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Highwinds Korean child President Trinity employment specialists were staffing organization were located all around the central part of the United States where our focus is the primary work in a city in tolls that we we have staffing. 42 departments that one focus is in the medical do we do everything field thing good. Medical front office medical Kili X. Ray techs are until his vocal assistance. Always been to nurse practitioners and we even just this last slice couple of months we started staff positions which was which was a new newer thing for us. And in our in our business of vision we also heard Heinz and baking type situations and we also do one customer service in those main core areas. And today I want to talk to you about the position that it traded we’re always pretty sure where all your proof for the system. Candidates and medical systems they are the very 1st person to come and beat you with her or if you go back to the physicians. Medical Jobs Tulsa Into the back office such troops if you walk into a physician. Office you hear from office staff they’re going to your insurance and you know verify your insurance and make sure that you pay check good and everything in the end once they call you back that’s generally where you’re working with medical system medical assistance can take your wait here file size.

They’re going to try to work here cheap flight and find out why he’s here and they’re visiting with the physician built in or all the information into the electronic medical records system. Indeed make sure the information is well. Medical Jobs Tulsa sometimes they will also do basic procedures in into it so because they are so interactive with the poor with their patients that come in oftentimes your spirit just as much if not more time with your medical system if you will decision it’s really really crucial and important to make sure you get. Good people who are good quality employees having a having a bad assistant have to be very very detrimental to an organization so it’s really important that we find some what did really has a good presence about in the medical field to call a. Good bedside manner that’s what we’re always looking for and so there are some things that we do it through that has helped us to be able to be the door one having to.

One But having placed these top positions we place them all the time place them with the largest in and some of the best most critics of this time the biggest reason is because they know how difficult they are by the medical assistance are a large to mean and those who are certified are generally just the way they take their jobs and they hold they’re not developing. It so difficult. Almost every single time we’re having to recruit from someone else somewhere else so what we call is a passive we’re always trying to pass a candidate to move them into. Into the new decision past candidates or somebody they are open to the to be or to do offer to. These But they’re not just out there actively working all the time they’re they’re just their ears are open if you happen to call this this war of back to school for because the best employees are typically not. Medical Jobs Tulsa They’re not they’re not looking they’re not unemployed these people are generally employed people who are. Good quality individuals and they have a good loss in world history so the reason we’re going here is because while every other setting organization tail is just sitting in the 1st book a poor one that’s really just know. What we try to buy try to find a players for the clicks to. Buy the players it is such a big difference from your B. And C.

Level players a player stayed longer to do one time so we’re getting off the top 3 players into we. Were into it you’re saying it’s OK when we give one good a player to a club he can save the company thousands and thousands of dollars all because the value once you give him a player up to try him if you have that type of mentality is a business that you want to hold on to them so they stay with you you get one a player you can build it a players around a player’s creed pay his dues we have we have had so many clinics throughout the years in so many businesses to contact us and want to try to help them understand whom we try to ask them well you know what has been the biggest problem we have water turnover and you know this is that you know we have a a stream of things that we hear. And in just getting them to buy into a vision. Medical Jobs Tulsa Oh not tolerate being see the players always make sure that if you’re going to use a stack you do be getting players when you get just one a player you can start to build the team around really great singles is very large

Also if we work with our tools and they need to hire 300 people and we did that for a bit we took him to buy into this crisis not tolerate being single players and so we did this it took about a year. Medical Jobs Tulsa Because we we stepped up to 350 thing he did and of course you’re going to have you’re going to have like people who are internal there especially brain everything and all and so what we did there we redid all of the ones and when we did that we may we may have got about 30 or 40 good ball players of the 3. So. The we we got them to buy the vision terminating when they see their behinds the players and when they get there after hearing have time we hardly ever stacked up. Right now we have one job or they have $350.00 person cost out there in their vice president contacting me just to let. Them lead say like $6650000.00 and because we’ve got to make players the players one times that we’re there really could use the number of ways they have out there at their side it’s made such a big difference. With. So the city if you bring players true to go try to do so please use a call to speak with you on what some struggles the bid and seeking. Good qualities. Are produced 16222584 your business.