To Staff or not to Staff

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To Staff or not to Staff | Article by Ginny Morgan, Senior Recruiter of Tulsa Staffing Company 

When I was an office manager for a solo physician, I would never have considered using a staffing agency. Mostly out of ignorance. I did not understand the process at all and really had no desire to learn. I think I bought into the myth that it was not worth it for a small office. It was too expensive and just a waste of money. But, now I know the benefits of using an employment service.

Time is the number one reason for an office manager to use a staffing service. An office manager or owner gets pulled in several different directions throughout the course of a day. The last thing a manager needs is to spend hours sifting through resumes of unqualified applicants and then more time interviewing. That precious time should be spent on the day-to-day operations of the business. It can be when using an employment agency.

My favorite reason for using an agency for staffing is expertise. Employment services have some of the best recruiters in the industry. They employ people who have worked in the area in which they specialize. I know because I am one. At Trinity Employment Specialists, I am the primary healthcare recruiter for the medical division. I love my job because I get to take my real world experience in healthcare as an office manager and apply it to helping other great people find employment. I am able to seek out their true talents, work style and ethics and place them with companies that match and need a person just like them.

Flexibility is another great reason. According to an article on entitled ‘Why Use a Staffing Agency’ the author Leigh Anthony states that flexibly is one of the top five reasons a manager should consider using a staffing service. She states staffing give the business a chance to ‘try before you buy’. Finding the right employee can be a gamble. Why not test someone out before agreeing to make them a permanent employee?

Many view cost as the biggest barrier to using a staffing service. I know I did. This is a huge misconception. I wish I would have known that the fee paid to the service is not all profit. The fee covers the salary of the employee and the time and money spent by the agency finding the right fit. It also covers all of the workers compensation costs , professional/general liability insurance, state and federal payroll taxes. This is a great point to keep in mind.

If I would have known all of the benefits of using a staffing agency while I was an office manager I would have really considered using it. It can be a big hassle going through resumes day after day to find the right employee. I wish I had a great agency like Trinity to help me years ago!