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Medical Jobs Tulsa | The Players of the Game

Hi my name’s Corey Mintern I’m president Trinity employment specialist actually we’re staff were ization we work in Oakland City and Tulsa markets primarily we also do the surrounding areas in Arkansas and Texas and Kansas and 11 of the things that we specialize in as an organization is we specialize in staffing in the medical field but then the main thing that we try to do when staffing medical decisions is we want to make sure they believe. Medical Jobs Tulsa only a players. And finding a players in your organization is a really really important thing it doesn’t matter if you are a small medium or large sized organizations having in a player is such a drastic difference a thing is is that if you’re and if your manager it’s very likely that you know exactly who you’re a players are right now they’re the people that you go to they’re the people that you trust the people that with the passing to do something you don’t even have to worry about it because it’s absolutely done and it’s it’s no longer an issue. And so one of the things that I’ve noticed that people need to do is to know how to a den of 5 who isn’t a player in who is a B. Player and a C.

Player in have some kind of criteria to try to figure out how the world wide to turn this was thing is you want to do as much as you can in the. End that’s important to. You you want to try to spend time trying to figure out is this person to person do they go numb with that person the I mean you can ask Hey Girl Stop questions trying to figure out how does this person handle certain things. I really strongly encourage you to ask reverence. It’s to be really driven is trying to get to know the city in the short time that you the and try to tell them you’re trying to find the right position and get the last thing you want to do is see them fail in let the person know that you’re giving refs who say listen Medical Jobs Tulsa if this person is not in a player and you know it I just want to encourage you to help them because I will likely have to end up terminating.

If they’re if they’re not able to perform and when you share a heart not really heartfelt in your clan did with the reference in that way and I just want you know that in my experience I’ve had a lot of people like tell me you know I really think they were probably in the BE player range in our in our office and you get kind of a better feel for what they are but the biggest things is is that a players do 3 things they stay longer they do one and a half times the work and they will often times refer other a players over to you so getting even one a player on your team can be a big differentiator in Say you a ton of money one thing that accountants do that they this is do a very good job of giving us information on one particular area of the employment sector that is probably the most important most expensive and I can guarantee you your accountant has not given you this information the only companies that I’ve known of and have been witness to that have this information and they have some kind of a a a spreadsheet that gives to them are very very large organizations organizations like Wal-Mart and arise in these shoes conglomerates there at the accounting firms have been able to determine this. What it is they’ve been able to determine the cost of what it costs a company for holding on to a B. Or C. Level players in it is astronomical this is what Wal-Mart says Wal-Mart says that if you use. If you hire someone at $11.00 an ounce and they are a big player or a C.. Medical Jobs Tulsa you hold on to that 3. Women have to terminate them or they quit Wal-Mart says if they lose $11000.00 of that of the $23.00 most times been holding on to the wrong person at $11.00 Can you imagine if you’re paying somebody $3050000.00 a year but because your H.R. department. Medical Jobs Tulsa More in the manger is nice wants to be nice to you.

How much money it cost the company for holding on to the wrong person it’s really really asked. For going back to what I was trying to talk about earlier about in the medical field and why we’re trying to find a player because it makes a drastic difference in the medical clinics that we work with and right now we are seeing to find a certified medical system certified medical assistance people. Who are the very 1st person to meet to meet the patient and oftentimes those who’ve been more Tom the medical system than they will the physician but it’s really important that they’re certified it in this particular position with a see a certified medical assistant or to work in the hospital certified to. Someone who has an interest in moving into an office now my tech position. In the being trained for that position this.

Is the interest that I think that medical assistance might have for this most of the time medical systems are paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $13.00 to $15.00 an hour and if they if they were to go into this field in and as a medical assistant and be trained as an off they’ll Mactech your salary would go somewhere in the neighborhood of $18.00 to $20.00 an hour because this is such a specialized field it’s very difficult to find in this bill but we are trying to find a player a certified medical assistant that would be interested in an in an opportunity to get retrained into the field they would increase their salary like I’m about to. Cut him a salary and so the good news are certain but medical system might be interested more if you happen to know of someone who would we have a referral for you one for to us we would love to have an opportunity to meet with you or someone that you know please give us a call at Trinity at 918-622-2588 we would love to visit with you or someone you know Medical Jobs Tulsa.