Hiring Sales Engineers | HVAC Company

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Cory Minter: Hi. My name is Cory Minter. I’m president of Trinity Employment Specialists. I one want to talk with you real quickly, about one of the key positions that we’re recruiting for now and Tulsa staffing. It’s a sales engineer for a huge HVAC company in Tulsa staffing.

This position, it’s really critical to the growth and expansion of this HVAC company. This is a company that is a family owned organization. They’ve been around for many, many years. It’s one of the most respected places in the Tulsa area, not only to be able to work, but their benefits are incredible.

There are a lot of benefits to being able to work at an organization with the type of culture that they have, as well as the ideology that they hold as a company. I wanted to talk just real quickly about some of the things that this position does, and see if this is something that either you might be interested in, or that you might know of somebody who’s interested.

This is a very specific type of position. You have to have some specific type of skill set, to be able to do it. This position is going to be designing, and implementing, and the installation of heating ventilation and air conditioning systems for new commercial type buildings Tulsa staffing.

They’re going to be retrofit energy efficiency systems. Some of them will be to existing structures, and they have to meet governmental regulations. They’re going to meet with each client to assist them in making sure to coordinate the job specifications, and they’re going to meet project budgets in what each of their customers need.

To be able to do the sales portion of this position you need to be able to meet with each client, and develop a strong rapport. You need to be able to develop clients with assigned accounts such as contractors, engineers, business owners, and make sure in position the company services as the preferred solution Tulsa staffing.

They are known as that by many large commercial groups, anyway. They need to be able to go out and impact the people that are not– it’s not like you buy a huge HVAC system everyday. You need to be able to make sure and get in front of the people that might be making decisions.

The required qualifications and specifications for this position is they need you to build strong client relationships and establish a faithful client network to make sure and achieve penetration into their market. You need to generate client proposals based on the projects technical specifications, and assist with bid preparations, and work to ensure the accuracy of the bid making sure that it’s correct.

We need somebody who can follow up on projects and maintain continuous contact at all levels of the customer’s needs. Especially from a management and design standpoint. We need to find someone who has the ability to solicit support and communicate effectively to not only the customer, but also internal staff.

We need someone who has an ability to work independently and cohesively, with a strong work ethic. You need to have a good, solid basic understanding of chilled water and boiler systems. You need to be able to read prints, interpret prints, layout, order materials for projects of all sizes.

You must be able to recognize yourself as a leader and conduct yourself as a leader within the organization. We need somebody who can participate in meetings, workshops, training and seminars, as assigned for the purpose of conveying and understanding what it is that needs to be done, and communicating what the company needs to give this HVAC company.

Of course, you need good computer skills, time management skills, and all those things. As you can tell, this is a very, very specific type of position and it is something that we are recruiting for. There is a high salary for this position and exceptional benefits that come with it.

If you or anyone that you know is a sales engineer, especially in the HVAC and cooling type systems, we would really love to speak with you about this position. Please give us a call anytime at 918-622-2588, or you can always visit us online at trinityemployment.com. Thank you.