Tell the Truth – Find Jobs In Tulsa Oklahoma

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Tell the Truth – Find Jobs In Tulsa Oklahoma

Believe it or not, one of the biggest problems we encounter as Tulsa recruiters is lying.

For example, we had someone not show up to an interview recently.  Unfortunately, this is not uncommon, but what was uncommon was her response. She sent an email to our receptionist stating her internet was not working so she could not take place in the special Skype meeting we had set up to accommodate her busy schedule. This was an obvious lie since we were receiving an email from her. Not only that, but this was the second time we had rescheduled her interview.

I would say by far more times than not if someone does not show on time or at all to an interview, they will generally not be a good long term hire. It is generally not best to reschedule them for a second interview.  However, my concern is why a candidate that is not interested in a job opportunity that was presented would lie and not just be forth coming and state they are just simply not interested anymore.

As an employer it is alarming to me people are so comfortable with not showing up and then not being honest. It would be easier for everyone and save vast amounts of time if everyone in business followed the Golden Rule and truly made honesty the best policy.

Employers have to navigate muddy waters and discover how to deal with this “all too common” behavior.  My advice would be to show good character all aspects of life, including applying for a new position, interviewing and working in any job.  Word gets around, and in the long run, those that do not show good character are found out.

At the end of the day… remember, all you have is your word.  Make sure it means something.