Medical Jobs Tulsa | 8 Signs You Have an Unhappy Employee

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You are listening to Trinity employments eight player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the co founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello and welcome back to the a player matchmakers where we’re always looking for ways to add value to job seekers and employers and the title of this podcast is eight signs that you have unhappy employees. YOu will love the best Medical Jobs Tulsa fo you today!

This is primarily going to be for managers if you can tell, but employees are probably going to be a little bit interested in this as well, but if you’re a manager and you have had people quit on you and it just came out of the blue, these are some signs that you can start to look at to see, do I have an unhappy employee at my, at my place of business and should I begin to try to put some effort into it?

So I’m going to start out with some statistics. The very first statistic is, is when surveyed 82% of employees said they would be more loyal and less likely to leave if they have more flexibility on their jobs. Everybody says this, this is from Be sure to call now if you want the greatest Medical Jobs Tulsa today!

37% of employees said they would quit and take a new job that allowed them to work outside of the office. Some just some of the time that’s from Gallup. And 76% of employees say that they don’t feel valued at work. They said they’re actively seeking other opportunities. Holy cow. And then 30% of employees would consider quitting if they were unhappy at work. And 79% of employees said their bosses did not care about their happiness level. And so these are some things that were said from um, FlexJobs, Gallup, um, Robert, half business solver that provides the best Medical Jobs Tulsa!

These are some statistics from these different resources. And the thing is, is if all of your employees were happy all the time, running the company would be a whole lot easier. Unfortunately, odds are at least one of your employees there, they are going to become unhappy and that’s it. Really great cultures, but they’ll become dissatisfied with their job.

They’ll bring a bad attitude to the workplace. And the problem is these employees can be deadly for team morale. And you’ve got to be, you’ve got to be capable of recognizing some of the signs. In some instances it’s really easy to tell which one of your employees unhappy and sometimes these employees can slip under the radar. And so that’s why I’m bringing in some eight, eight signs that you might have an unhappy employee in the workplace. with top Medical Jobs Tulsa.

And I want you to know that in, in my experience, learning how to manage, not recognizing when somebody was unhappy and just keeping the pedal to the metal, trying to get business in place and all of these things, it was such a disaster because, um, because there, there were a couple that I probably could have saved, had, are recognized what was really going on. You know, and I think all of us managers probably had that one or two that you’re like, yeah, man, if I really would’ve known that, uh, probably would have changed the way I did this or that without Medical Jobs Tulsa.

But here’s some signs. Sign number one, their productivity takes a turn for the worst. You know, when employees are happy and engaged in the work that they’re doing, it’s not uncommon for them to regularly go above and beyond what it is that they’re normally doing. You know, they might not be always super productive, but for the most part you can count on them. You can count on happy employees to produce great work at a steady pace, you know?

But if you begin to notice that one of your employees who used to really crank out a lot of productivity and they’re no longer producing at the same rate that were, that work or may be unhappy and that’s a, that’s a pretty good sign of it. Sign number two is they start showing up late and leaving early. This, this sometimes in, you know, in our industry we’re stat, we’re staffing professionals, so it’s very easy for us to begin to see some of the Medical Jobs Tulsa, some of the action items because we, we experienced them.

But I can tell you that right around three months, people start getting comfortable and they start doing this anyway. This might just be a management issue of teaching them that you have to be here on time and remember you’ll get what you tolerate, but it could be that they’re just showing up. They’re just, they’re not happy. Happy employees love their job and they love the people they work with so they don’t take a bunch of days off. No. For the most part, happy workers will look forward to heading into the office in the morning and not to get out of there. Early unhappy employees on the other hand, they want to be anywhere else but in that office and they dread showing up to work each day. They procrastinate it. They don’t want to be there. This is pretty self explanatory. Sign number three is they don’t participate in team activities outside of the office.