Lessons of Loyalty I Learned from my Dog

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Lessons of Loyalty I Learned from my Dog | Ginny Morgan, Senior Recruiter  | Trinity Employment Specialists

I have two small dogs. They are a big joy to me and a big pain to my husband. If I take a look at them I can see common lessons. Many of these lessons are very apropos for a work environment. I would like to share the work lesson of loyalty I learned from my dogs.

My dogs have the wonderful ability to show constancy. This is an ability that translates easily to the business environment. Loyalty is a trait that many new graduates and those just entering the workforce for the first time lack in abundance. A recent CNBC article ‘A New Corporate Crisis: Lack of Loyalty’ by published author Jeremy Kingsley highlights the fact that employee faithfulness has dropped off significantly. He goes on to state that it is fueled the epidemic of businesses going out of business, having layoffs and not rewarding loyalty.

If you take a look at a dog, their natural tendency is bent toward faithfulness of their owner. The Dog Whisperer, Caesar Milan, writes about this in his on-line blog article ‘The Loyalty of Dogs’. He notes the story of a dog that is so excited to see his soldier owner after months away in Afghanistan. He also tells of a dog that would not leave his owners side after his owner was struck and killed by a car. These stories are heartwarming and something dog owners have experience in one small way or another.

So, how can this trait in our pets translate to our work lives? I believe it is simple. When it gets tough at work, stick it out. Don’t quit. Don’t give up. Nothing worth working for is going to be easy. There will be bumps in the road and feelings may get hurt, but the lost value of loyalty in business is still something employers and coworkers value.

Often companies just want to get someone in to fill a spot. They do not realize the true value of an employee and treating them right. If employers reward employees for their hard work and dedication they may begin to see loyalty return to the workplace. Any worker wants to feel valued and appreciated, much like our loving pets. When they are treated well and feel security they will be more likely to show true loyalty. So, sit and stay awhile. You just may enjoy it.

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