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My name is Corey mentor I’m president of Trinity employment specialists Trinity is a staffing organization we work in the Tolson city markets primarily but we also have people working in Texas and in Arkansas and Kansas So really our surrounding areas is is what we focus on and what we try to do is get only a players into into clinics and into the different banks and financial institutions that we work with. Tolerating B. And C. Level players is just not what we do so we really try to go out and present the idea that if you’re using a staffing company do not tolerate being sea level players when they’re on our payroll. Medical Jobs Tulsa End and be able be willing to terminate very quickly if you need to even within the 1st week and that sounds horrible but a lot of times you’re you have recognized that this person really does not fit in this position you’re giving them an opportunity to go somewhere and find something they would be good at rather then.

I don’t know just keeping them in your place of business knowing that they’re not just the perfect fit in then you and them are miserable the whole time and everyone loses we try to paint this picture for our for our managers that if you will terminate quickly what you’ll eventually end up doing is terminate your terminating your way to an A player it’s a it’s a system that literally Jack Welch came up with in his book winning and it’s just is just simply this like if you know they’re not in a play or terminate quickly let them go on to be sent somewhere else that they’re not but if you’re using a staffing company the staffing company does all that and we’re already always recruiting for people in so we can quickly slide people in. Until you get to that a player and what it does when you fall that system is it guarantees you getting an A player and if you’re if you are dealing with an tolerating B. And C. Level players most likely you’ll know this because right now you’re probably sitting in your desk and you have just either put out a fire with a fire extinguisher or you’re you’re needing to and it’s a constant battle there’s always a fire going on let’s not done it too I would be willing to bet that every small business person has ran around at one point in time trying to figure out the best ways to run their business especially early one and they tolerate stuff so there is do I carrying a fire extinguisher with them wherever they go there is walking around with it trying to put out fires because. Medical Jobs Tulsa it just people just don’t do what they’re there needing to be doing they’re creating problems you know.

Culture is everything but good grief you get one bad apple in there talk and badly and talking negatively in the whole group goes to crud and everyone’s got fire extinguisher fluid on than it is just you can’t you can’t operate and run a business like that but when you have a players let me tell you 3 things that a players do a players stay longer they do one half times the work and they will refer other players over to you it’s just what they do. Medical Jobs Tulsa Now I wanted to talk just for 2 seconds or 2 secs maybe 2 or 3 minutes about how we go and get a players listen there’s something the is interesting that’s happened in the hiring world. Innovation has changed everything so if I were to go back when I started Trinity they had this wonderful thing that worked extremely well I can’t even believe it and in fact I wonder if it’s not a big reason why I was able to do as well as we did early on and it was called Craigslist.

It at 1st when you thought of trying to find a job on Craigslist that sound completely foreign like why would you ever do that that would be if you’re only trying to get some grunt job where you’re trying to be for a moving truck or something like that that back then in the medical world for some reason everyone in the medical world flooded to this website and it was free to advertise and when you advertised I hard up I think we hired someone for paying them $180000.00 as an engine ear off of Craigslist and it was off of a free ad. But not so much in the engineering world but in the medical world Good grief with the all of the best talent was going to Craigslist well that switched Craigslist decided hey listen we’ve got so many people coming here for free we need surcharging for this and I don’t know what they did to their algorithms or whatever they change the entire system and it didn’t cost the employee any more to still look for jobs on Craigslist but all of a sudden Craigslist just got washed out and now there’s no one that would use it and so really what took over was indeed and indeed is still quite a quite a thing you know. Medical Jobs Tulsa even Indeed it is now washing up because everyone is on indeed before indeed you still have Linked In for your really high level positions that you can that you could go in and. Become professional friends with them and be able to search in Linked In has some really unique tools to get very specific with what you’re searching for but now what’s really interesting is social media is really taking over how people are finding jobs now you’ve got to be able to be well connected using social media but I’m tell you like Facebook brings you break has brought us more job candidates than you would ever believe this year.

Instagram is trying to make a run at this and then you know Twitter there’s even there are ways that you can use for jobs but for us we’ve really been able to use Facebook to be able to recruit and I’m telling you technology in innovation changes regularly so here’s a reason I’m saying this I think that for some companies who don’t hire a lot which means that you’ve got a good culture and you’ve got a good group of employees there but if you haven’t had to hire a lawyer you may be relying on the same kind of technology that people that people were using 18 years ago and expecting the same results and in technologies change so much in all of the innovative processes that have come out have changed so much that Medical Jobs Tulsa if you don’t hire a law it is really important for you to really take a step step back and take a look at what the best hiring methods are in Charlotte learn from them but that’s something that Trinity does all the time is it’s our job to make sure that we’re on top of all of the new news hiring pretty processes and procedures if we can help you out we would love to please give us a call Nom 18622588 or you can business online we’d love to talk with you about how we might be able to enhance your whoring system Thank you sir.

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