Medical Jobs in Tulsa | Looking for 5 Tips for Filling Hard to Fill Positions?

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello and welcome back to the player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers in the particular topic today is for employers. It’s five tips fulfilling, hard to fill positions. This is going to be for a lot of the recruiters out there that are working in the healthcare industry, accounting and finance or in industrial, well actually in any different area that you can think of like this can be helpful information but those are just the people that we serve generally the best Medical Jobs in Tulsa.

Um, and so right now we have the highest or the lowest unemployment rate that we have ever had in history before. It was from 1969. Now it is in history. Um, and so because of that, trying to get new talent that is qualified for a certain position is extraordinarily difficult. And so employers are having to do a lot of different things that they used to not do before.

You could post a job, people would absolutely, absolutely apply for the most part and it would be, um, you know, it would be, it would be someone that’s just how you filled a position. Now it’s, you’ve got to go after people. You, it’s, it’s a different type of market. So I’m going to talk about that here in a bit here in a little bit. And the reason that it’s important is that the top talent is always going to win. Especially in business for the top Medical Jobs in Tulsa.

The person that has the best talent generally has the best service. They have the best business, eventually, they’re going to win in business. All of these things are very important for people to keep in mind. But before I get started, I’m all of these statistics I’m pulling from job and um, based on recent studies, these are the latest trends in the hiring world.

The good news is that things are really, really good for job seekers. So the first one is of us employers. 63% have indicated they will be hiring full-time permanent workers, uh, starting at the end of 2019. And moving into 2020. Um, the labor market reported a high of 6.6 million job openings, um, earlier this year, an all-time high affecting 50% of us workers. The talent shortage is a real issue in the current market. Almost three quarters, 72.8% of employers are having a difficult time finding skilled candidates and 45% of employers are concerned about finding employees with the necessary talents for great Medical Jobs in Tulsa.

So here is something that is really important for people. If you feel underemployed or if there was a position, a career field that you were wanting to try it again, get into right now is got to be one of the very best opportunities for you to be able to move and migrate into that field and use some of your um, uh, some of your past skills or something in your skillset to be able to transition into an area you could, you really have always wanted to be in the best Medical Jobs in Tulsa.

So that is really good news. Um, but as an employer or recruiter, you’re in an unemployment rate like this, you want to fill those positions with the best talent you can. But this process is really, really challenging right now because when you’re recruiting for highly technical or hard to fill positions, it requires a fresh approach and an updated strategy. You know, you, you need to keep in mind that a lot of these positions that we’re filling, they didn’t even exist 10 years ago and a lot of technical positions are just very difficult to understand because it’s new. People are still trying to figure it out. So let’s just try to jump into this real quick, um, and get, get some ideas here for Medical Jobs in Tulsa. The number one thing that I think that people need to do that not all recruiters are doing, I think most have figured it out now is to build out your social media networks.

It’s really important that you do that. Um, I think that it’s very easy to try to pick too many social media outlets and uh, you, you chase, when you chase three or four rabbits, you miss them all. Um, and so hone it down to three at the very most for social media outlets that you want to optimize. And when I mean optimize it, I think that you need to look at these things every single week and put some effort into it every single week that have Medical Jobs in Tulsa.

Um, work on your Google reviews, work on, um, your, uh, Glassdoor reviews. Those are much very, very important to employers and begin to manage these things and look at them. Um, ask for Glassdoor reviews, um, and build out each one of these websites. I’ve gone on to Glassdoor and made sure that our logo is updated so it looks legitimate. Now, Glassdoor is not something that we spend a ton of money with.

However, it’s a very important, um, grading tool for employers and you’ve got to pay attention to that. I look at our indeed exposure. What, what does orange indeed account show on? Uh, if somebody were an outsider trying to look in, I look at our Facebook page and make sure it is updated. I make sure that we put at least three Facebook posts up a week, keeping people engaged and letting people know what it is that we’re doing. Um, two weeks ago we did a big coat drive.

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