Industrial Staffing Tulsa | Career Advice You Need in Your 20s and 30s Part 2

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You are listening to Trinity employments, a player matchmaker podcast, starring your host, and the co-founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello, and welcome back to the A-player matchmakers.

Well, we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And the title of this podcast is the career advice that you probably need in your twenties and thirties, that if you’re just not intentional in gathering or being around people to offer something like this, it’s something that’s very helpful. These particular tips came from, um, Jack Welch, who is the notorious CEO for GE that really just took every company that he was a part of and made it really, really great. And so, um, one of the things that is critically important is that employees in your twenties and thirties could possibly have a little bit of a midlife crisis. Uh, we all know this thing called a midlife crisis, you know, but what about your mid-career crisis? Um, what about an, um, only a few years into my career? I shouldn’t be feeling like I’m having a crisis yet with our great Industrial Staffing Tulsa.

Should I? I all know with the, with the, uh, work schedules that not work schedule, the work history that millennials have, it’s, it’s almost, it’s almost like people who are younger have these crises very quickly. So if you’re new to an organization early in your career, or just need some straight forward professional guidance or questioning, um, you know, what questioning what’s next. Um, it’s completely valid to be thinking this way. And the more you challenge yourself early and the more authentic that you can be with yourself for the best Industrial Staffing Tulsa, uh, the better off you’re going to be down the road. So I have some of these, uh, career advice, uh, career advice, career advice that I think can be helpful. Um, the, the first quote though, uh, from Jack Welch is that it’s never too late to answer the question. What should I be doing with my life now?

I, I am in a weird place in my career where I’ve, uh, grown our company and I’ve gotten to a place where I don’t need to be involved every single day into it at the extent that I have been. And so now I’m trying to figure out what, what is my purpose now? You know what I mean? And I’m an entrepreneur who owns a couple of companies, so everyone has this thing. So, but, uh, ways that you can start with this is, is tip one, find where your passion and skills intersect. I teach a, uh, a course called your one degree. I need to be teaching another class of that soon again, but it’s written by a good friend of mine, uh, Dave Jewitt, and it really helps you to figure out what is your God-given particular design? And there’s an interesting, uh, there’s a phrase that was first heard from pastor Terry Smith of the Life Christian Church of West Orange, New Jersey. And it refers to that rich territory at the intersection of what you are uniquely good at the things that you do best. These are like green up arrows for you. Like it makes everything you’re good at it. It’s easy to do it. And it’s what you love to do. And it’s right in the middle of your passions, your interests, and the opportunities that come to you. If you can operate in this particular area, the majority of your time is a real true sweet spot. And this is where you should have the top Industrial Staffing Tulsa. You need to know this,

This knowledge is a tremendous asset to the really successful person is just knowing what are your passion and skills and what’s that intersection. And how does it intersect with your skills it’s really super important. Um, and so you, you can focus first on identifying gaps and needs and engage yourself with others, uh, in with the, with your career planning and process, just ask people, you know, what are, what are some of the things that you notice about me? And once you have a good picture of what those items are, you can move into the high-level vision of, of really trying to figure out what it is that you are, you know, put on this earth to go do. Um, but I strongly suggest that the best Industrial Staffing Tulsa is here for you, uh, going to your one and finding out, uh, just ordering that little workbook, it’s probably about 15, 20 bucks, and it I’ve watched it change some of the highest level leaders that you could ever imagine.

Tip number two, always over-deliver, over-deliver sounds simple, but it’s truly the key to everything to Excel in the role you currently occupy and your future roles. You’ve got to develop like a reputation of constantly, um, over-delivering. And so you’ve, you’ve got to ask yourself regularly, um, you know, whether you’re delivering above average, um, value to the people around you, and it’s your responsibility to make your boss or someone, the other people around you look good. It’s, it’s really true. It’s the same, the same thing for me. Listen, I it’s my job to make my key employees here look good. And I go around and I do that all the time with the managers and the executives that we work with are go out and not brag about them all the time, all the time. And I do everything I can to make them look good. When I see a gap that would not make them look good.

My job is to step in and go, listen, man, this is what’s going to make you look really great and gain favor here. I do this every single day, every day. It’s, it’s really, really important, but you’ve got to take time to understand what your employer or, um, your customer needs or who, or even the people around you. What is it that they need from you? And then don’t just do it like really go after it, um, and really do everything you can every single day, just to add value to the people around you. And it, it really helps when you can do that with a better level of great Industrial Staffing Tulsa. Listen, some days, some days I’m really good at doing that. And then some days I’m not like today, I’m struggling. I’m going to have to strategically like tell and force myself, listen, you’ve got to go add value to somebody today.

You got to go do it. I don’t want to do it. Um, but I know it’s a true, true key to success. And when I go do that, I don’t want to expect anything from them, anything from them. However, if you go and do that for a certain amount of time, usually two or three years, um, some, a quote that Zig Ziglar said many years ago, he said, if you will help enough people in your life and in your journey to get what they want, you’ll never ever have a problem getting what you want. Now, you don’t go do it for that reason, but that just happens to be a really nice, positive thing that happens in success. Successful people understand that number three feedback. Um, they’re only words until you act on them. Do you make feedback a top priority? And if not, you should.

We can’t always say I see ourselves objectively. And that’s why we’ve got to seek honest, regular feedback from people, the people that, uh, you know, younger in your career. And I was in the same place I would spend a lot of my time, just, uh, honestly thinking, I thought for a long time that I was the best organ organized person in our company for the first four or five years. I thought that, um, we’re like 12, 13 years in now. And around year five, I realized not only was I not the most organized person, but it was likely, I was the least, um, organized person. I was really great at vision, really great execution, but, um, I, I needed someone behind me to help me with the organization part, the organizational part of it. And until I realized that I was really just stuck and I, and I’d hit a cap, um, it’s really important.

So you’ve got to make a plan to get candid feedback and mentorship. Um, you’ve got to ask people to be willing, to spend time with you and brainstorm who is it? Somebody that would be a great mentor for me. Listen, mentors in my life have been one of the most important things that, that I could get. And it’s one of my cherished, um, uh, you know, gifts that I’ve ever been given. Listen, if, if Trinity can help you in any way, we are an industrial staffing firm. We are a medical staffing firm, and we are a staffing organization that helps other people get where God wants them. And we do that by, we serve our customers by putting quality over quantity and making sure that we put their interests first. And in doing that, we’ve become one of the best top reviewed staffing firms in the nation. And just in inc magazine, just this last year with a better and new level of Industrial Staffing Tulsa, we were, we were, uh, we were awarded as one of the fastest-growing companies in America. If Trinity can help you in industrial staffing or medical staffing, or just general professional staffing, we’re one of the best industrial and medical staffing groups in this state, for sure. And even beginning to move out into the region, please give us a call at (918) 622-2588, or you can visit us

You are listening to Trinity, employment’s a player matchmaker podcast, starring your host, and the co-founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello,

Welcome back to the A-player matchmakers, or we’re always trying to find different ways to advise you to job seekers and employers. And the title of this podcast is the career advice that you really need in your twenties and thirties. But if you’re a non-intentional in seeking it, it’s very unlikely that you’re going to, you’re going to be able to receive this. These are tips that have come directly from Jack Welch and Jack Welch is one of the top, uh, CEOs. He’s an infamous CEO that, uh, ran GE and literally about everything he touched, just worked with our great Industrial Staffing Tulsa today.. And one of the things that we want to do is just share these with the people that we serve, a big group of the people that we serve. Uh, we are one of the top staffing companies in Oklahoma. We specialize in, in staffing, in industrial staffing and medical staffing in general professional and, uh, financial, uh, staffing groups.

And we’re one of the top medical and industrial staffing companies in this area. We’re also one of the top medical and industrial staffing firms reviewed in the state of Oklahoma. And so we’re super proud of that. And then also we were just awarded by inc magazine is one of the top staffing agencies in, um, in the nation, which we’re super, super proud of. Um, in, in this particular podcast, I went through the first three, um, items first in the first one was found where your passion skills intersect. This is part two of this segment. Um, tip number two is to make sure an overdeliver tip three, get feedback it’s super, super important. And then I want to, uh, jump into the next one. And, um, and it is tip number four and that is don’t fear failure, embrace it head-on. So I want to share a quote by Jack Welch.

Um, what’s the best way to react to a career setback? Well, at the, at the facts, do a self evaluate, uh, evaluation. Did they make a reasonable decision if they did put your head down over-deliver and take the position of I’ll get the next one? So I couldn’t read that because it was so small, sorry for the pauses in there, but number four, don’t fear failure. This is, this is what I want to talk about. Um, I read a book by John Maxwell and it, uh, it basically had the statement in there that I use with our staff to this day. I use it. I think it’s super important and it’s just this, um, don’t be, don’t be afraid to fail. In fact, um, do not fear, failure, fail faster. Why I remember, uh, tell him that too. Uh, one of our lead recruiters now, and she said, what you want me to fail faster?

And she was offended at first because she was like, she thought I was wanting her to literally not do well. And I had to explain it. I said, no, listen, if you learn, if you fail at something, that means you put yourself out there. And if you learn that is the best and fastest way to get you up to speed and get you through the learning curve of this business, I believe it is. And I think that failing faster gets people, one comfortable with just taking a risk. Now you’ve got to take calculated risks. You don’t want to go out and just be haphazard things, but most of the greatest ideas are never executed on because there’s someone in the back of their head going, man. But if this fails, I’m going to look stupid. I’m really going to look dumb. Everybody’s gonna know I failed at this and I cannot imagine how many great, great things were completely dismissed because someone had a great one of the best ideas ever.

And they were just, they were just fearful to activate on it. And you don’t want to fear failure. You want to embrace it head-on. Um, so things are going to go wrong. Um, you’re going to have unexpected terminations, you’ll have bad bosses, dead, dead in jobs, economic downturns, and of that. You can be certain, but failure is just a natural part of the process. Um, failure is how Steve jobs and bill Gates, um, found success. Uh, failure reveals your character. If you can handle it with grace and candor and move forward anyway. And I’m not saying you can’t just have some big knockdowns, people get knocked down, but if you can just keep moving forward. And, but to be quite honest with you in reading, um, Steve jobs and Bill Gates, I don’t think they handled some of their, uh, some of their biggest failures with grace at all.

Um, you know, maybe publicly they did, but inside their company, inside their companies, they created crap storms, man. It was, uh, uh, but you know, they were able to pull it together. And, um, it’s what separates you from other people is just being able to go through things that other people won’t be able to. And so you want to prepare a contingency plan on how you’d respond if certain events were to unfold in your life and really think ahead, you know, I hate to say it, but as an entrepreneur, one of the, one of the best and most frustrating, uh, I don’t know, it’s like a gift and a curse all wrapped up in one, but it’s just having this natural thought process of always trying to kick your butt. Um, and, uh, I, I have this happen all the time. You know, I, I just look around and I’m like, all right, if I were to kick my butt right now, if I were one of my competitors, how would I be able to do it and be really authentic with myself?

And so, uh, basically what you’re doing is you’re always seeing these gaps and you’re always seeing these areas when you’re being authentic with it, that you could really improve upon and you really need to improve upon. And when you’re always trying to move the needle and always trying to fix problems before they truly become a problem, it really helps you to stay out in front of a lot of people. And if your competitors are really coming after you, it gives you an ability to kind of slowly build up a protection wall around you and the employees that you’re around. Um, tip number five is leadership is leading others. If you see yourself one day moving into a management or leadership role, start preparing for it. Now, not later when you lead, you realize the skills you need to succeed and you get to fail, just like what we talked about earlier, leading people you’re going to fail.

And if you can get it, if you can get fast, well, you’re down when you’re not really at the helm. Um, as you trying to lead people, it can really, really help you. Um, you know, one of the, one of the, um, things that Stephen Covey puts in his book, seven habits of highly effective leaders. Um, and what he says is, you know, start with the end first. He’s like, start, start by thinking about your funeral. What is it that you want people to say? What is it that you want people to think about you internally? Not, not, you know, not in public, but what, what do you want them to say and think, um, and really go through there and visualize that, watch people and see what you think that they would really truly be thinking and saying about you and be authentic with it for the top Industrial Staffing Tulsa.

And the whole idea behind that is, is start with the in first, all right, start doing now, what you want them to say about you at your funeral. So if you want them to say that you were a very giving person will start being a giving person. Now, if you want them to say, man, he is one of the hardest workers that I’ve ever met will then start being one of the hardest workers. Now, if you want them to say he is one of the top-level leaders that I’ve ever seen, we’ll then start exhibiting those things. Now it’s really super important. And so, um, so you’ve got to start over leading now, not later, um, when you lead, you begin to, to realize the skills you need to succeed in your own role. Um, aren’t, you know, they’re not the same skills as you need to, to help others succeed in theirs.

And so you’ll begin to start figuring that out. And you’ve got to think like a prospective boss interviewing you for some managerial position or a leadership role. Like what is, what does your resume stack up against other people? And if not, well, what do you need to do to put on there what’s skills do you already have? And which ones are you missing and be authentic with it and get, and get after it to try to fix those things? A tip number six, never stop learning, uh, for millennials and really just everybody right now, not millennials, good grief. Millennials have taken such a beating, but, um, you’re going to have to put down Facebook and put down Netflix, cut it, cut that stuff off. Just go read a book and get smarter. You know, if you can’t read very well, we’ll go get audible and, and read and learn about ways to become better.

I just think that you’ve got to never stop learning and you know, and there’s a ton of great information out there and now it’s easier to get than ever. And what’s funny is the stuff that most pop culture and the popular, uh, you know, the majority mainstream America’s going to is the most useless information ever, but the most helpful and useful information is out there if you’ll seek it, but you’ve got to be intentional with it and set your mind to it. Trinity can help you in any way. We are one of the top medical staffing firms and industrial staffing firms in this state of Oklahoma. And we’re also one of the tops reviewed medical and industrial staffing firms, um, around, we would love to be able to serve you. Please give us a call at (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit us