Medical Jobs Tulsa | How to Know When to Turn Down a Candidate

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the co founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter.

Hello. Welcome back to the a player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find ways to add value to job seekers and employers. This podcast is titled when to turn down a promising job candidate. This is obviously going to be for managers and the reason that this is the case. Man, do I have some crazy stories for you on this and I’ll, I’ll try to keep them short, but they are interesting. But I’ll tell you what the decision making process on who to hire, especially in a key position in your company. The, the stress of it. Uh, just the excitement of it, the um, the questioning about it. You’re, you’re questioning yourself. You’re hoping you’re making the right decision, you’re thinking you’re making the right decisions. Sometimes you do with our Medical Jobs Tulsa, sometimes you don’t. But there are some really good hints in this, this area of action items here that I have that I just want to bring up to you.

And really if this hits the, if this hits someone interviewing right at the right time, I think it’ll, it will really help. Um, just to be thinking about this and knowing some of the best practices. That’s really what I’m wanting to do is bring that up. So this is obviously going to be helpful for someone that’s made a couple of bad hires, tried to figure it out, wish that they wouldn’t have made this hire and going back and just thinking, should I’ve done some things different and if so, what, what are those things that I can be doing? So, um, I always want to start out with some kind of statistic to get us thinking real quick. And this is the [inaudible] statistic. This is by Jordan, uh, Jorgen Sundberg out of Germany and uh, he is, uh, he is a very well known recruiter with his writing and uh, some, some of the, some of the input that he’s had on some big, big projects.

He puts the cost of onboarding a key employee at $240,000. And according to the U S chamber, I’m sorry, the U S department of labor, the price of a bad hire is at least 30% of the employee’s first year’s earnings. And so for a small company, a five figure investment in the wrong person is a real threat to the business. That’s according to Forbes. Um, and so, you know the best Medical Jobs Tulsa, I, I had a candidate one time and there were all sorts of weird signs that was happening and we didn’t end up hiring him. I figured it out when I was checking references though, I really didn’t know, but I had some red signs and I saw some of these signs in every single one of these action items. And I didn’t end up hiring this person, but I did get a phone call from, uh, from a fellow, a recruiter who owned his, owns another staffing firm.

He’s like, man, a hard this God, he said that you gave him a job offer and I want an heart in many way. But why did you, you know, what happened with that? And, you know, I was really reluctant to tell him because just the fact that he was trying to hire him out from under me, you know, there’s, there’s some weirdness going on there. But basically this guy didn’t do his homework. He had some red flags. He didn’t follow it. He hired the guys like, man, this guy was a dud. Saved me. I mean, it cost me all this money, but what this guy was doing in our, in our interview was like, Hey, I’m going to bring you a huge book of business. And it was like, wow, this could not get any better. But when you started asking detailed questions, it, it just wasn’t, there was something not right there.

And so, listen, I’m going to go over some of these things. These are some of the things that I noticed in this guy. Um, and I think, I think that this might help you out a little bit. Uh, it, it, sitting back and thinking about it, it really helps me have a clear vision of how to, how to look at hires moving forward. So the first one is a disrespectful attitude. Listen when, when I was checking references, um, and when I was talking with them and asked him about the previous employee there always problem, you know, there’s a personal prejudice of some kind, but the best candidates, they’re going to answer a very self aware top of answer and their background is going to back up. You know, the story and it’s not going to be confusing. Their backgrounds are going to influence their natural biases that they see and they’re just going to have, they’re going to have a very well balanced answer.

Just remember the most charming candidates can still answer even the toughest questions with a great smile and it sound good. But the details is where it tells you. So rather than try to determine the truth of the candidates, answers, judge their actions, interview them alongside current team members of different areas. You know, if the person, if the person is, you know, goes through some of your core team members, um, in without any kind of red flags, that that really helps you. But listen, you can pay attention to their disrespectful attitude when they describe struggles and you can ask open ended questions like me about a situation for a great Medical Jobs Tulsa. Uh, tell me about a situation that you handled where you just didn’t decide. You didn’t agree with your manager at all. The way that they talk about that, you’re going to be able to see some things. Number two, a lack of detailed information in this.

In this scenario. You know, this guy was talking a big game, you know, he was a great applicants. They can talk about what they would like to do for the company and how they envision their role, but the best candidates can back up their experiences with stories behind them and some data. Here’s a quote, Elon Musk loves to ask candidates about their most difficult challenges and solutions that they found. Not just the challenges, but how they solved it. He does this because only people who were truly responsible for a solution and not just on the team that solved the problem can answer that question in full. What a great thought there. But in this situation, there were always key pieces missing, you know, and I would ask him questions about, well, how many hours did you have underneath you as a recruiter? And he couldn’t answer that question.

And that in the staffing world that I was, I was trying to figure it out. I was like, does he just not measure things the way most staffing firms do? What, what’s going on? You know, he couldn’t answer questions about, you know, his relationship with his manager and what his manager would say whenever we talk to him. That it was very, very cautious about that. Which by the way, later on I found out as I was asking those questions of his, of his references, which they couldn’t answer the questions either. Um, one of them was his wife and one of them was his friend that was masking. They changed their last names to act like the supervisors that use our Medical Jobs Tulsa. So Whoa. Um, number three is just bad vibes. Sometimes an applicant provides all the right answers, dresses the right way, appears to fit the culture. But there’s something off that you just can’t answer.

Right. You know, don’t let gut instinct prevent you from hiring the right person, but don’t ignore your intuition if you just can’t shake that bad feeling. Um, in his book blink Malcolm Gladwell, he discusses how we form impressions about people within a few seconds of meeting them. And it turns out we’re usually right but not always. Gladwell says he points out that stereotypes, including negative ones about race and gender are just as powerful as our correct assessment of other factors that would prefer a great Medical Jobs Tulsa. So one of the things that you can do is verify this with, uh, with the other people on your team that you trust and see if they, uh, see if they agree with you on that bad vibe and also create it created an atmosphere, especially if you’re an owner of a company where you’re, your team is not scared to disagree with you, especially when it’s a healthy debate.


here’s, here’s the last one. Uh, a promising candidate. It, they’re just really hard to turn down. And so when you get someone like this guy here, he was telling me all of this great stuff and man, I was so energized, but it was nothing but a con and it was, it was really hard to turn down. Listen, this guy that I, that hired him, I don’t consider him to be an idiot. He’s actually really smart. Listen, he helped me get started, which was why I was trying to help him, but, but just, just know that, use your intuition and then validate your intuition with people that you trust and I think it’ll really help you out. I hope this gives you some insight with our great Medical Jobs Tulsa. I know it’s, it really does help me just to even think and talk about it and it helps me to think about it with this next person we’re going to hire. Cause here pretty soon we’re growing like crazy. Trinity is, I’m so proud of our team, so proud of what we did this last year. And so we’re probably going to be hiring a key role, um, very soon. I’m really excited about that, but it helps to just think about these things. So I hope it helped you as well. Give us a call if we can help you at Trinity. We would love to. Our number is (918) 622-2588 or you can just visit us