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You are listening to Trinity employments, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the co founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter.

Hello and welcome back to the a player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find ways to add value to job seekers and employers. In the title of this podcast is how to differentiate your company during an employee market. Holy cow. Are we now in an employee market? Um, I was checking, I was interviewed just, uh, yesterday by a television station about a large company that was getting ready to hire 5,000 people and they were concerned about the unemployment rate being so low with our Medical Jobs Tulsa. It’s 3.7%. This is lower than it’s been in 20 years according to the Bureau of labor statistics. And so that’s changed the way that um, companies are having to recruit. And so there are a lot of things that need to be done on the back end of a company and some process, some new procedures need to be set in place to be able to become effective in recruiting.

And one of the things that we’re always committed to do is one, be a great service to companies that we work with. We are a great recruiting company. We recruit for companies all over this city in this state. And not only that, we’re one of the top rated companies in the entire state of Oklahoma according to top and many other websites. You can go to our reviews and check out just the way that we treat people and the quality of our service. And so we always want to add value to companies with this, but we also, one of the ways that we add value to companies to work with our Medical Jobs Tulsa, just talk about some things that you can do to differentiate yourself and improve your own, um, and prove your own recruiting strategies. The thing is, is if you help enough people get what they want, eventually people appreciate it.

And if they ever do need some help, they’ll give you a shot at helping them. That’s, that’s mainly what our goal is here. We don’t try to make money off of this. So we would love to ask you to refer any friend that you have that’s looking for a job or someone who is trying, who owns a company, a small company, they’re trying to hire um, new talent and they’re trying to learn how to do it. There’s, there’s a lot of information that we try to provide on this podcast, so we would love to be a resource. So please refer us over. You can go to our Click our podcast button. There’s a drop bet, there’s a drop down menu there and you’ll see a ton of podcasts. I think we’re probably up to 85, 86 podcasts now. So we’re doing really well with this and I enjoy it.

Um, I want to go ahead and start with how to differentiate your company in an employee market. Um, the thing is, is every so often it’s really important to take a step back and reevaluate your organization’s recruiting strategy, especially during a low unemployment, uh, season with Medical Jobs Tulsa. And so if it’s even if it seems to be doing well, there’s always, there are always new trends that, that reshape the way that people go and look for jobs and the way that, uh, companies are reaching out. You always want to just stay on top of things. We all know the story about Kodak where they developed the digital photograph and they just didn’t look to the future because they were just looking at trying to do really well what they’d done in the past. And so they sold the digital photograph and Kodak no longer exists. Um, and they’re the ones that created it.

So looking forward is always really important for companies. It doesn’t matter how small you are, you need to be thinking about these things. So I’m going to go ahead and start with our action. The first action item, which is a statistic, I actually shared this statistic in our last podcast that I did, but it’s 70% of the global workforce are passive candidates. And that means that you can go after passive candidates and you should go after passive candidates. And if you’re not, you’re likely looking over the a players. Your a players are likely going to be in that passive candidate pool almost every time. And it’s a, it’s a pool that you really are doing huge mistake if you overload. The problem is, and the reason that most people don’t do this and the reason that they hired Trinity employment specialists to help them with this is because going after passive candidates takes a really good amount of time to do it with Medical Jobs Tulsa.

You have to commit this time and it’s very difficult, and if you really don’t know what you’re doing, to be honest with you, most people don’t like it. We have to really encourage our recruiters to spend time going after passive candidates, but passive candidates are likely not actively looking for new positions. For the most part, they’re gainfully employed. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re not open to the idea of a better opportunity and they would definitely listen to it. But if you’re going to catch the eye of passive candidates, then you’ve got to expand your recruiting strategy beyond resources like, um, you know, the, the job resume chains, like indeed career builder, monster, all, all of these things, job fairs, passive candidates, they’re not going to be there. Instead, focus on enhancing your employer brand, strengthening your social media presence and getting an employee referral program going so that they can at least learn about the opportunity.

And for us, we do, we go after what we call mining. We go after them and send emails. And so there are all sorts of different ways. Um, you can Google and go watch a YouTube videos on how to go after passive candidates. You’ll probably find a lot of good information there. But the thing is, is doing it and committing the time to it. Um, that, that’s the thing, that’s the reason that most people won’t, won’t go after passive candidates. Number two thing is the number one reason that people change jobs is because of career opportunity. Thinking about this, um, you know, we staff in the medical field, so a medical assistant can be a medical assistant anywhere, but what differentiates your company and the opportunity that it provides from all of the other companies that are out there? Whatever it is, those unique experiences, they need to become the focal point of your marketing efforts because now you’re not just marketing to your customers.

Um, you’re also in many cases marketing out to potential candidates. So you’re having to sell your company to two different places now and, and that’s really important for you to understand, especially if you’re marketing your own company. Candidates aren’t just looking for jobs, they’re looking for an opportunity to grow and learn and advance, which leads me to the next, uh, point is having a compensation in a professional development plan for when you hire them, work, the things, the things that people look at, look out for our compensation, professional development and work life balance. Those are probably the most important factors when it comes to our Medical Jobs Tulsa, when it came down to officially accepting a new job, LinkedIn found that compensation, professional development and work life balance where the most important factors that’s according to LinkedIn. Um, but the initial opportunity, you know, will attract the right person at the right time.

Um, but you’ve got it. You’ve got to go after people and let them know, be very, you gotta become masters at communicating what it is that your company offers. You know, some, some small businesses. One of the things that Trinity offers because you know, we only have like 150 employees or whatever it is. Um, we can’t hardly compete with those companies that have a thousand, but we have some work life balance and some very unique things that we get to do because we’re a small company that makes us really attractive to a lot of people. In fact, now we have a lot of people reaching out to us wanting to work here because of the culture that we’ve created. Number four, the number one way that people discover a new job is through a referral. You need to have a really good referral program. Your employees networks can be a really powerful recruitment tool if you’ll let them know about it and let them know how, how it works and then make sure that you are following up on every single candidate that they referred when it comes to our Medical Jobs Tulsa.

That way you don’t get the word out that um, well if you’re first someone over there, it’s going to take forever. I used to be the HR manager,L very large oil and gas company and we had a referral program. But at the time I was very young and I did not understand the importance of this referral program at all. I’m telling you I didn’t. So I took my time getting back to people that, uh, had referred people over to us. It, I took my time and it frustrated him. And what happened was, was some of the other recruiters got a lot more referrals than I did because I was the one that didn’t get back with them. And so really respecting and celebrating that they brought you someone is really important. You don’t have to hire them, but you better be reactive to it quickly so that they don’t think that it doesn’t matter that they referred them because it really, really does.

And it can save your company a ton of money. Number five companies can expand their talent pools by 10 times by leveraging employees network. So, um, this is kind of what we’re talking about. You can get, if they get on their social media, I gave some stats in my last podcast. What was, it says the average employee will have probably 150 contracts on their social media networks. So if you have a hundred employees and you get them all activated in this, that means that your job ad or your job request is going to go out to roughly 15,000 potential contacts. That’s pretty powerful. But you’ve got to get them activated. You’ve got to get, you’ve got to teach this, make sure that you communicate it clearly. Let them know exactly what the process is and be very reactive to it. Like I said, number six, um, your company website, your LinkedIn, social media, all of these are branding tools.

And so people, here’s the thing, no one is going to go to your company without research. You first, no one. I bet you no one’s even going to come and interview with you without researching you first. At this point, I’m in the culture that we’re in. And so you don’t know how they’re gonna what, uh, source they’re going to go to find you. You know, they could go to Facebook. I would probably go to Facebook and then go to a LinkedIn and, um, I would probably go to Glassdoor just to see what people are saying, but that’s just me. But you know that Medical Jobs Tulsa is here for you, you’re probably over there thinking, well, I wouldn’t do that at all. I would go to this and that and the other, and then the next person would be like, well, I would just go to Google. Um, whatever way you, you don’t know how people are going to research you.

So you really need to put a concentrated effort on just making sure to update your different social media platforms so that you look relevant. Your information is informative and helpful, and you look, you look sharp to people because they’re going to be comparing you to other companies. Number seven, talent is four times more likely to consider your company when you provide constructive feedback. Um, listen, this is very difficult actually. I think it’s difficult for us because it takes a whole lot of time and effort and energy and sometimes unwanted energy or unwant. It’s unwanted by the candidate when you have to tell them something that is not necessarily positive. We really try to do this here at Trinity, but this is what I’ve noticed. This is something I think that our customers can learn. And that is that when we do this, if we do it out of love and kindness, they really appreciate it.

And we have a friend for life and generally we ended up getting referrals from this person. You just never know the benefits, um, that can come from genuinely trying to help someone else get what they want. Zig Ziglar said, if you help enough people get what they want, you’ll never have a problem. Get what you want. And that’s what we try to do with our candidates for a great Medical Jobs Tulsa experience. I encourage you to do that because even if you don’t hire that person, they have a, they have a voice and um, you never know who they might talk to. Listen, if Trinity can help you in any way, we would love to. Please give us a call. We can call

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