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Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I am with Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity is a staffing company; we specialize in Tulsa staffing in both the Tulsa and Oklahoma City markets. And, we’re currently searching and are always searching for certified and registered medical assistants. I’m really not sure why there so few medical assistant’s out there. I know that we have a lot of schools, that they train medical assistants but one of the things especially if your medical assistant that is shocking me. See, what happened this last week is, I had one of our lead recruiters that recruit for the medical field. She was out on vacation and she was in Florida and she’s probably having a great time but it reminded me of something that’s been happening- it’s unusual but, it’s a problem and so this is what it is Tulsa Staffing.
We’ve medical assistant’s that come in all the time, not one of them are registered or certified and a lot of them have just recently gotten out of school. And so, the school doesn’t make it mandatory that they get registered or certified. What they do make it mandatory, they make it mandatory for them to complete their classwork but it is one of the biggest disservices that anyone as a medical assistant could do to themselves especially right now because of some of the health care law changes.
What happens is – I would say 90% of the medical assistant’s that are unemployed right now all have a license or certification that is either incomplete, there waiting to take the test, they didn’t pay their money- that’s another thing that I feel like it’s kind of a racket sometimes. They don’t pay their money to be able to be certified and so, virtually with at least I would say 80 to 90% of the clinics that contact us looking for medical assistant, they’re ineligible from being considered.
And here’s why. The Affordable Care Act makes it a requirement for especially smaller clinics to have all of their medical assistant’s registered or certified. I met with a girl this last week and it was interesting because she had gone straight into one of the huge hospitals. In the huge hospitals, they are so layered with different employees that do specific things so they have a specific person that only does the referrals, they have a specific person that does all of their scheduling, they have a specific person that does this and the other.
The hospitals the way that they get reimbursed by Medicare Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare is that, they have people above the medical assistant’s that have the right licenser. It’s not a requirement for the medical assistant to have that certification or registration. What ends up happening is, they do most of the recruiting from the schools and I would say that most medical assistant’s their very first shot they’re going to one of the big huge complexes right outside of their externship. This is like their internship and so what happens is they go straight in that hospital Tulsa Staffing.
The hospital doesn’t require them to have that kind of testing or that kind of certification and so if they are going to go out and go get a job anywhere else they’re literally ineligible. That is another reason what has created a majority of medical assistants to not be registered or certified. But, if they want or like to get into almost every major medical practice independent medical practice they’re going to have to be certified. I would say probably about 80% of the large institutions, they also have to be registered or certified and if this is happening to you as a medical assistant or for one reason or another there’s probably a million different excuses on why not to have your registration or certification.
I watch people every single day being unemployed and it’s all because of this. I’ve nurses who have worked for 20 years and they have 20 years of experience, but we can’t hire them because they’re not registered or certified. I don’t know that I think that this new law is the best way to go. I don’t even know that I agree with it because a lot of it is just whether or not you pay your money in. Either way, it’s a pay-to-play top of thing now for a medical assistant.
This entire series is to encourage medical assistant’s get your certification or registration that way you won’t be eliminated from probably about 60 or 70% of the jobs out there Tulsa Staffing.
Thank you for your time today I hope this has helped someone if we can help you out in any way we would love to. We love to work with great people and our number is 9-1-8-6-2-2-2-5-8-8 or you can visit us online at Thank you.

Cory Minter is a great, published author and recruiting professional with more than 10 years of recruiting experience in Healthcare, Engineering, IT, Oil and Gas, and Human Resources. He does an amazing job leading the company by focusing on human resources, business development, and building relationships with clients. Honesty, integrity, and treating clients/employees with respect are very important and attribute to his high level of success. Cory enjoys the outdoors and regularly plays guitar at home as well as at his local church Tulsa Staffing. Cory graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Communications and is an active member of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management).

Amber Minter who is CEO and part owner of Trinity Employment has years of experience working at a senior level in corporate marketing and as a Chief Operating Officer. Her proven background is an integral part of Trinity’s payroll and accounting practices. She is an exceptional point of contact for our customers and has a brilliant approach to solving problems quickly while providing outstanding results.  Amber graduated from Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri. Check out Trinity Employment by going to their website, you will see why so many people have and currently are choosing them for their staffing needs.

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