Staffing Medical Insurance Specialist | “A” Players

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Cory Minter: Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m president of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity is a Tulsa staffing company that works primarily in the Oklahoma City, in Tulsa areas. We staff for the medical community, almost every type of medical clinic in Tulsa. We staff for the major hospitals and the major hospitals’ clinical side as well. We also staff for finance and accounting. We do a lot of customer service type of positions and that’s really where our wheelhouse is. Is staffing for those kinds of positions with Tulsa staffing.

Today, I want to talk to you really quickly about one of our medical positions that we are staffing for and it’s a medical insurance specialist. Every medical clinic has different people that work specifically in their medical insurance billing and coding departments. A medical insurance specialist is someone who has a strong knowledge in utilizing insurance companies to verify that the insurance is still active with Tulsa staffing.

They will go in. If there’s a claim that’s being filed and there’s a problem with the claim, there will be able to contact the insurance companies. A lot of times the best insurance specialist have worked for one of the big insurance companies before. Blue Cross, Blue Shield, CommunityCare, one of these large medical insurance institutions. But what they’ll do is, they will call in and try to figure out what was wrong with the claim, how it was filed wrong. Try to figure out what they can do to try rectify it and fix the problem and then resubmit the claim.

The reason that this position is so vital to our doctors’ offices and hospitals that we work with, is because if they do not get each claim every single time somebody comes in to visit. If they don’t get that claim approved by the insurance company, they will just flat-out lose all money that they have, that they were going to receive on that. They only have very short amount of time to be able to get that done. It’s within the role of the insurance specialist to make sure that the insurance companies are contacted in a timely manner. That they get to the right people that they need to speak with. They fix the claim and then get it resubmitted Tulsa staffing.

They also probably need to work with the billing and coding specialist as well within each medical clinic. This is something that Trinity staffs for regularly. Here is what we look for though when we are trying to find someone for any medical clinic that we are working for. Whether it being an insurance specialist, a medical billing specialist, a coding specialist, whether it’s an LPN, an RN, a medical assistant, an X-ray tech, whatever it is that we are staffing for. This is what we want to find.

We want to be able to provide A players to every one of our customers that we utilize or that we staff for. That comes with being extremely picky at who we even decide to bring into our office to meet with. Then being extremely picky on who we want to even send out to our different clients. It’s in our best interest to really get to know each one of our clients really well and their atmosphere really well so we know who we can and who we can’t send over there Tulsa staffing.

It’s really an important part of what it is that we do. When we send someone over to a clinic that is not an A player, we want to give them an opportunity to get an A player by potentially releasing that individual, we might be able to place them in another place that would be a better fit for them and allow them to be an A player somewhere else. We get an A player for that clinic. When we are able to do that and only provide A players, we will save money for every single client that we work with, almost guaranteed.

A Players, they like hanging out with other A players. A Players do not leave their jobs as often and they stay put. It allows you to be able to maximize the investment that you have in them in your time, in teaching them a lot about the position. We would love to provide this for any customer out there that’s in our realm of focus. Please give us a call anytime or you can visit us on our website. Our number is 918-622-2588 or you can contact us at Thank you so much.