Medical Jobs in Tulsa | Have You Heard of 5 Ways to Encourage Employee Engagement?

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But training and onboarding is very important and it leaves people with a feeling of security rather than insecurity. Number two, set company goals. I think it’s really important for them, for new hires to know the scorecard, they need to know where the company’s going, know what equals success and know, know what equals no success without Medical Jobs in Tulsa.

Now you can even break that down into individual performance reviews because people need to know where they stand. Am I succeeding or am I not? Um, to run a successful business, you need a business plan with the list of goals that you want to accomplish to engage employees. You need to involve them in reaching your business goals in LA. And they need to know exactly where they’re at and they need to know when to celebrate and when to keep working. It’s really important. So you need to set annual, semi-annual and quarterly and monthly goals, um, for employees to have something to work towards. Listen, we put, when we reach those goals, we get big-time rewards. And so everybody knows what that is. Everybody knows they’re cranking at it. We’ve got it written down. Everybody knows. And you can make it a really exciting moment as well.

Um, employees want to know how their position fits with other positions. In the company and they want to learn how their work affects the business as a whole. And you can show them that when they are able to see that they’ve met certain goals and what it means. Number. Uh, the next one is to acknowledge employees. Employees don’t automatically become engaged when you give them praise. Thanks or any other top of mind of acknowledgment for great Medical Jobs in Tulsa.

But employees can quickly become disengaged if they feel like they’re invisible. I spent a lot of time with a really very successful man. His name was Lee Cockerell and he was the vice president of Walt Disney world, uh, for their operations. And every single day he walked one of the parks, now they only have like four, I think, but he walked every park and he walked into the restaurant and he talked to him about Medical Jobs in Tulsa.

He said, how are things going? And he respected him if that. He said, listener, is there anything that you need from me? And that’s how he got the real deal because he went every day, every day. That was a big part of what he did. And that’s how I found out where the problems were. Because over time they felt comfortable in telling him, well, our ice maker isn’t working at all. And if he weren’t there, most likely he wouldn’t get that kind of information.

He couldn’t fix it. And so it’s really important that you acknowledge employees. Engaged employees have a sense of comfortability and camaraderie, um, with your business. And it’s important for employees to know their coworkers, have friendships, know their bosses, have friendships, feel comfortable to come in and say when there’s a problem, it’s really important that, that they do that. The next one is focused on employee development and training to get solid Medical Jobs in Tulsa.

And development is really, really important. A Gallup poll found that 87% of millennials and 69% of non-millennials view development as very important in their jobs. And so this is how you also get the very best of the best, is having training programs that give your employees a sense of empowerment. And that’s what I want for our recruiters. I want them to know, feel, and think that I am the best in this city. No one will beat us with our systems, procedures and our abilities and giving them the empowerment of that comes through training. Um, number five, and this the last one to use Medical Jobs in Tulsa.

Well, uh, we’ll get-go and don’t micromanage. Um, no employee really likes to be micromanaged, micromanage. I can tell you that some need it. Um, micromanaging can be damaging to your business. One business found that micromanaging resulted in 68% of employees saying the morale was dampened and 55% said it led to a decrease in productivity, lost morale and productivity leads to actively disengaged workers.

I don’t like micromanaging. I think that it stifles people. I know that there are some people that I’ve had in there, they really needed it, but I just am not the top manager that wants to do that. Um, now I have some very, very successful business, uh, friends that do micromanage a lot and it very much works for them. But I really want to see what someone’s made of and I want to see if they might be able to bring in some ideas that I wouldn’t have ever thought of myself and me, that’s the way that I have run Trinity with solid Medical Jobs in Tulsa.

Um, you know, time will tell we were 10 years in. We’ve been successful for 10 years. So, uh, maybe that’ll tell you something that I’ve done right. However, um, you know, it, I’ve seen things turned, turned poorly real quickly. I’m blessed for where we’re at right now. We are so blessed for the business. We, we’ve had the best year we’ve ever had. This is December. We’re getting ready to wrap up. I want to thank every single person that we work with, whether it’s an employee or an employer. We’re so very grateful to have you a part of our partnership. If Trinity can help you out in any way, shape, or form, please give us a call at nine one eight six two, two, two, five, eight, eight.

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