Medical Jobs in Tulsa | Ready For 5 Tips for Filling All Positions?

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We wanted everybody to know this is how we, this is the success that we’ve seen in that we want to encourage people, we want to give them a tip of the week that, so we’re always trying to add value to people through our social media networks. Um, some suggestions though, I do some of this, but I really would like to do more for great Jobs in Tulsa for yourself. Be sure to give us a call now and see what we can offer you now! If you would like Medical Jobs in Tulsa to be filled then give us a call!

You can develop YouTube videos and blog post series to recruit and network with candidates, um, through and through all sorts of different social media accounts. You and you know, everyone in your company, you’ve got someone who understands this. Uh, there’s a lot of people that claim to be experts at it, but I really think that in any younger person that works in your company might have some good ideas for you. And if you don’t have any good ideas, this is what I did for Medical Jobs in Tulsa.

I told you, um, I went and Googled great ideas for marketing your company on social media and I YouTube it and I did that for several weeks and I watched a new video on different ideas and we collectively grabbed those ideas. We implemented them. Now I have a system of something that we do every single week and I adopted those from some of the more, um, respected voices on YouTube so you can read about it there.

There’s a lot of great information about it, but you can get a lot smarter with that. The next thing is, is encourage employee referrals. I think this is the number one thing that we do. According to Sherm. Employee referrals are the most powerful source of finding candidates. I, uh, gree, um, according to, uh, monster, 80% of all jobs are found through networking or through some kind of referral. Um, employee referrals are typically higher quality for sure. And the reason is is you got to get somebody willing to stick their neck out and put the reputation down on it. And so encourage employee referrals, encourage it with your employees. I recommend that you give some kind of bonus or um, payment for a great referral, it’ll be well worth it. It’s much, much cheaper than paying indeed. Our promise. You indeed have just, uh, you don’t want to get me started on their price gouging of Medical Jobs in Tulsa.

Um, the third thing is, is get smart with content marketing, by creating in publishing unique and interesting recruiting content that matters. This is a lot of time on LinkedIn and some of the social media presence. You can build your reputation as an employer. Listen, let me just be an unashamedly. Just tell you what I’m doing here. I am trying to add value to our job seekers and the people that utilize us, employers. That’s what I’m trying to do right now.

This is a way that we do that. Now. We have all sorts of other ways that we add value to people through social media. You know, this is on our website, but you know, I do this podcast every single week, every week and I’ll never stop it and we have a decent listenership to it. But at any given time, people should be able to go out and find information on how to get better, as you know, for applying for Medical Jobs in Tulsa and that sort of thing.

And that’s what I want. I want to be hopefully a good information transfer I, that’s what I want here and we don’t make any money at this. We just want to help people out. The next thing is to revise your job descriptions. Use attractive language that highlights the benefits of those working at your organization. Instead of listing off 15 bullet points that candidates must have in order to apply, take the opportunity to get candidates interested in your company and convince them that they might want to come to check you out Medical Jobs in Tulsa.

You know, obviously job particulars need to be included, but you need to remember how you do it. Remember the company perks. Throw those in there. You know, any kind of paid vacation, healthcare, if you get a free lunch, any of those things need to be in your job description and it needs to be selling.

You know, the next thing is you need to make sure that most people are going to look at it and go, yeah, this job is realistic. You know, does this job actually exist? Um, is it inviting your target market or your target candidate? Um, and then you need to tell people why they should go and work for you. The last thing is, is focused on college recruiting. I think that especially in the healthcare fields can be very, very important for uh, you know, physicians and that sort of thing. But hiring interns and recent grads, listen, that’s something that we’re looking at here is getting some interns in here because we’re getting ready to have a growth spurt, which I’m really excited about Medical Jobs in Tulsa.

But you’ve got to identify who the recruiting colleges are that identify with your company. And, and then 70% of millennials say that they hear about companies through friends and through job boards that they found in school and their college recruiting. So it’s a great way to be able to start getting your name out there and getting it into the right minds. I hope that this helps you out in your recruiting. Please give us a call at Trinity. If we can help you out in any way, shape, or form, we would love to. We’d be honored to, um, our number is (918) 622-2588 or you can visit us

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