Hiring the Younger Generation

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Hiring the Younger Generation, Article by Ginny Morgan, Senior Medical Staffing Recruiter with Trinity Employment Specialists

It’s May 2013 and college graduations are taking place all over the country. Auditoriums and chapels are packed to the brim with family and friends.  It is a time of joy and hope. Not just for the graduates, but for their parents who believe their babies will finally start making money and move out! However, for many parents and students alike the reality is that employers are scared to hire new graduates.

So, are companies concerned about hiring someone from the younger generation? In a recent May 2013 online article by ABC News it states the outlook for new 2013 college grades was a bit sunnier than last year in 2012.  Of those companies that responded to a spring survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), slightly more than 2 percent forecast hiring more college grads. This number was down from the thirteen percent they stated they would hire in 2013 when surveyed in the fall of 2012. Also, according to NACE more than a third of respondents stated they planned to cut back hiring in 2013.

One reason new grads get a bad rap is something they did not have control over – the way they were raised. Many parents praised their children at every turn and everyone got a prize for participation. So, children carry this into their adult lives.  In his blog post ‘Dear Millennials: Your parents lied to you’ Bill Sledzik tell new graduates “Everyone isn’t above average in all they do’. It is a very real stigma that the younger generation thinks they deserve to be patted on the back for every task completed no matter if it was correct or not.

Another reason new grads are having a hard time finding employment is the majors they are choosing. In an article on My Bank Tracker the author wrote that grads with degrees in nursing, teaching, accounting and computer science had the most success in lading a job right out of college.  On the other hand those with degrees in the humanities, anthropology, and zoology had the hardest time. We tell our children to do what they love, but in this case doing what you love can keep you unemployed. It is a sad but true statement in today’s economy.

Should hiring managers take a chance on new grads? Do companies hope they are mature enough to handle the stress of the job without needing praise at every turn? Or, do they hire someone with the experience and no degree? It is a choice every business must make individually. But, new grads and their parents are hoping they take the risk. It truly can be a benefit to hire someone from the younger generation to train them and raise them in the culture of a business, and hopefully build company loyalty.

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