Medical Jobs Tulsa | How to Hire Medical Billers in Todays Market

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the co founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter.

Hello and welcome back to the A-player matchmakers where we’re always trying to add value to job seekers and employers. And the title of this podcast is, um, how to hire medical billing specialists. One of the things that most people that are aware of Trinity is that they’ll know that we started in the healthcare field. We started staffing for medical assistance, LPMs Ahrens and medical billing specialists. And one of the things that we really began to slide into early on are medical billing specialists. And right now the reason that this podcast is timely and important is that there is a huge shortage of medical billing specialists and it goes up and down with our Medical Jobs Tulsa . It’s never changed. It always fluctuates. Sometimes we’ll have a like a, uh, like everyone’s placed and no one’s moving and then all of a sudden we’ll have a huge request from our customers.

And it’s always been that since the very beginning of our, um, of our time starting, uh, in the healthcare field. But I just wanted to bring up some of the points that, um, some of the things that we use in hiring medical billing specialist in, hopefully it will be help, uh, help have help to both employers and employees because their medical billing specialists, they, um, they are always being sought after. But I want to tell you why real quick. I want to read some statistics to you here. Um, first, since 2017 well actually when, right after the affordable care act opened up healthcare, bankruptcy filings more than tripled in 2017. That’s from Becker’s CFO report, hospitals, CFOs, um, from an article called three things demanding your attention in 2018. Since then, things have really began to settle down a little bit. But here’s another statistic.

Patient healthcare costs including both the deductibles and out of pocket maximum payments increased almost by 30%. The average deductible is $1,820, and the average out-of-pocket maximum is $4,400. 83% of physician practices under five practitioners said the slow payment of high deductible plan patients are at their top collection challenge followed by the difficulties that practice staff have at communicating patient payment accountability. 74% of consumers are confused by their explanation of benefits. This comes from a TransUnion healthcare, um, and 73% of providers report that it takes one month or longer to collect from patients, which is once so very important. If, if an outstanding collection goes over 90 days, it instantaneously gets erased for most insurance companies. And so it’s very important that medical practices have the best medical billing specialist in place. But getting someone good is really important with the best Medical Jobs Tulsa . Um, I, there was a, there was a company that I worked with, um, a good while back and they had someone that they put in charge of their medical billing and what happened was, is this person really didn’t know what they were doing and because of that they got them to where they were losing $100,000 a month in collections because they weren’t collecting properly.

They didn’t have the right staff. Once an audit was done, not only did that particular manager really not know what they were doing, but they were also managing and they hired in competent staff. And it just became, I mean, if you can imagine for 24 months losing $100,000 a month, that’s a large, large chunk of change and it really, really hurt this practice. And so it’s just a reminder of how quickly things can spin out of control for physicians and a physician practice. So one of the things that I want to do is just bring up how to hire and keep the best medical billers. See getting good results in billing starts with having the right employees and getting a top performing crew and keeping it together is really, really challenging. But smart organizations know that hiring the wrong medical billing specialists is really costly, so costly that it is well worth the extra effort to hire the right employees the first time around every time.

And so I want to go over some things that I think can help any practice to begin to hire some of the, some of the better medical billers out there. The first thing is nowhere to look, you know, and I think that the best place to look for medical billing staff is in your current staff. And I know that that takes away the staffing firm and that probably hurts Trinity in the long run. But in the, in the long run, it actually helps Trinity because when we help our clients truly help themselves for your Medical Jobs Tulsa , um, with good data and good information, it really helps them to trust us in being authentic later on. So here’s some things that you can do. You don’t give a $200 gift card to an employed that you’re able to hire and keep for 90 days. It’s a huge, huge thing. Managers and employees alike can network with colleagues as local medical billing associations are around, you can go there.

Many of these groups can also circulate the job posting. I know that there’s one in particular that we use and we try to get our job postings on there all the time. Um, you know, you can turn look local training programs, stuff like that, but a lot of times we’re really just looking, let’s just be honest, we’re looking for people who are experienced, not someone who’s brand new, but really this is probably the best case scenario. The second case scenario, I believe. Listen for a better Medical Jobs Tulsa, I really do think that staffing firms who really know what they’re doing is really important. Each one of our staff here have been in the medical billing profession as a manager for at least eight years each. So they really understand the revenue cycle. And if you could find a staffing firm that puts all their effort into finding medical billing specialists, I’m telling you, we find better people than what most people can.

And a lot of medical practices look to us for that. So there’s my plug. I normally never plug Trinity as a resource. I just try to add value to people. But do your, do your homework on the staffing firm, fond out your medical billing specialists. They’ll be able to find out if the staff really know what they’re talking about. And you know what I’m talking about with that. So don’t exclude staffing firms with Medical Jobs Tulsa . The next thing is get online online job listings. Like indeed career builder there. They can be expensive, but they can get the word out to people and you can start bringing people in. I would also suggest that you use social media tactics. I’m using Facebook, indeed, LinkedIn to try to post it up. I want you to know though, that unless you get up to higher levels, um, most medical billing specialists, they’re not going to be on LinkedIn.

A lot of times you’ll have some of your managers that are, but it’s, it’s really difficult. Uh, Facebook is probably your best option there. Um, the next thing is, is to put your expectations in writing. A critical part of getting a high performance medical biller is when everyone is on the same page. And so setting job expectations in rotting go beyond the job title because a medical biller can mean all sorts of things. So being really specific, especially with the medical biller for a Medical Jobs Tulsa , they’re going to want specifics and details. A good one will. So you needed to determine the responsibilities and tasks you expect from them and clearly out outline them in your job description. New and current employees should be able to read your job expectations and clearly understand where they fit within the department and within the overall organization. Um, medical billing changes constantly.

So if you haven’t updated your job description since like 1993, it’s way overdue. Make sure that you get it up, up to date. The next thing is, is to be patient and quick to hire. Seek medical billing. It’s really important that it has your daily attention, but that doesn’t mean that you should hire the first candidate that walks through the door. However, when I’m telling you when it comes to Medical Jobs Tulsa , I’m telling you, we lose our clients lose more good medical billers because they don’t make the call real quickly or Susie’s out of town. And so we need to make sure Susie comes back, um, because she’s the manager, we don’t really want to hire yet without her approval. And then you lose a great medical biller because I’m telling you the competition is so fierce that if you’ve got a good medical biller, assume that they’ve got three other interviews going right then please assume that I hate that we lose great, great candidates, especially because the way that we recruit, we don’t just farm them out to everyone.

We try to specifically think about who they would best be a good fit for and really try to do a good job not only for the client, but also for the employee. And so yes, be patient. Make sure you get a good one. Don’t just hire anyone, but when you know that you’ve got the right one, be quick to hire. Yeah, I promise you it will help you. Um, the next thing is displayed the full compensation. Most job seekers focus on the hourly rate, but it’s likely that you have much more to offer, such as vacation time, health insurance, all those things. Use those things to sell your position. It’ll really help you. Don’t overlook references. References are great tools to assess whether they know what they’re doing. I would, I would suggest that you the manager is ready for Medical Jobs Tulsa , call the references yourself and if you’re using a staffing firm, make sure that you have the, the leader of the revenue cycle management team for recruiting. Make sure they call the references and ask good questions. I recommend that you give a test at Trinity here. We give a test to make sure that they know what they’re doing and we send that test to our managers so they know that we’ve given them a test and these are their answers. We don’t doctor them, we have them ride it out and we were able to send it. You know, what does a cob stand for? What’s the birthday rule? You know, you can test for basic but essential mass skills,

you know like 20% of $219 you can, you can help yourself by trying to find out good information. You know, you can, you can start retaining from the get go. Employee retention is important and it doesn’t start at the employees fifth year anniversary. It starts like at the first moment. See if you’re going to have a turnover, most likely it’s going to be within the first 30 days and so if you’ve got somebody good, you better start working on retention right away because this market, they know they can go somewhere else. You want to present the candidate with a letter outlining the offer, the start date, you know, make it look good, make it look professional. Take Tom to call the candidate and speak with them personally. Showing your appreciation of their decision when they say yes. Saying that we’re really pleased that you joined their team.

Really demonstrates your teamwork, your culture. You know, even on their very first day having something nice sitting at their desks. That’s what we do here. Staff turnover costs a lot of money in their first days with a good Medical Jobs Tulsa . Going to say a whole lot out that this helps you in your recruitment of medical billing staff. If Trinity can help you, we are experts in this field. I promise you that we are here in the Tulsa market. Ask around it. You won’t have to ask around very long to find out the, you know, we’re an authority in this field, so please give us a call if we can help you. It’s at (918) 622-2588 or you can visit us