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At Trinity employment specialist we assist in recruiting for employers who hired us to find quality candidates for their open positions. We also assist employees in finding positions for their technical and academic skills such as Medical Jobs in Tulsa. However, we meet with both sides and ensure that warm bodies are not being placed for numbers. We collaborate with all parties and ensure that the employer’s business culture is being benefited by the employee hired, and vice versa.

For employees who are looking to start a career or change their current position, we assist with writing or solidifying resumes. We also help with cover letters and thank you letters for post-interviews. We have resources on our website that you can download to read for pleasure and grow your mind in the ways of changing your life and business, or in how to get hired more effectively. We Make sure that you’re placed somewhere you will thrive and grow as an individual and an employee. Just because you may be technically trained in something does not mean that is the area you will succeed best. We work with you to make sure you work somewhere you can substantially better your life.

As employers, with medical jobs in Tulsa, or other jobs we help to place employees with you who are going to better the environment that you’ve already established or are trying to establish. We want to give you employees who are going to benefit your business and your customer base and do not believe and placing warm bodies and a position just for number’s sake. We want to ensure that businesses that work with us are growing and learning and driving and when we give you a solid candidate than we know we are doing our best to help you succeed.

We also partner with Oklahoma Baptist home for children where we donate to them anytime an employee is placed in position. We truly believe that every child deserves a successful and bright future and when you work with us we are able to help ensure that one last child is in need. We also have a referral program so if you should send an employee to us for employment, once they are placed and in that position for at least 90 days, we give you bonus compensation. We know that hard-working people surround themselves with other hard-working people and we love getting referrals from our clients because we know that success follows success.

At Trinity and point specialist, we know that finding medical jobs in Tulsa, or jobs of any kind, is oftentimes difficult and disheartening. But we want to make the process easier on both the employer and the employee by offering a middleman service so as to best ensure that both parties are happy. You can give us a call at 918622258, or visit us at where you can view our reviews and check out all of our information. We would love to assist you on your career search and help place employees in your business that will help you thrive! Give us a call today or visit our website!

Medical Jobs in Tulsa | Visit Our Website and Contact Us!

You’re looking for medical jobs in Tulsa, then look no further than Trinity employment specialist. We help both employers and employees to find the quality candidates that they need for their positions and also the quality position that they need for their employment. We have on our website a multitude of reviews that will allow you to see just how we have helped others in the past. We pride ourselves in return employer position posting, as well as finding employees places that they can work for their entire working career.

It is oftentimes difficult and disheartening trying to find a new position. This can be especially daunting if you are unsure as to what it is that you want to do with your life. We can sit down with you and assess what your skills are as well as where you are academically, and then show you all the different places that may match your qualifications to see where your passions may lie. You could be shown an opportunity that you never knew existed! If you want to work for a certain company or have a certain position and need to grow in order to get there, then we can assist you with tightening up your resume, making a more solid cover letter, and also adjusted resources such as handbooks and e-books on getting hired and making the changes that you need to make.

Employers with medical jobs in Tulsa, or other jobs of any sort, can go to our website and you can check all their views from the past employers that we have helped. We have a lot of return customers who continue to use us when posting their open positions because they know that we will do all of the prescreening for them as well as only send through candidates who have been interviewed by us first that we know will most benefit your business and office culture. You can then interview them yourself and make the final decision that we make sure to match quality with quality and we only want to send the best to the best.

We serve all of Tulsa and the surrounding areas and we have been featured in a multitude of media. We have social media platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and more. You can find us on any of these and check out our interview tips, industry updates, opportunities, etc. We believe and not just giving you a job and bring you to the wolves. We want to help you succeed in anything that you do and we want you to be passionate about what you do. An unhappy employee makes for unhappy customers and we want everyone involved to be thriving.

You can find on our website that we also partner with the Oklahoma Baptist home for children where we donate to them every time we placed an employee in a position. We have a referral program as well so should you send an employee to us and they are retained for at least 90 days, then we will give you compensation for that. You can give us a call at 918-622-2588 or visit us at to view all of our information and openings.