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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the co founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hi, welcome back,

back to the A-player matchmakers. We’re always trying to find ways to add value, um, to job seekers and employers. And the title of this particular podcast are signs that you nailed the interview. So obviously this is going to be primarily focused for employees. Um, we have a lot of employees that sometimes just try to figure out how did I do? Did I do okay? Did they like what I presented with Medical Jobs Tulsa? Is this something that is a possibility? Is it something that doesn’t, you know, isn’t, isn’t working in a lot of times this happens with people who have already, they haven’t interviewed a lot, which is a good thing. Like they’ve been employed and has a lot of times when we have people who have been laid off from large companies and they’ve been there for 15, 20 years or you know, they’ve just always had a job.

And so they’ve never needed to, uh, to start looking. Oftentimes you’re gonna find people trying to ask themselves, did that go well or not or not? And so that’s the particular topic and it’s important for people that are, are trying to figure that, figure that out. Um, before I get started Medical Jobs Tulsa, I want to always invite people to, um, to review this podcast, share it with people if they, if you enjoy it, especially with people who are searching for a job. Maybe there’s someone who, someone that you know of that’s underemployed. Um, or for a manager that is always looking forward, you know, just advice from people. We do this all the time, so we have a really interesting perspective. So, um, we’d love for you to share that. We always start, uh, start with some statistics. I think that we have, uh, some interesting statistics.

This first one is by monster and it says $1,872 is spent on average bus, small, small businesses to hire someone new. And that’s, that’s according to monster. Oftentimes I think it’s much larger than that. Um, another, another statistic by monster is 62% of small business owners have reported making a wrong hire. I think that’s probably much higher than that. Um, all of us have probably worked in a business. How many of us raise our hands right now? Yes or no? Have we made a bad hire? I think that’s 100% of people that have thought that they’ve made the wrong hire. Um, another uh, another statistic, this is from LinkedIn is hiring volume is expected to increase 58% in the U S 67% in Mexico and 76% in India this year. Um, very interesting. And then 85% percent of businesses are looking to fill positions found. They found no applicants.

That’s by in fib. Um, which is a hiring website. And so these are some things that are happening in our industry. Listen, um, this isn’t a statistic other than it was in the paper probably this morning. Our current unemployment rate is 3.9%. And so right now it is an employee’s market. However, we’re, we’re seeing a shift in some of the industrial arenas. And so there’s some shakeup happening now in the, in, in, in hiring. And so, especially for people who are underemployed Medical Jobs Tulsa, this, this is a really great market for you. And it oftentimes, people who are underemployed, maybe you’ve been employed for a long time and interviewing is probably something that you’re really not comfortable with. Well, I think that this is, this is something that, uh, might be able to help you. But before, before I get into our action items, uh, I, I had a couple of quotes that I found.

One was by Vince Lombardi, it says, it’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up. That’s according to your interviewing based on this title that, um, you know, to know when you’re, when you’re assessing the interview and when you’re not. Um, Confucius choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Um, those are, those are some really great ones. The last one I have here is the greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we’re moving. And so that’s kind of the direction that we’re going here for people who are looking for the right opportunity for you and you’re interviewing, um, for the very first time. So this is six signs that you nailed the job interview number one, um, the interview or spoke as if you’re already a part of the team.

Um, and this happens quite often. It, this happened just the other day actually, but you know, this particular situation, we still haven’t figured out yet that the interviewer spoke as though they’re going to hire him and we haven’t heard from, uh, this, this manager yet and we’re still trying to figure this out. Um, but most likely that is absolutely a good sign. Interviewers often speak in generalities so they don’t get the candidates hopes up one way or another. Um, you know, they might say that the person, uh, you know, the person in this position will do this, that or the other. But if the interview or feels like you’re the perfect fit, they might say, this would be your office. Um, you’ll be working closely with Jane in this position rather than saying this person will be working closely with chained. Um, so those are some hints that you might need Medical Jobs Tulsa, you might be doing really well if they’re talking like, Hey this is going to be your office, this is, and they start introducing you to people.

The second thing is the interviewer asked about their competition. So oftentimes, especially like in the medical field right now we have like medical assistants and LPs are just a hot commodity right now with our Medical Jobs Tulsa. So one of the things that we often want to know, I can tell you that is if we’ve got a really great candidate, I just spoke with one of our recruiters just a second ago about this and I was like, Hey, who do we have for this particular client that we have in [inaudible]? And she was like, listen, I’ve got somebody coming in tomorrow but it’s over FaceTime cause they’re out in Arkansas. They got the perfect kind of experience, but we’re wanting to know who else are they talking to because right now it’s such a hot market. And so if, if your interviewer starts talking to you and asking you questions, so who else are you interviewing?

Or they start asking about their competition. That’s a pretty good sign that they’re interested. If the interviewer asks about other companies you’ve interviewed with or whether you have any offers considering, you know, that kinda tells you where they stand. They’re concerned that you might, they might lose you to another company. Um, and so also that’s a pretty good sign. They might be acting pretty fast to, to avoid the, uh, the chances of losing you. Number three, the interviewer starts introducing you to the rest of the team. I was getting ready to go into that here just a second ago, but, uh, I knew that this was coming. So when they start introducing you to everyone, they’re not gonna waste their time, uh, with everyone in the less they are interested. Now let me tell you what I do. I want my team’s feedback. So that’s why, that’s why I take people around.

I want to know what’d you think? Um, you know, did you have any red flags? I love bringing my staff in on the interview so I can get their viewpoint and their feedback. Um, we’ve got a great group of people here and, uh, there, there are certain people I definitely would want their opinions. So if I’m taking you around, around here, uh, to meet with some of our managers, that means I’m very interested in their opinion there. So it’s, it’s a really good sign. Number four, the interviewer gives you their direct number to follow up with questions. That’s a great, great sign. You know, giving you a business card is a standard interview practice, but if they give you a direct number or a cell number that’s not on their card, that’s a really good sign because if they didn’t feel that you were a good fit, they probably wouldn’t be asking you to call in with any questions, you know?

Um, and so that’s, that’s a really great sign if they start giving you that number five, the interviewer tells you about perks and benefits and they start going into it. That’s called just in case you want to know a sales pitch. So now they’re going into recruiting. There’s a big difference between interviewing and recruiting. I feel like, and you ought to know when that difference is when it comes to Medical Jobs Tulsa, you know that Medical Jobs Tulsa, there’s, there’s uh, they’ll, they’ll start selling you and that’s one of the areas where you’ll, they’re going to shift from interviewing you to recruiting you. Um, the last, the last but not least point here is you worked with the recruiters so you were well prepared. You know, when you work with a recruiter and that’s what we do, you’ve kinda got a leg up on the competition before you even get a single interviewing question because the recruiter is likely going to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and prepare you to discuss, you know, other accomplishments.

We go through an interview. If we notice something really great going on, we’re definitely going to encourage you to let them know about it, especially when we know that they’re looking for something specific. Well, it’s definitely in our interest, in your interest in the candidates interest for us to say, Hey listen, this is something that they’re looking for. Make sure that you mentioned this. And so you know that that gives you a leg up, no question. And listen, sometimes with some of our customers, they take our recruiters advice a lot. And so, uh, those are some things that you can, you can think about. Oh, I hope that this has kind of helped you think about the interviewing process to kind of know where you stand with Medical Jobs Tulsa. Listen, if Trinity can help you in any way, shape, or form, we would really love to do that. We love helping people. It’s why we do this podcast. Um, you can give us a