Medical Jobs Tulsa | Dealing with Hard Employees

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Medical Jobs Tulsa | Dealing with Hard Employees

Cory mentor president of Trinity employment specialists trainee we’re staffing company we specialize in staffing in the medical field and I want to talk to you today just real quickly about a specific position that we are always recruiting for it is a medical assistant and in the Tolson market. Medical Jobs Tulsa they’ll come see Marc as well the way it is just up and down up now and right now we are in a wave where everyone in town is looking for medical assistants that are certified and it’s and it’s a huge demand we get it every other hour now probably every quarter or so we’ll have a huge demand for medical systems were in that right now so that’s why I’m posting this up for a medical system so big things that we look for want to go over that we need somebody who’s certified or registered back in 2000. Probably 11 I think when the Affordable Care Act came about. They made it mandatory for medical assistants to be certified. Medical Jobs Tulsa I I don’t I don’t know if it’s for any other reason just makes makes money for some certification.

Groups but this is what happened when that happened it’s really interesting we had medical systems that have been medical systems for 20 years and they had all this experience and we could not hard but what we could Harz we could hire someone who had maybe who had just graduated but just got their certification because we had people who had worked in the field for 20 years and all of sudden they needed to go to a 9 month training program in order to be eligible to be registered or certified we’re now in 2017 we’re catching up to this now and and so most medical assistants are certified or registered but there are still a large number who are not and some who have been but they didn’t pay their dues and so they’re not registered anymore we’re always dealing with that thing so we have to have certified or registered medical assistance it is now a big thing and if you have let your registration or your certification lapse and you’re met Medical Jobs Tulsa.

Closest an hour strongly encourage you to go and get that renewed because it opens you up to probably I would say 9 tenths more positions than you would be eligible for if you didn’t have the certification but this is what I’m if you’re a medical assistant you know exactly what you do but for people that might be seeing this and they really don’t know a medical system the very 1st person that you meet once you get past the front office person they are the they are the individuals that record your cheap complaint they will administer injections they’re going to assist the physician was some minor procedures and stuff and and things like that. Medical Jobs Tulsa They are you will spend more time oftentimes with your medical assistant than you will the physician so what we’re looking for is we have to hire only a players in this group is really really important because they’re the lifeline in the face of the medical facility and we get paid by the medical facilities so we definitely want them to succeed so.

So we’re always trying to find these individuals who are exceptional have a great sense of some people in the medical field they call a bedside manner that really they have good customer service skills they have an ability to talk with customers make them feel comfortable and then also ask the right questions to help them get whatever it is that they’re looking for. Medical Jobs Tulsa in staffing for medical assistance it’s so very important to get a players in so on the employer side we want to make sure and get the right personality fit for you as well we have to make sure that one person is going to show up to they can play well in the sand with the other kids 3 that their skill sets were and that’s how we develop. An a player for groups but for our our for Medical Jobs Tulsa.

Medical clinics we want encourage you you should know within the 1st 2 weeks whether this person’s right that for you or not in this sounds mean we do not want this to sound mean but it helps you and believe it or not it actually helps the employees well if you notice that they’re not a good fit for you. Medical Jobs Tulsa Make sure and terminate the assignment with very very quickly so we can get somebody who does fit in with your group to really really important because if you continue to tolerate people who do not fit within your organization you you will end up with a really damaged organization cultural be all over the place and no one will really know what the culture is there so it’s really important that you hire people that fall within your culture as well trainee we are exceptional we really are exceptional at bonding medical assistance if we can help you please give scoll at 9 when I 622-2588 or you can visit us online training.