Medical Jobs in Tulsa | Ready for 5 Ways to Encourage Employee Engagement?

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello and welcome back to the player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find different ways to add job seekers and employers. And the topic of this podcast is five ways to encourage employee engagement. And so the reason that this is so important is that I, I need to go back and look at some of the data on how many people are disengaged in an employee, in with their employer. But I think did, it was around 60% last time I checked, which is just a scary number for all of us business owners. Um, trying to get employees engaged is very, very important to get great Medical Jobs in Tulsa.

And I think that sometimes, uh, people do very, very well at it and sometimes they fail at it and sometimes and they make adjustments. I know that that’s been my case. We’re a small organization, but I know that it’s very, very easy and it happens very, very quickly for a really great culture to go South quickly. In fact, one of the things that happened to Trinity, this was a long time ago, is one person that you hired that is really, really, really great to your face, really great and they’re so nice and you just think they like you so well.

And then you go onto instant messenger and you find out that they are just trashing you and you couldn’t understand why your employee looks, the culture just shifted and you couldn’t understand why. And it was odd. It didn’t make any sense and you figured it out. Um, really, really quickly. A great culture can go South and it can happen with one person. So it’s really important to put a lot of effort into keeping employees engaged and just not, not slacking off on this very, very important topic of Medical Jobs in Tulsa.

Um, before I get started, uh, I wanna I wanna talk about some quotes. I have a couple of quotes here I think are great. The first one is always treating your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers. That’s by Stephen Covey who wrote the book good to great. And Zig Ziglar, who I personally really, really love.

I love Stephen Covey too. I’ve read his book. I think it’s great. Um, but Zig Ziglar research indicates that workers have three prime needs, interesting work, recognition for doing a good job and being let in on things that are going on in the company to get great Medical Jobs in Tulsa. And of course, this is, uh, this is really important that I’ve learned that either you or your employers, neither one of you can force workplace engagement. It has to be ingrained in your business and within each individual employee, you’ve got to find the right people.

And if you know, you have someone that is just tearing up your culture, it’s so important that you, that you handle that situation quickly. Or in some cases, they need to leave and go find somewhere else to work. Um, but you, you want to find out how you can get highly engaged employees. And I’ve got five things to, uh, encourage employee engagement.

Um, first, some statistics, only 32% of employees in the United States are actually engaged. All right. So my, that my information was about right according to a Gallup poll. Um, this means over two-thirds of employees nationwide are disengaged from their work. Picture this picture, two employees, one comes into work 10 minutes early every day, excited to be there. They consistently come up and share new ideas for improving operations. They really love their job. The other employee gets to work on time every day, does the bare minimum they have to do and they count the time until they can leave. Does this sound familiar? How many employees or employers are trying to deal with people for great Medical Jobs in Tulsa?

And now this second person, they might be someone you really like, but they’re just doing the bare minimum. Some people are just okay with this. I don’t understand it myself, but obviously I’m in the minority because, um, it happens so often. So here are some things that you can do in five ways. Number one, don’t skip onboarding and training. One of the things that I did really early on in our company, I’m not trying to rip Trinity, this was nine years ago, eight or nine years ago, but I hired someone for top Medical Jobs in Tulsa. I love this person.

I went and gave an uh, a gift to her the other day. Actually, she no longer works here, but we’re still very engaged with one another. I hope that at some point we can work with one another again and it’s possible, but I brought this person on and just said, all right, good luck. You know, good luck with that. And it was, it was a big mistake that I didn’t realize the best Medical Jobs in Tulsa are hear for you.

She showed me how important it is to have good training. One Sherm survey reported that one third of new hires left their jobs after only six months. You have less than six months to get employees engaged with their position. Another study found that only 28% of employees with no work friends are engaged versus 69% with 25 or more friends. Onboarding encourages relationships among other employees. It’s really true that just by getting in there and grinding it out and working through the training process, it will really help to engage people. You will not find a better way to set yourself up for great services to hire only the best. We want to get you in contact with great people right now and get you a strong workforce!