Medical Jobs Tulsa | How to Recruit Using Social Media and AI

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hi and welcome back to the A-player matchmakers. But we’re always trying to find it from different

ways to add value to job seekers and employers. In the particular top topic of this podcast is social media and AI or artificial intelligence and how that is impacting recruiting in an unemployment rate where it’s lower than it’s ever been. And our recruiting strategies are changing and it’s getting, you’re going to need to become smarter to be able to recruit some of the best talent out there with our Medical Jobs Tulsa. And so we’re going to just talk about some of the new techniques and trends that are happening in our industry. AI and social media have really become disruptors in the way that recruiters recruit. And so there are some, there are some new unique things just to be thinking about. And maybe if you’re trying to get really creative with your recruiting, try to figure out, um, and just try to dabble in some of the newer techniques. I’m going to talk about that today.

And so if you’re trying to become the best and you’re trying to keep up with the times of recruitment, stay ahead of the technology curve. This podcast will be for you, be something that you can try to learn from. If you’re an employee, you’re trying to learn how to find the most, uh, the best job for you. If you feel like you’re underemployed, this is something that you might want to take a look at and trying to reverse the, um, the topic and try to and try to reverse engineer the technology that I’m talking about here and make that technology work for you with our top Medical Jobs Tulsa. So this can be used for both the employer and the employee, but I want to go ahead and get started with some just the action items with it. Usually we start with statistics. So each one of these a probably have, I’m going to have at least one statistic for each action item here, but I’m really just diving in.

So the first statistic here is 94% of Americans visit a potential employers social media page when searching for a job. So this is an opportunity for employers to market themselves, market themselves before and after candidates visit their job sites. And so this is something that social media and our artificial intelligence, they’re reinventing recruiting and um, we want to, we’re just trying to learn from how recruiters identify, engage and attract great talent. And I know that if an employer is going to, um, hire someone, it’s very rare anymore that they’re not going to go to their, the employees social media page, social media pages are, it’s never going to stop. You’re going to get checked out. And whenever they do check you out, if you’re an employee three they’re going to find something, something positive or something negative. And that same thing goes with companies. You know, I go on just if I’m looking at a, at a product or something like that, I always go online to see what is being said about this particular product and the brand.

And then I want to see how often are they, are they, um, Oh, what am I trying to say here? Are they active in their social media? Are they, um, always posting something? When was the last time that anything was posted? You can try it. You can begin to see, you know, how current and active people are. Um, in that tells you a whole lot about the relevancy of that product or company in the same thing goes for our companies when we’re trying to attract talent. Well, if an employee goes on to our page three, they are either going to see something that’s relevant, something that’s useful, something that’s helpful and any, and in today’s times that is going to say a whole lot about the quality, about um, how relevant this company is. There are a lot of things that you, that employees are going to be making judgments about, um, that a lot of companies are just not up to date with.

And not only that, even if you are relevant, what you’re posting, is it something that’s helpful? Is it something that is going to work for you? Because social media works best when you’re recruiting for passive candidates. You know, while passive candidates, they’re not actively seeking a new role with a better level of Medical Jobs Tulsa. They do take more time and effort to recruit and they’re often the most important hires, or at least for us, they’re the most significant hires by far because they’re the top talent in that particular industry. And most people are open to considering a new career opportunity if even if they’re happy in their current career. But the key to success is to pique their interest in your company whenever they check you out. And social media is a really great ideal way to draw interest in potential candidates. You know, by, you can share information, um, tangible insights, um, helpful facts in recruiting helpful, um, bits in your industry and they’ll find that helpful to their, to their current role.

And especially if you’re doing that throughout a long period of time and it’s good enough content that it actually is getting shared. Some of this stuff is shared on LinkedIn, um, in different social media profiles. And the thing is, is you want to get in front of the person before a recruiting. Um, opportunity comes, comes about. So anyway, that is, that is really what it works best for is passive candidates. Um, there’s a quote here by um, Gartner says, um, tight labor markets are exposing the weaknesses of traditional talent acquisition approaches for Medical Jobs Tulsa. Job applicants today interact with organizations in very different ways, thanks to social networks, greater access to organizational information, both good and bad, and a greater awareness of other job opportunities. So tips are have organic posts, you know, unpaid posts that reach your ideal audience. It may be, it would get in front of someone you’d never know if it got shared.

They are more likely to be viewed by more people on LinkedIn than Facebook. Facebook’s. Here’s the second tip. Facebook’s algorithm favors people who engage with your posts the most, making it a great place to nurture relationships longer. And the third, the third tip, and we use this a lot, is the time of day matters. The majority of LinkedIn users are active during work hours. Of course, of course as an employer, I hate that people are on there looking for jobs and stuff then. But for Facebook, the opposite is true. Taking into account where your ideal candidate spend their time and when, and there’s actually data out there for that with our Medical Jobs Tulsa. So if you go and look for the best times to post job opportunities, I can tell you when it is. Um, it is right after his Sunday evening and Monday morning.

Can you believe that that’s when people are on there the most? Monday morning is the highest and that’s when someone’s coming to work. They just had a great weekend and they’re miserable in their job and they’re upset that they’re there. And so that’s when people peak the most. So those are, those are some things if you’re, if you’re, I’m recruiting the, the third thing we have here is optimize your career site for Google, for jobs. Now I want you to know that I did this and it was a real pain in the butt because Google jobs has a certain algorithm that it wants. Now. I went in and I dug in. I went to all of their back, their back pages. I learned what their engineers are requesting, you know, their development engineers are requesting for data and what they want. In the job description that I was having to write was way too long for what our candidate pool were willing to read.

And so following this algorithm actually fought against our readership for the type of positions that we were posting. The, the top of positions that we go after are generally going to be 15 to $30 an hour and at the 15 to $18 an hour rate, they were unwilling to read and go through what Google was asking from us. And I think what Google is wanting is more of an, I don’t know, they control the SEO. I don’t know why it was that they were looking for it, but I want you to know that even when I followed their algorithm and I followed it to a T and I did it for a long period of time with a good Medical Jobs Tulsa, it really didn’t increase our rate to move to the top of Google jobs. So Google jobs is something that is helpful. Um, I can’t, I never could figure out their algorithm and we worked really hard to do it.

Um, you know, it was launched Google job for jobs was launched in 2017 and it provides candidates with a streamlined way to find job listings from all over the web. It actually is a neat tool. It puts the power of Google’s AI searching technology into the hands of job seekers. It optimized, um, career site for Google, for jobs, algorithms, um, with your jobs and it will be displayed, um, rotten the search window. So Google for jobs is really interesting with our top Medical Jobs Tulsa, but I really struggled getting it, um, getting it active and going for us where it, it worked more against us than it did for us. Here are a couple of tips, uh, doing that search engine optimized SEO key words will bring your post higher in the list of Google, Google results. That was a pro tip that Google gives. I didn’t find that to be the case.

Um, the second tip is, is uh, to complete all required fields including salary range to fully optimize your posting or you won’t rank it all. I found that also to not be true. Um, some, there were a lot of postings that did not post salary ranges that that ranked way higher than what we did and I couldn’t ever figure that out. The third tip that Google has here is to fill in Google’s recommended fields to ensure your a site pages are being indexed for higher search results. It helped us a little bit but not that much really what helped. Okay. Really what Google went after were the big huge conglomerate companies. That is what got a lot of attention in my experience. So, um, if you’re a big huge conglomerate company, I would take a look at some of those things. I think it’ll help you out.

But um, if you’re a recruiting company, I don’t know if they purposefully moved us out or not, but it didn’t work for us as well. Um, the, the fourth thing is promote company culture. You know, especially with authentic job postings, people are drawn to what’s, and what gets them to buy is similar to what gets them to apply. Employers that deviate too far from their brand or just be really, ah, you know, bullet pointy about it. It’s not as effective as when you’re just truly being authentic. 44% of college seniors said that social media posts showing strong company culture would make them apply in 86% of consumers prefer an authentic and honest brand personality to use for a better level of Medical Jobs Tulsa. And this is something that would really help in your job job searches or your job posts, especially in social media. The key is to strike a balance between grabbing people’s attention and also remaining honest.

That’s what everyone are. Unfortunately, our marketing has gotten people to think about this like, is this real or is this just another attempt to get something from me? You know, the, the average American, have they, they’ve just been sucked dry of marketers. And so be careful with that and it being an authentic will really help you. A pro tip here is don’t be tempted to glamorize your culture based on what you think candidates want to see. You’re not looking to attract all candidates to use for a better Medical Jobs Tulsa, just the right candidates. So an honest representation is always going to be best for your real candidates. A market to your ideal employees number is our next action item. Uh, learn from your very best employees by asking them what drove them to apply, what in, find out what they didn’t like about your application process. What we found when we asked this was that it took way too long to just apply.

So think about asking yourself, who are your ideal candidates? What’s going to get their attention and spend time with your ideal employees to learn what attracted them to their roles, what kept them engaged, and what motivates them, uh, to what motivated them to apply with you. Couple of pro tips, what attracts and excites an engineer may be quite different for what works for sales row. So keep that in mind. The second tip is eliminate unintended bias by, by focusing exclusively on current employees. Be careful not to end up by attracting only candidates with similar backgrounds. So be real specific with what you’re going with when it comes to Medical Jobs Tulsa. I hope that this helps you out in trying to adapt to social media and artificial intelligence. If Trinity can help you out at all in your recruiting, we’d spend a lot of time learning how to become great at this. Please give us a call at (918) 622-2588 or you can visit us online.