Medical Jobs in Tulsa | Looking for Six Tips for Healthcare Recruiting?

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello and welcome back to the A player matchmakers where we’re always trying to look for ways to add value. Job seekers and employers in the tallest podcast are six tips for healthcare recruiting. Um, as you probably know if you are listening to this podcast at any length of time, we Trinity is a healthcare staffing company. That’s how we started this company and have the best Medical Jobs in Tulsa.

Um, now we’ve moved into clerical and administrative and industrial arenas as well as accounting. We, well in the administrative and clerical we, we do a lot of counting positions as well, but healthcare is really where we got ourselves started. It’s also a majority of our business still to this day even though the other, um, departments are growing and it’s likely going to be as much if not more than the medical community at some point in our company. We’re still very heavily invested in knowledgeable in a healthcare facility in the healthcare industry. And so this is why I was wanting to just do a quick podcast for this.

This is likely going to be more for your employer. However, if you wanted to get a decent scope on what the current census data is for the medical field, this is going to be very interesting for anyone who works in the medical field. Um, this topic is really important because as data, I’m going to go over some statistics on what’s happening in the medical community right now, but there, there are going to be some very large changes that are likely going to come and part of it is going to be that there is going to be a major shortage of staff and human resources for the medical community and need to fill those Medical Jobs in Tulsa.

And so I just wanted to, um, I just wanted to do just a census over this. So I’m going to go ahead and get started with our, with our statistics. That is according to the US census data, there are 49.2 million individuals age 65 and older living in the US accounting for 12.4% of the total population and the baby boom population, um, has an increased life and life expectancy in the US and it’s created a need for more healthcare professionals.

In fact, the labor, uh, the Bureau of labor statistics, statistics projects that healthcare occupations is going to grow by 18% from 2016 to 2026 that’s much faster than the average for all other occupations adding nearly 2.3 million new to the economy and the healthcare industry also faces huge talent gaps in shortages that are going to happen. They’re expected to grow worse and worse over the next few years. In a study conducted by the association of American medical colleges, the center for workforce studies revealed that there is going to be, get this 45,000 to few primary care physicians and a shortage of 46,000 surgeons and medical specialists in the next decade for Medical Jobs in Tulsa.

One of the areas. Now, this is going to change probably a little bit because you’ve got schools all over the nation taking notice of this and the health care facilities are likely very interested in giving donations in assistance to schools to create and bring more students in so they so that they can have trained physicians that are going to be accessible to their healthcare facilities in the next five, 10 and 15 years you can find all the best Medical Jobs in Tulsa.

But most likely this is going to get behind. I can tell you that we had a really big shortage of nurse practitioners and physician assistants because when the affordable care act passed, all of a sudden healthcare clinics had to get much more efficient with the amount of money that they’re spending. Um, and they needed to increase their profit margin significantly. And one of the main ways that they were able to do that is utilizing rather than a physician to utilize a nurse practitioner or a PA, a lot of you have probably go to the doctor and you recognize that, Oh, I’m not seeing my physician any longer. I’m seeing a PA or nurse practitioner. That is because, for your general, um, sicknesses or illnesses that you go to a physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner, they can both prescribe medicine and handle your more generalized type of ailments.

However, when you get into some more, when you get more specific and a more complex problem, probably will, you’re likely going to begin to try to reach out to physicians and specialized physicians. But we had a huge shortage because this demand just went all the way through the roof. And so we had every clinic, every major clinic, every small clinic asking us for physician’s assistants or nurse practitioners, they didn’t care which one of the Medical Jobs in Tulsa they were classified as.

And since then you gave the schools five or six years and they really put a hammer on the gas on getting more and more people involved. And um, it was, it really turned out to work. So this is luckily going to be able to change what Medical Jobs in Tulsa are all about. I’m sure that healthcare facilities are taken care of this right now. But, um, the, what hurts the healthcare industry, even more, is that the turnover rate exceeds 19% further exasperating the talent shortage and the gap that we were talking about.

So the reason that I’m talking about this is how can organizations keep up? What are, what are some things that they can do, uh, for our healthcare facilities that can, uh, that can help in their medical recruiting? And so here are some things that I think can help, uh, technology and healthcare recruiting, the rise of talent acquisition technology means healthcare organizations have powerful tools in healthcare recruiting. Um, the advances in technology, um, make recruiting a little bit easier and much more efficient. Um, but it can also make it more cost-effective. Um, one of them, one of the main things that, that medical facilities are having to do is reach out to companies like ours because we really go out and recruit.

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