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I’m scoring mentor and I’m president Trinity employment specialists Trinity were staffing organization staff in the Tolson oakum city markets all around our region we try to find only a players for our for the people that we work with one of the things that I was telling a customer about yesterday is that it’s it we have a guaranteed pathway to getting only in a player it’s guaranteed you will get in a player if you follow the system and the system really is it sounds mean but it’s really doing a favor for everyone including the candidate that is that if your manager knows that this person is not a fit and it just will not be in a player in the right seat Medical Jobs Tulsa now organization one of the best things they can do is release the person and and let the staffing or ization go and find someone who knows what will happen is you’ll terminate your way today player bits was telling the manager said We have a system that’s guaranteed it works it’s proven to work with proved it with huge organizations.

But you have to have a management group that buys in to the idea and when they notice the someone is not a right fit doing that person a favor and letting them go so they can go find what it is that they can be in a player with because what ends up happening likely is the person stays there the manager knew it from the get go that they weren’t a great fit and they let them stay there in this person place all this time learning a career field that they’re really just not good at and they’re staying in it because they just need to make money and it eliminates them from going in finding what it is they really would be good at so what happens is it companies waste thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars because the management staff wants to be known. It’s and they want to keep people for much longer than what they want to get than what they should and so I mean Wal-Mart says that they hold on to someone who’s a B. Or C. Level player Medical Jobs Tulsa and they end up having to terminate them or they quit after 3 months that’s an $11000.00 loss think about that all the people that are investing into this individual how much time the management is investment investing in the getting this poor person on board to get to the right place and all the while they’re just not the right fit and everyone’s time is wasted money is wasted all because we wanted to be nice to this individual and in fact as a group we all did one of the worst things that we could for the person and that is let them stay in a position that they are never going to be really really successful at everybody’s got special gifting and specialties that they’re good at and by by letting them stay in or in a in a situation where they’re not able to utilize those those natural gifts it’s just it’s just sad so. What we do what we do is we give an opportunity to get only a players.

And in so. You also if you aren’t a player and you’re trying to find a position you’ve got to go out it with an 8 player mentality you’ve got to go find a place that you could be in a player he and it’s really really important and it’s very very difficult to do specially if you’re unemployed or if you’re currently employed you’re trying to find the next position for yourself one of the best ways for you to do that is to utilize social media. Medical Jobs Tulsa You know if you’re currently employed using social media too much can you can actually be a deterrent for you because. Somebody in your company could find out that you’re that you’re looking and it could be a problem for you. But given you know given that that that’s not the case I want to I want to give you some information that I know about social media that that could really help you and one of the things that Trinity goes up does would pay to go out to a place called staffing world and it is the nation’s largest group where we all go and meet and learn about the news practices staffing recruiting what’s happening in our industry get get newest freshest ideas in training in our industry and because we’re all there one time this is what happens every major website comes walking and they set up booths so huge and so labrat they throw these parties the I’ve never I’ve only seen in movies I didn’t even know this stuff really existed but if you see some huge Hollywood party.

Going on like that’s what these people throw because staffing company spin so much money with these companies and so because we’re staff your ization I’ve had the opportunity to meet with the developers of these websites each one of them in the reason that I met with them is because I wanted to understand their algorithms I wanted to understand what what can we do as a company to do to make our positions more searchable What are some of the moves that we can make to better utilize. Medical Jobs Tulsa Your website because we want to make sure that we get the best of the best of whatever comes into the to their platform and so I’ve spent a lot of times a lot of time talking with the developers of these of these groups in this. Medical Jobs Tulsa What I found out every single one of them had the same common denominator and that is this that if you fill out your profile completely completely it makes you way more searchable oftentimes 5 times as much as more searchable only by filling out your profile completely let me tell you what most people do OK and even up I’ll be honest with you way back when when I was looking for a job you know 20 years ago well monster was a big deal in the Career Builder was just coming out.

This what I did uploaded my resume filled out the basic minimum information that I needed to I just wanted to get my resume out there in search and what I didn’t do that in fill up my profile completely because I didn’t think that it mattered I just thought it all that matters to getting a resume and I’m telling you there’s a reason why I didn’t get a lot of calls and in the reason was because I didn’t fill out my profile I filled out the very minimum information and when you do that you mim you make yourself minimally searched and so I think one of the biggest hints that I can give someone who are trying to get social media is not social media I’m sorry but job searching websites to work for you is to make sure in spin the time to fill out your profile completely it’ll make you way more searchable it’ll help you in great great ways and it’ll make you give you exposure to a lot more companies listen I hope that this one help this one tip helps you but be in a play or. Medical Jobs Tulsa Go the extra mile even when it even when it means working with these websites and I think it will help you a lot if Trinity can help you please give us a call our number is not 18622258 date or you can visit us online at Trinity employment.