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Medical Jobs TulsaHi My name is Corey mentor I’m president of Trinity employment specialist charity is a staffing organization that focuses on staffing in for everything in the medical field that you can think of and we also have a business division where we staff or finance banking and accounting and some I.T. work as well and I want to I want to talk real quickly this week about. 2 to the potential employee that is out looking for a job you’re unemployed you’re trying to find a job and you know what are some of the best ways of finding a job what what are some of the things that you should do. Medical Jobs Tulsa The 1st thing I want to encourage anyone to do is to try to think outside of the box. Medical Jobs Tulsa You want to put yourself in the place of the employer for just 2 seconds like just switch around your thinking and don’t think like you’re an employee think like you’re an employer and what is it that you would go and look for you know I did a presentation to a very large call it last week and I brought in some sample resumes that we at Trinity have gotten into our it’s our organization and you had resume one which was literally horrible and I would ask the students I said you know tell me about what you like here in what you don’t like here in these are students that are you know they’re probably 22 to 26 years old probably most of them are and.

They would they would go through the bill like this words misspelled this is not justified this looks completely different this doesn’t look great this and they just found so many problems with it just physically in appearance you know and I only handed them that this one resume said Tell me what you think about this would you want to hire this person or this is a real resume that came into our organization and everyone easily said no way we don’t want to hire this person but that is an actual document that someone put out to really try to market themselves and I had an entire classroom course on our move the names no one knew who it was I don’t know who it was as our staff take the names off and and everyone agreed this is not someone that you would want and then I took a resume of someone that we actually hard and just showed it to him took off all the names took off all the companies but let them see the formatting of it and instant Taney Asli they were able to see and think yeah that is a much better person to be looking at you know and it just it just goes to show you how much judgment people make just all based off of you know a document. Medical Jobs Tulsa But you need to think like an employer so I want you to go in take a look at the materials that you’re submitting and ask yourself listen if I were an employer would I want to harm us self I wish that I could I wish that I probably should have had like a computer so you could have seen the difference that I’m talking about here because it’s so significant.

So the next thing that I did in this presentation is I win and remove names and took out things and showed them an example of someone filling out an application correctly and someone filling out an application incorrectly and it was it was so easy for them to go through their in find the mistakes so when you’re going to fill out an application the thing that I’d suggest to them is. Likely like I just want to know that if I were personally going to go right now in fill out an application for someone I guarantee you I wouldn’t have in my head the date and even some of the phone numbers of my past supervisors in all it’s effect I just I might have some of it my phone but there’s a big chunk of it that I just wouldn’t have and and so I would suggest to you to fill out a full application where you can go and research all the information in take the in with you so that whenever you’re applying for a job your application doesn’t look like you just don’t care because you’d left so many things blank I’m telling you most a lot of people do this in their in their phone just digging around their stressed out we got so fed up with that we just started sending the application to them before they came into giving them the opportunity to fill it out because people just scrambling around and stressed out before they met with this so don’t do that yourself like be prepared if you’re going to be applying for jobs will get you samples down well down the one on top in sample. Medical Jobs Tulsa

And job application to fill that thing out you’re going to have most of the information you need I really think that will help but the 1st thing that you want to do when you’re trying to find a job is get as many systems working for you as possible get them working for you when you’re not even working when you’re sleeping these systems will work for you the end people will be searching them so what are they how do you do it all the stuff you’re The indeed zip recruiter monster Career Builder Linked In and there are likely many others. I don’t really want to suggest to you that you get your resume uploaded on to these websites and fill out your profile completely let me tell you a story I had every year they have something called staffing world and staffing world is where all all of the people in in staffing which is which consists of about 10 to 20 percent of the Labor Market Staffing does so the US A big staffing organizations that come here but you have every one of these websites show up and our vendors at this event because it’s huge It wasn’t me they have these vendors throw parties like Medical Jobs Tulsa I have never even seen before it’s the stuff they throw the kind of parties that only you see in the movies when you go to the stuff it’s really really it’s neat it’s crazy but this is the great thing I get to meet with the developers of these websites I get to meet with the big wigs of these websites and these search engines and man do I take advantage of that let me tell you what I’ve learned about these websites guys it’s this you if you don’t fill out your profile completely that is the one thing that these websites want badly the developers want to have your pro Pollack build out completely it’s something that they find valuable just like the job application any employer is going to want you to fill out the application completely these these developers of these Web sites they want that as well and so if you want to become searchable you become almost 3 times as searchable when you fill out your your profile completely on these websites so this is what I used to do I don’t do what I used to do when I was trying to punch of course this was 15 years ago we didn’t have websites hardly But monster in Career Builder were around when I was doing this.

And I would just upload my resume and call it good and that’s what I did I did really the bare minimum. Medical Jobs Tulsa I’m telling you have talked to these guys you will become way more searchable and your resume will pop up more to more employers if you fill out your profile completely on these websites I hate I hate for you that you have to do it because trust me I personally hate doing that kind of stuff too but when it produces the kind of result these guys say it will I strongly suggest to you that get get everything on these websites and get it uploaded and when you hit go automatically these websites are going to go to work for you for free it’s like having 3 employees going to work for you go do this get your stuff filled out online make sure that your resume looks exceptional though make sure that you’ve had 2 or 3 people read through it and you’ve got all the errors all the everything out of it because what you don’t want to do is have a horrible marketing document for yourself and then upload it to all these people and give yourself a bad name you don’t want that make sure that your that your credentials look good when you upload them so that that’s the 1st thing the 2nd thing is is use social media to let people know that you’re looking using social media is a great great tool for you and being unemployed I get it can be a very frustrating thing and it especially for guys probably maybe some girls too but it’s it hurts your pride when you’re unemployed and so it’s not like you want to go out to the world and let everybody know that you’re out that you’re unemployed but if you do it competently I think that you can actually look good at it and let people know listen I’m available and I’m looking for a new opportunity. And I just wanted and let people know what you’re looking for do it confidently one thing about people people love helping other people Medical Jobs Tulsa.

Especially when they’re providing their wisdom and knowledge it makes them feel good and so give people the opportunity to let you know about any opportunities that they know of the last thing is I suggest that you utilize staffing companies but I think that you should utilize them effectively. Medical Jobs Tulsa You should go get some staffing companies working for you trust me I want we will go work for you in find opportunities that are NOT want to be posted online and that’s the way that some of our employers are only through a staffing organization so it will not hurt you to have a couple of staffing organizations you work for a couple hints they’re doing that make sure that you get a staffing organization to actually focuses it specializes in on what it is that you’re looking for I wouldn’t I don’t know that I would go to too many general staffing companies that are all things to all people your best opportunities are likely going to come from people who specialize in your field and really understand what it is that you do but when you go get them working for you though they’ll be doing the job searches in recommending you all the time the thing is when you’re you come in to meet with the staffing organization it’s your responsibility to get them to want to work for you and so I’m the reason I say is because we have a lot of people that come into our office and they’re just prideful and they they think that it’s almost beneath them to come to a staffing organization and I’m just telling you listen I’ve got some of the top employers in this town that are not going to post a job and they’re going to ask me to find it for them and I don’t know how many people have come in with their pride on their sleeves that I just decided I don’t I don’t want to work with you. Medical Jobs Tulsa so they had the credentials but we didn’t want to work with them so we didn’t submit them so make sure that you’re polite to to the staffing or as they should Don’t be too big for them and I really think it’ll help you out of a time here I appreciate your your attention and if Trinity can help you find a job in any way we’d love to We’d love to work with great a players please give us a call at 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at Trinity employment dot com Thank you.