Medical Jobs Tulsa | Is There a Better Way of Recruiting for the Future?

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And I can tell you that because if I drive to lunch just in the car, I’m going to be seeing people looking at their Facebook page and or whatever social media platform it is that they’re there at. So you’re going to have to hone your marketing skills on social media first, but you’re going to need to do a well-rounded marketing plan for your entire company so that when they go to your website and when they go to your reviews and when they go to whatever it is that you are part of Glassdoor. Now, indeed everyone’s keeping track of your reviews and so you need to make sure and put some effort in that if you’re a company and the next thing is is your knee, you need to take care of your employer’s reputation. The first statistic here is also coming from job byte and it says 75% of recruiters told job by that. There’s no better solution available for Medical Jobs Tulsa. Give us a call today.

Medical Jobs Tulsa is your first and best resource for medical jobs in the Tulsa area. Glassdoor reviews are at least somewhat important to the hiring process here at Trinity. I’ve been trying to get people to go on and give us reviews. We’ve, we’ve got a five-star rating right now, but we need more and more reviews. And the thing is trying to get people on there to give you reviews is really difficult, but this is where a lot of people are going, especially recruiters to see is this someplace that you would want to work with. Um, walk consumer brands quickly realize the power of reviews as either a third party endorsement or, or some, uh, sound chambers of service and a product fee fit features they need fixing. Um, and so Christopher Kurtz, the founder and CEO of pier through, um, said that an employment brand in Glassdoor management consultancy, this can be especially important in companies that are run by executives, uh, who are not digital natives and they’ve, they’ve yet to really fully realize the value and insights and feedback, um, being delivered for free.

And so there are some, so this is what Kurtz advised for companies. Number one, follow the company’s Glassdoor or indeed profiles to receive notifications of reviews as they come in. Listen, what we do at Trinity is every review that comes in, I have someone at mind, someone on my team set ready to respond to that and thank them for the review and if the review is negative then then we find a way, uh, to explain that or research it and really try to handle it. Number two, develop a plan for responding to reviews both internally and externally. Of course, that’s what we do. That’s what I just talked about. And then three, encourage more reviews by addressing and responding to them. Like what I just talked about. Um, the, the next action item in this is going to be wrapping us up here is trot texting. Get the medical job you’ve been looking for at Medical Jobs Tulsa.

Medical Jobs Tulsa makes your search for medical jobs in the Tulsa area easier than ever. Call today. Um, this is something that in our field is a very hot item. In fact, we are, we are working, we’re getting ready to sign an agreement with our applicant tracking system to incorporate a texting feature because it’s just too time-consuming to do it on our phones. But I will tell you that this is something that frustrates me. I don’t like it. I’m a, I’m a good communicator on the phone and in person. And so I, I just don’t like it, but it doesn’t matter if I like it or not because 43% of respondents to job byte, uh, to the job bot survey said texting candidates and applicants is an 88% report, positive feedback from job seekers. This is the way job seekers and millennials want to, um, respond. And millennials now are the largest group of people in the workforce right now. And so this is something that you’re going to need to really adapt.

Although a lot of older recruiters or experienced recruiters, I mean, listen, I’m in my forties, I’m considered an old recruiter. Um, I don’t feel old, but according to millennials, that’s what they’re going to think about me. Um, but it’s, it’s not exactly what it is that I am comfortable with, but it’s something that is in our, in our society right now. And you have to, you have to adapt to those things. The last thing is you’re gonna have to be flexible. The recruiters are not nearly as picky as what they once were with work history and all sorts of things. I think that this makes Trinity a little bit more special because we really still pay attention to that. We believe that that is where you get someone who is worth something to accompany when you get a great work history. But I’m telling you, more and more employers are being more and more flexible. I hope that this helps you, opens up your mind to some of the new things that are happening in 2019 and in 2020 if Trinity can help you in your recruiting efforts. That is one thing that I think recruiters are gonna have to start doing is hiring a recruiting team where that is all that they do and they have a lot more connections than one company would. Um, give us a call at nine 186-222-FIVE, eight. We would love to serve you or you can visit us to secure Medical Jobs Tulsa.