the biggest mistakes I think that will a lot of people make and every week we see it happen we have some big shot come in there they look really great they look like they’re in a suit they Everything looks great about them but in their mind they treat our staff and everyone else subpar because they believe that they’re too big and it you know it starts with I’m not going to fill that out you’re either going to meet with me and if I can help you that’s very and not move no one will. Medical Jobs Tulsa Our I mean Tom We had the perfect position we’re like there’s no way we’re going to work for them listen if Trinity can help you we would love to we want to create opportunities for people and be an avenue in a system to work for you give us a call I don’t think that you’ll be sorry that you did our number is not 18622258 day or even business online at Trinity employment dot com Thank you.

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