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medical jobs Tulsa | Connection and More

Hey my name is corey mentor I’m, a trinity, employment specialist, where staffing the organization here in tulsa, and we, but we staff for all over our region. We’ve been in business for about 10 years and we’ve been an organization that helps other companies, find and retain a player’s figure out. What it is that you know the attributes that a players medical jobs Tulsa have helped develop, park our customers in a way to wear, that’s what they look for and and then provide the hose as options for them to take a look at and the idea behind our businesses. Is it if we find you in a player in a players going to stay longer, do one and a half times to work and recruit other a players over to work with them eventually, and so one a player will save the company, thousands and thousands$2,000 that’s our goal and that’s what what it is we do so today, I want to talk about. You know some of the things that you need to take a look at when you’re trying to go after and seek in a player, and these are just for things. We I do all sorts of different ideas on trying to find the best employees around, and you know, they’re bad they’re, probably like 8 or 10 corecool things that you need to be doing, but outside of those 8 or 10. You can use varieties of of different systems that you can put in a place. But the big thing is:is that most companies do not have a system for hiring. They don’t have these core competencies that they look for they don’t they don’t train their employees in their in their hiring process medical jobs Tulsa if they even have one and so a lot of time, a hiring decision is made, especially by medium and and smaller companies.

It’s made by how interested they are in that person. Just in that time like where you make a connection with someone and then all of a sudden you’re like oh well, that’s higher than because we got along for an hour and-and you know, statistics and history has shown recent history showing that’s-probably not your best method of going about it, sowhat a change. Your mindset and switch your medical jobs Tulsa perspective a little bit and get you thinking about some of the right things is what I’m hoping to do with all of these. So the first thing that I want to talk about is your your job listings or how your? How you’re going to list this in and promote the job online or on social media, or, if you, if you’re, going to subscribe to a place like ziprecruiter on deed or something like that? But the first thing is:you need to really put some emphasis in this. Just just a thing that happened a couple of weeks ago was we had we had a company that was a larger company. They did, they did their job descriptions way outdated. It was long hard to read for our client for candidates. We had to completely redo their own job description and so they’re out using this job description. That I can tell you right. Nowlikely will not work, especially with an a player. medical jobs Tulsa So what are some of the things that you need to look at with a job description? What needs to be clear and concise and have a sales and an upbeat spirit to it? You know, probably in the 90s and early 2000s there was it was. It was kind of like a an expectation of job descriptions, very boring and it’s kind of morphed into more of transparency and and being open and fun trying to create a culture or you’re trying to describe your culture places. So this was something I did even just yesterday with some. We study the best data out there on how to write a job description in listen or notwe’re, not going to sit there and just study it and just follow this little educational process. But we want to understand the psychology at what attracts people to it and we even have gone to what do the eyes go to.

Naturally, you know you can you can do some stuff on a website and date they have some programs where you can, where it shows you what people click on. Well, that’s what their eyes go to their there, even some studies that show that have study people’s eyes. So you can use this data to your medical jobs Tulsa advantage. You don’t have to go. Do this study it’s already out there for you and the way that you, both things and bullet point things. It helps people to navigate through your job. Your job description. Another thing is is just how you ride it and if you put some effort into studying how a job description can be written, thatattract, more people, it’ll it’ll really help you in getting people to actually read the thing, so it needs to be readable at you know. The twitter really changed our world when they said hey, i, don’t know how many characters, but it’s not medical jobs Tulsa very many that you have to put your message in there and are our entire country has gone to that. Now it takes a long time or it doesn’t take long time. You have a very short window to be able to get somebody, so you got to pay attention in a job description. This is my advice. Just go study. Go research:how to write a good job description and spin 20-30 minutes on this, and if you already have an existing job description consider or commit to adjusting it to make it a little bit more modern I think this one thing will help you like. The next thing is, is create a painless process for applying, because of that same thing, there’s a study done not long ago too, and it was with one of the huge casinos in las vegas, really really interesting, and so in 1990 they went and did a study on how long someone can be standing in line to check into a hotel until they get medical jobs Tulsa restless and they need somebody to come up and give him a drinkand.

So they were trying to figure out what time. Is this an in the 90s it was about. I think it was eight minutes is what they said. It was somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 to 8 minutes, and then they did. medical jobs Tulsa This study in 2016-17 and that time. Had gone from 5 to 8 minutes, depending on what it was to like 1 and 1/2 to 2, okay, so that kind of gives you an idea of the patients that people have for certain things. So, if you’re going to go and attracting a player, especially in a millennial top of a generation, you need your your application process to be extremely easy and quick and fluid on your website. If you have a website, it doesn’t have to be. You don’t want to go through a million different stages if you’re having them come in and fill out, an application make sure that application is at 5as long as I’m just telling you we have people come in all the time and you’ve got to make that process. Pleasant. You know in our office. We we create an atmosphere even down to the smell we have site which web vibrant colors and then we have sound. We have very relaxing positive upbeat, music and then smell I’ve got this infusion sensual oil stuff. When you walk in it smells like a spa. You know medical jobs Tulsa which weird but like this. So so these are some things that you can do to make the application process a little bit easier, but at least put some consideration into it.

Cuz it’s a real thing. Nownext thing is your manager relationships. So when you have somebody come in for an interview, we have this happen all the time and you’re like you know what I thought you were going to be great for this position:you’re really not great. This fish i, really like you keeping in communication with those people, is very important because you can go after them later when you have the right position filled in or when you had the right position available so stay in contact with these people that you think are great. All recruiters I train them to do this. We get some of our best cars from people that we met with five six months ago that we just put. We create a hot list, you know and what position and we just keep it in our database very last thingdrake, more attention to social media. Social media is really really important. If you ignore it now, it’ll be a big mistake. It is probably the best way that you’re going to get medical jobs Tulsa your a players at this point in time. So, if you integrate all of these things, I just talked about into your social media. It’ll make a big big difference. If trinity can help you in any way, we would really love to. We try to decrease the power brawl of the of the space in in trying to get you to the right place. Please give us a call at 918-622-2588, or you can visit us online at trinity, employment.Com

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