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OK We’re talking about getting systems working for you in your. In your job search when you get the systems working for you it’s literally going to do all the work for you’re basically trying to get each one of these Web sites or systems you need they’re going to be like I want to her voice you just got to get them the words you got to get upset appropriately and so it’s really important to use this so you’ve got a Career Builder Monster indeed zipper career. You know Linked In Facebook all of these websites you can get work for you to go over that here 2nd and I want to like you know on a topic here getting staffing companies work really hard because I’m honest accusation done it for 10 years now. Medical Jobs Tulsa I’ve got a unique perspective for you I want you conservatives you can get recruiters working for you there are there are all sorts of job ads that are out there but I’m telling these people that harness one they can afford to use this and they are not posting jobs they do not want that stuff coming to be the reason they’re using us is to try and limit the administrative effort in trying to get someone in there so if you did a staffing company that specializes in your field or at least comes close to specializing you it’s really going to help I recommend you use not just one but maybe consider using 2 and the very most 3 you know want to get all these people competing for you it’s a it can create a nest of a business Medical Jobs Tulsa.

But Medical Jobs Tulsa build a relationship with your cruder is really really important I people come in all the time in our crew to tell you stories but it’s all top where someone is they’re just too good for a staff station or too good for her but I’m not kidding these companies that are using us they’re not post. Job ads and they can actually afford to use us this is like you know our service is like a premium service to these organizations and you lively might be missing Yeah it’s great our taste has let me tell you something OK just because you’ve got a great resume if we don’t like you we don’t have to work with you. We don’t want to work with people will lie it makes our job 10 times frustrating and we have somebody come in it is obviously they’ve got to be you’ve got a big head or so overly confident about themselves I’m just being honest with you we don’t work. Medical Jobs Tulsa so we kindly politely tell you they will get back with you in did we let somebody else do that because it’s not fun for us we’re going to have fun in our jobs we’re going to do a good job but we’re also going to enjoy doing so make sure that you use.

I don’t know some professional help it when you’re talking to the crews and built a relationship with them and get them to want to work for you. It’ll make a big difference to you and I don’t I bet you we’ve created it least a 100 jobs this last year the work there previously all because we like the person and so our recruiter called me and I’m the one with all the relationships I called people like us me that’s what I heard you want to talk to and I BITCH WE created by a 100 jobs doing this here so do not. Do not. Not spin some time built relationship to her will be really important Yeah I got one here so I want to go over some of these websites likely to. End in this pretty very 1st thing it’s important that you use it for all your other job searches and does this make sure that you feel like your profile completely we we go to this huge being where all of these websites come in it’s a so it’s called static world and all the staffing agencies go to a place like Chicago or San Diego or Nashville I mean it’s so big that we filled up the entire game board hotel. Medical Jobs Tulsa I mean these people the these companies these websites with a ton of money Mark us in so we get to meet with the developers and the presidents of US presence of these companies let me tell you something about each one when you fill out your profile completely it makes you 10 times search and it’s because the for the developers what they value Bill your profile completely so make sure they do that it really go have friends look at your profile before you would sit down and make sure they look for errors and stuff like that.

Sometimes just tell you fresh basic things will help you develop your profile this is I’m going over this quickly to meet you me do this for all of your websites use be diligent in connecting with people especially to our I would sit there and do it night followers connect all the H.R. managers all people that are relative to our business I make sure when I have a relationship with them it helps you to market yourself later on when you have a relationship so it’s important for you to go do that. Chickenfeed drug and a lot of crews will post jobs to be there and it’ll help you find new opportunities. The next thing he says is using Facebook. Clean up your Facebook I love the Seems like a simple things. I tell you we’re going to come back to the basics but it is like also criminal scene for recruiters not to check you out of Facebook to make sure I’m crazy. If you are trying to get somebody to market you or to you know if you told somebody hey I’m looking for a job if you know anyone please refer me to listen if your friends refer to you and these people do their due diligence they don’t look at your Facebook page it looks like you’re not special is what that’s not a good look for you make sure that you clean up your Facebook page it’s really important tell you a lot of cruisers use this now this recruiting tool it’s really important the next thing is is to set all of the alerts on the websites of all those websites that I talked about earlier zipper current indeed monster per bill or you can set them up too since you all the job ads that are relative to what it is that you’re looking for so you can get all of these Web sites literally synced up to you and in your you won’t you’ll find stuff in there that you likely would have found but you could also go to Google and set up Google alerts and Google will literally troll the ATAR web system and send you any job ads that come up that it finds in here area and it really works well set up right so for Google Alerts it’s not really easy to go find it but Google Google alerts and will tell you how to go use it with these things will really help you these are systems that will get things working for you. Medical Jobs Tulsa if you’re going to be unemployed here is every tool that can create a system that is going to help unemployed person help. The next thing that is really important in marketing yourself is using.

A 32nd commercial. Medical Jobs Tulsa And being able to tell people what it is that you do this is really more Listen I have made more money than I would have ever dreamed of in my lifetime just having the ability to tell people what we do and what we do well listen I have to do it for all 3 of our companies and I want you to know that for me it takes me a long time to come up with the 32nd commercial for each one is companies it’s different and I work on it and I write it down I practice it on people I know how it works well with people what how what they’re reacting to and what they’re not reacting to Medical Jobs Tulsa I’m not kidding this is you can make a ton of money just by simply in clearly being able to tell people what it is that you do is really important that you get this so what is it that you need you need to be able to say you’ll be able to tell them what you did you’d be able to tell them what it is that you do well and you need to practice what it would be clear and powerfully affective here you want to practice this. You know I coach other businesses one things I told God a long time ago is that you will soon be wisdom I will never stop helping people in the business world I’ll do it for free for the rest of my life and I will and so I generally will always take on it was 2 or 3 people that I helped go through the process of learning through and what I’ve had the ability to learn and so I was talking to Sky The the day and he was he was like Listen let me practice my purse at the commercial I’m telling this guys obviously worked on it but at 1st it was horrible these are things that are frustrated like I know you don’t want to do this and I don’t want to put thought into this or at least you feel like me don’t but it’s. This is so very important that you put effort into this so I thought about creating an outline for you and all that stuff but don’t worry about that this is there are so many resources online about a 32nd commercial anymore the you what we’ll Google that and get some of the best advice and systems and like an outline that will help you to be a goal and so. Make sure that you do. So I got the last part of this part 3 coming up and it starts with the mission and really this is probably the most impactful part of trying to get into the job so please come back and look at this thank you Medical Jobs Tulsa.