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Um, you’re also in many cases marketing out to potential candidates. So you’re having to sell your company to two different places now and, and that’s really important for you to understand, especially if you’re marketing your own company. Candidates aren’t just looking for jobs, they’re looking for an opportunity to grow and learn and advance, which leads me to the next, uh, point is having a compensation in a professional development plan for when you hire them, work, the things, the things that people look at, look out for our compensation, professional development and work life balance. Those are probably the most important factors when it, when it came down to officially accepting a new job, LinkedIn found that compensation, professional development and work life balance where the most important factors that’s according to LinkedIn. Um, but the initial opportunity, you know, will attract the right person at the right time with top Medical Jobs Tulsa!

Um, but you’ve got it. You’ve got to go after people and let them know, be very, you gotta become masters at communicating what it is that your company offers. You know, some, some small businesses. One of the things that Trinity offers because you know, we only have like 150 employees or whatever it is. Um, we can’t hardly compete with those companies that have a thousand, but we have some work life balance and some very unique things that we get to do because we’re a small company that makes us really attractive to a lot of people.

In fact, now we have a lot of people reaching out to us wanting to work here because of the culture that we’ve created. Number four, the number one way that people discover a new job is through a referral. You need to have a really good referral program. Your employees networks can be a really powerful recruitment tool if you’ll let them know about it and let them know how, how it works and then make sure that you are following up on every single candidate that they referred. Be sure to call us now if you want top Medical Jobs Tulsa!

That way you don’t get the word out that um, well if you’re first someone over there, it’s going to take forever. I used to be the HR manager,L very large oil and gas company and we had a referral program. But at the time I was very young and I did not understand the importance of this referral program at all. I’m telling you I didn’t. So I took my time getting back to people that, uh, had referred people over to us. Call now for the top Medical Jobs Tulsa every single time!

It, I took my time and it frustrated him. And what happened was, was some of the other recruiters got a lot more referrals than I did because I was the one that didn’t get back with them. And so really respecting and celebrating that they brought you someone is really important. You don’t have to hire them, but you better be reactive to it quickly so that they don’t think that it doesn’t matter that they referred them because it really, really does.

And it can save your company a ton of money. Number five companies can expand their talent pools by 10 times by leveraging employees network. So, um, this is kind of what we’re talking about. You can get, if they get on their social media, I gave some stats in my last podcast. What was, it says the average employee will have probably 150 contracts on their social media networks. So if you have a hundred employees and you get them all activated in this, that means that your job ad or your job request is going to go out to roughly 15,000 potential contacts. That’s pretty powerful. But you’ve got to get them activated. You’ve got to get, you’ve got to teach this, make sure that you communicate it clearly. Let them know exactly what the process is and be very reactive to it. Like I said, number six, um, your company website, your LinkedIn, social media, all of these are branding tools. Be sure to call us now if you want the best Medical Jobs Tulsa by far!

And so people, here’s the thing, no one is going to go to your company without research. You first, no one. I bet you no one’s even going to come and interview with you without researching you first. At this point, I’m in the culture that we’re in. And so you don’t know how they’re gonna what, uh, source they’re going to go to find you. You know, they could go to Facebook. I would probably go to Facebook and then go to a LinkedIn and, um, I would probably go to Glassdoor just to see what people are saying, but that’s just me. But you know, you’re probably over there thinking, well, I wouldn’t do that at all. I would go to this and that and the other, and then the next person would be like, well, I would just go to Google. Um, whatever way you, you don’t know how people are going to research you. To Get amazing Medical Jobs Tulsa call us now!

So you really need to put a concentrated effort on just making sure to update your different social media platforms so that you look relevant. Your information is informative and helpful, and you look, you look sharp to people because they’re going to be comparing you to other companies. Number seven, talent is four times more likely to consider your company when you provide constructive feedback. Um, listen, this is very difficult actually. For top Medical Jobs Tulsa call us as soon as you can!

I think it’s difficult for us because it takes a whole lot of time and effort and energy and sometimes unwanted energy or unwant. It’s unwanted by the candidate when you have to tell them something that is not necessarily positive. We really try to do this here at Trinity, but this is what I’ve noticed. This is something I think that our customers can learn. And that is that when we do this, if we do it out of love and kindness, they really appreciate it.

And we have a friend for life and generally we ended up getting referrals from this person. You just never know the benefits, um, that can come from genuinely trying to help someone else get what they want. Zig Ziglar said, if you help enough people get what they want, you’ll never have a problem. Get what you want. And that’s what we try to do with our candidates. I encourage you to do that because even if you don’t hire that person, they have a, they have a voice and um, you never know who they might talk to. Listen, if Trinity can help you in any way, we would love to. Please give us a call. We can call us at 918-622-2588 or you can check out

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