Medical Jobs Tulsa | Has Recruiting Become Even Harder in 2019?

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast storing your host and the co-founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter.

Hi and welcome back to the “A” player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers alike and this particular topic is is interesting right now and it’s that recruiting is tougher in 2019 and I’ll bet you that almost any recruiter out there is going to tell you the exact same thing. This is, this podcast is primarily going to be for employers and the reason is that we are all trying hard to find skilled job seekers. The thing is I think that there are a lot of people out there that are unskilled, but the biggest gap is that employers are seeing is that there’s not, there are not enough skilled workers to find four mid-level and upper-level positions and so there are just different things that you have to do to try to acquire and recruit and bring in some of these top talents. Medical Jobs Tulsa is your solution for the best medical jobs.

That’s what we’re going to be talking about today on, this particular topic. Here at Medical Jobs Tulsa, we are committed to serving you. I’m going to try to make it a one-part series. Um, we should be able to get through it, but if after about 10 minutes, if we’re unable, if I’m unable to complete it, well, we’ll make it a two-part series. But I always like to get started. We did a survey, um, it came from a recruiter nation survey from job bite is where the survey is. And of the 800 recruiters responding to the survey, 74% of them believe that hiring will become more competitive this year or it has become more competitive this year. I’m sorry, a majority of respondents, 67% said that their biggest challenge is the lack of skilled, high-quality candidates. And so for years, we’ve been hearing about a tough talent market. I mean our unemployment rate right now, I just did an article, not an article, but, a news channel thing where they wanted an expert.

I don’t know why they called me, but I appreciate them calling me in that people are seeing me like that now. But, our unemployment rate is 3.4%. Um, and so Matt singer, the vice president of marketing at John [inaudible] said that we’re seeing, uh, we’ve seen a tipping point on tough talent hearing about tough talent with more jobs opened than people can fill in. The markets are near full employment. Recruiters are finding new ways to reach candidates where they are, where they are, whether that’s on Instagram or via text. They’re reevaluating what success looks like with quality hires and retention rates becoming a higher priority then time and cost per hire. So that’s something that everyone is starting to look at. Um, these are some of the industry experts that are quoting on this. And so I want to move into our action items that Medical Jobs Tulsa employers really need to be thinking about when it comes to recruiting right now.

And the first thing is, is you’re going to have to learn how to hone your Medical Jobs Tulsa marketing skills. It’s not so much that you just blast out an employment ad. In fact, we’re going to be talking about this later on in a Harvard business review article that we are, that I’m going to be doing this next podcast where it’s basically saying that you cannot rely on, on job ads. You’re going to have to do full-scale marketing of your company promoting your company’s values and culture. It’s, not just its open jobs is going to be critical. Um, in this year and in 2020 companies are making investments in this area, said Amy Warner, Warner director of talent acquisition at a software company. Um, I see IMS, she says that employers are creating new roles dedicated to recruitment marketing in order to effectively promote their culture and values and attract WellFit candidates because recruiting is harder than ever before.

I’ll tell you one of the things that we do, we, I spend a ton of time on our website. Listen, this podcast is a really great example of how much effort I’m putting into adding content to our website and to our brand and letting people know what our brand is. Because what we are trying to do is exactly what I say at the very beginning of every single Medical Jobs Tulsa podcast and that is I’m trying to add value to people. Zig Ziglar said it this way that if excuse me if you will help enough people get what they want, you’ll never have a problem getting what you want and that’s what we’re trying to do at Trinity and this is just an extension of that. According to a job bite report, top ways companies grow, employer brands are through social media. This is part of it is blasting this out, letting people know that there’s content here, 47% say social media and their career sites, 21% linked in is the most-used channel for recruitment efforts used by 77% of respondents followed by Facebook at 63% however, recruiters, LinkedIn use declined from 92% in 2017 and I understand that and the reason for that is because there are so many people getting hit up on LinkedIn, they just started getting off of it.

Recruiters are having to now turn to search social media platforms where they know potential candidates are more likely more active. And the thing is they’re more active doing something that they want to do. Um, you know, what’s so interesting about social media, it’s truly an addiction. I’m convinced of that and I’m convinced that not because I’m trying to rip on anyone on social media, but I’ve noticed me trying to limit what my children are doing, not on social media but just on their screen time. Um, and, and because of that, I’m trying to lead by example by example and not be on a screen myself. And usually I will go to Facebook for some reason and I’ve noticed that that is such a calming thing for me. Um, and I’m, I’m starting to see the addictive traits turning, turning through. And so that is what marketing, uh, uh, companies are going to be going to because I’m not the only one that feels that way. Call Medical Jobs Tulsa today!

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