Employment Agency Tulsa | How Can the 2020 Job Hunt Be Improved?

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Let’s move one to the next, one. Greater flexibility on how work gets done. Um, given the fundamental changes in the workforce and increasing increasingly difficult difficulty in finding candidates, the right candidates, high-quality candidates, managers are going to be willing to consider a broader range of talent in order to get the work done. Um, and so our hiring Employment Agency Tulsa managers, they’re not going to care as much about it in a person’s employment status. In 2020, uh, said in this article that I’m referencing large Schmidt, I’m the founder of amplifying talent. They will be willing to fund, uh, to hire full time working contracting pro project managers, freelancers. A lot of tech companies are going to be moving to this and I think we’re going to see it more so in the VMs and MSP programs of the medical field as well. But if you’re interested in working for a specific company or industry or project, don’t worry so much about the employment status listed on the Employment Agency Tulsa job posting because people are going to be a lot more open than they were before.

Here’s something that’s very interesting. It’s not my next point. And that is keyword density is dying. So to technology professionals or any kind of professional who wants to stay in, in the, in the on the radar, they’re going to need to use two different sets of tactics to make sure that recruiters actually find them. It’s really important that you learn the algorithms of all of these websites. So you can be found is because using keyword searches in a prior experience to identify suitable Employment Agency Tulsa candidates, it’s slowly becoming a thing in the past. And those technologies are being replaced by AI, artificial intelligence and AI is going to be using algorithms that combine data points and keywords is going to be really important for that. And it’s going to be, it’s going to be bringing all of these together from a variety of resources to proactively identify possible candidates that might have an interest and the ability to fill a particular row. Now what this is going to do, this is going to irritate the fire out of employees because they’re not going to be talking to somebody. Really, they’re going to be talking to a robot. So the new search tools, they go way beyond the components of a resume and other application materials. Um, for example, these automatic platforms, they can analyze a candidate’s online presence and discover

if they’re active online is, are the things that they’re talking about online relevant and it’s going to really be able to hone in on potential candidates. I just think that it’s going to be done just like, um, you know, we get, we get hit up for sales all the time robotically on our cell phones and they automatically dial us. All right? We turn that off so quickly. The same thing happened with LinkedIn where everyone was trying to um, hit you up for, I’ve got a new opportunity for you. It’s going to do the same thing. It’ll work for a short time. Um, but you can take advantage of it when you, when you, uh, when you can, the last thing is is people are going to be putting potential over your pedigree. So they’re going to be really looking at potential rather than looking on your resume and going, okay, they are perfectly a fit for this Employment Agency Tulsa position.

Whereas employers were able to do that before and that’s what they wanted to do. But a lot of data and, and um, just overall conventional wisdom has shown that giving someone with potential in hiring for potential is really not a bad idea and you’re going to see that happen more and more and more in the economy that we have where it is definitely an employee’s market. Listen, if Trinity can help you with your job search, we are one of the top recruiting firms in Tulsa. We’re rated in the top 10 in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City area by Yelp and, um, various different groups that we never even knew were judging us. So please go on and read about Trinity and we would love to be an Employment Agency Tulsa resource for you. You can give us a call at nine one eight six two two, two five, eight eight or you can visit us online@trinityemployment.com.

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