Medical Jobs Tulsa | How Employees Can Become an a Player

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You are listening to Trinity employments, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello and welcome.

So the a player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And the title of this particular podcast is how to become an a player. You know, I was speaking at a, at a, an event today at a chamber of commerce and I was, and I just briefly mentioned a players just briefly and you know, I saw everyone over there just nod and they’re like the best Medical Jobs Tulsa, Oh yeah, you know, I, you know, I was just telling about investing in someone who did not want to be an a player. You know, because I see the best in peach people naturally, always do. And I have to learn to see when someone is just not interested in growing, you know? And those are what, those are a players, you just see it. You know, when I’m telling the story, you can just see every manager not.

And it’s really interesting that most managers want to work around a player, top of employees, but they really don’t know how to get there. You know, and this, this particular one is for employees because employees, managers really want to see these attributes. The listen, this is who they’re going to invest in. They can’t wait to see it. They want to walk alongside. Now there are always going to be the, the seldom few where they are intimidated by a players and they don’t know what to do with you because you’re an a player and they might even create problems for you because you’re an a player and there’s going to be that. So don’t, don’t get too, you know, it, I’m just wanting to try to tell you that most great managers are going to want to jump right in with you. But there’s always going to be some, there’s just bad managers out there and that’s okay.

You know, um, I want to give you some statistics before we get started and that is that on average 15% of a company’s workforce, roughly one in seven employees are a players or stars. This is according to the department of labor or labor. And it was a, it was a statistic that they had ran on a special project that they had done. Um, a couple of, a couple of quotes I thought that was a Medical Jobs Tulsa, that was interesting is w, and I always say this on this podcast, but it’s cause I have it on my back wall at Steve jobs and he says a small team of a plus can run circles around a giant team of B and C level players. And he said this when he was talking about how he took over a very small team of this huge project that Apple was working on and just suffering from big time.

And he created the Mac computer, you know, and that’s what he did it, he did it with a very small number of a number of people. Henry Ford says, we do not hire experts either. Do either. Do we hire men on past experiences or for any position other than the lowest? Since we do not take a man on his past history, we do not refuse him because of his past history. I never met a man who was thoroughly bad. There’s always some good in him if he gets a chance. And so if you are, if you are someone who’s trying to struggle, uh, and you know, some of these things can be encouraging to you, but this is what, this is the entire part of this podcast with our Medical Jobs Tulsa. This is what I’m trying to get to. I was trying to read some quotes and some, you know, some encouraging things there, but here are some things that you can do to try to become an, a player, things to consider, um, about yourself and for managers.

If you’re a manager listening to this, well, you can take a look at this and go, all right, these are some things that I probably should look for in an a player. The first thing is, is eight players owned both good and bad outcomes. B players have a laundry list of excuses of why they’re not performing. I was talking to Cassie, our manager about this the other day and she was, uh, I was telling her, this is something that you did. This was one of the very first things that I saw when I saw Medical Jobs Tulsa, I saw that you may be a really great a player for us, but it’s true. You’re a players man. They just own it up. They’re confident, they know they’re not, they’re not concerned and fearful really. You know, and I’m not saying that some a players can’t be fearful. I’m just saying most aren’t.

Number two, a players try something new or different to correct their course and B players just stick to their comfort zone. And this is very true. My, you know, uh, for, for example, Cassie, I remember when she wasn’t finding, she’s a recruiter when she wasn’t finding what she was looking for top Medical Jobs Tulsa, she did everything. She changed all of these things in, in, in the process, created some new processes for us and some new avenues. You know, we went on social media before social media was really a big recruiting tool. We were doing everything. We were using Craig’s list. We were creating a, uh, net, uh, networking referral program. We were doing anything and everything that we could to get people in. And that came off of her just not willing to accept defeat. She is kept

changing it until it worked. And in some of those changes, she was not afraid to fail, but I gave her that. I said, listen, you know, I just want you to fail faster so you can learn faster. And so she took that and it really worked. Uh, it, you know, she took it with confidence. So she was never afraid to fail. Managers do not make your staff afraid to fail, especially when they’re trying to do something good. And you know that they’re trying to push the buttons or push the needle up. A. Number three, a players excite and motivate all the people around. And B, players require motivation. Pay attention. You’ll be able to see it. It’ll be easily able for you to be able to see is when is when one of your, when one of your employees, when they need motivation all the time, you can all be guaranteed.

This is probably not going to be my a player, but that guy that goes around and he doesn’t need any motivation or girl and they’re cranking. Um, and doing everything they can to win. They just have this appetite for winning man. You want to invest in those guys. Number four, a players work to understand the ins and outs of their job or business B players know just enough to get the job done with our Medical Jobs Tulsa. The a player recognizes that are fluctuating responsibilities and the importance of adapting to best solve problems. And that’s from Forbes magazine. Um, you’ll never hear from them. You know, that wasn’t in my job description. You won’t hear these things. You’ll hear that from a lot of B players. A players are actively involved, members of your team always working to better themselves and meet your goals. They want to learn about your business.

That’s another thing I noticed with Cassie. They just want to know and they ask a lot of questions. You’re a player, wants to understand all facets so they can help drive better outcomes. B players are content with silos and just with the status quo. And so you just listen. It’s not that B players are just absolutely horrible. It’s just that you can’t have an entire team of them. And when I, I think that some B players are really great to have around some big time drivers because a lot of your, a lot of a lot of people that are like that are more process type minded. They don’t mind doing the mundane tasks, you know? Whereas you know some of your, but see you’ve got a players that do those mundane tasks as well. They just come in all forms. But I think it’s really important for you to just to pay attention to your staff and how it is that that you need to operate.

Jim Collins says it very good. He says get the right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus. And these are some indicators that can help you. But if you’re an a player you want to learn, you can teach yourself how to behave this way and how to start seeing things this way. You can teach yourself how to own good and bad outcomes. If you, if you are a B player and you kind of know it and you want to move into a player status, you know, try something new whenever you get stuck rather than just sticking to your comfort zone. If you’re a B player and you want to move into an a player status, you know, excite and motivate the people around you to get a better Medical Jobs Tulsa. Whenever things are not going well, be the voice of positivity. No beef, be part of the solution, not the problem. Always be solution based. When you go to your manager and you’ve got a problem, go and say, here’s a problem in I have three possible solutions. Do any of these kind of resonate with you? If you’re a B player and you want to move into an a player status, begin to try to ask questions, understand the ins and outs of your business. Listen, these things will change the way your managers see you, the way your team will see you,

they’ll change the entire ballgame for you. And I just think that there are a lot of people out there that are B players, that if they just knew the playbook, they would love to become a players. I hope this has helped you out. And, uh, if Trinity can help you out in any way, we’d look for a players to place in other companies. Men, would we love to work with you. Please give us a