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Finding Banking Jobs in Tulsa | Money Staff

Hi, my name is corey mentor and I’m with trinity employment specialist, and we are staffing organization we staff in both oklahoma city and tulsa markets, and that we’ve been doing this for over 10 years. Now, it’s crazy in those 10 years, though we’ve been in ink magazine, is one of america’s fastest growing companies we may get in that again. This next year was kind of cool. We’ve been one of tulsa’s top 40 fastest Finding Banking Jobs in Tulsa growing companies for several years running and and so in that time span, we’ve developed some good things, and so that’s what I want to share with you today real quick. We we started out staffing in the medical industry and we staff for lpns in orange and medical assistants. We’ve we’ve been able to become an expert now in staffing for nurse practitioners in physician’s assistantand now I i, don’t know that I caused an expert at it, but we we are staffing for a lot of positions now and it’s very difficult to reason.

I say that we’ve been able to do pretty well with it, but it’s a lot more difficult. Then then, what one might think in crazy position? Do you know it’s? Something really interesting is that I’ve learned this from another company that I I was having to create, but there are only there are not enough physicians and there’s not enough schools to produce enough position to take care of the baby, boomer age and beyond. Isn’t that interesting? And so course that’s why they’re they’re having this recruit for physicians now, Finding Banking Jobs in Tulsa because it’s such a big deal and so are medical systems, probably going to get changed a little bit. I think trinity is going to be a part, we’re trying to create a system for helping in this new treeand. That’s going to happen, but I left off just a little bit ago, and talking about hiring systems in so I ended up believe with screening interview. So the whole idea behind this concept is, is it’s a lot of times? We have a lot of of our employers that we work with and they just don’t have a hiring system really in place. No date, they kind of know, I mean it’s just like most people. They know that they that they need to hire someone and so place a job interview, bunch of people make a decision, and that’s really the three step process that we see most of our managers going for that they’ve been using for years and when you make a bad hire, it’s so very expensive. It is things that most people just don’t think about that. You have to train. You have to pay your stafftrain, this new person you’re paying the person while you’re doing this. You know they’re not very productive. At least data states that, if you’re lucky you’re going to get them for inductive after about five six months for each were there actually making money for you.

It’s a lot of people don’t calculate in the law. The lost a company goes through in trying to hire, hire someone bring them, one get them up to speed, and so it’s very important that you have a hiring process so that you can make better decisions and overtime. Be able to save your company a lot of money to save you a lot more than what you think, and so we’re talking about doing. Finding Banking Jobs in Tulsa Screening interview so once you place an ad or if you, even if you use a staffing company might want to consider doing this is having a screening interview where you can get. You can get on the phone and off the phone in 5 minutes the wholegoal behind this is you want to determine whether or not they are a good candidate? That’s worth your time in meeting, so the questions you’re going to want to ask in this screening interview is:they want to be very very pointed questions and they’re they’re going to be wanting to deliver a lot of information. I would recommend they be open, ended questions in that you take some time to think about what are two good questions that should be able to eliminate for us, so the whole job there is to limonite, and so once you do a screening interview and you got-you have a a group of people that you’re wanting to interview. Well then, you’re going to start your interview, processinterview process is a lot for a lot of people are this that they bring people in and they and they try to decide whether they like them. Personally and i, got i, got to admit I’ve done this myself in in the past, I bring somebody in and I would really make a decision on whether or not I like them and I would put so much of an emphasis also on trying to hire somebody that had the exact skill-set I want you to know that at least was trinity, we’ve kind of gotten away from that a little bit and I’m not trying to tell someone who’s trying to hire an engineer to get it for the degree that makes sense. But if you, if you will really focus on character, the billy for that person have customer service, their integrity and their attituderight. Now, that’s that’s. How we hire people and so I want you to be able to create a process where you’re able to gauge these things and then add in the skill-set I get it you. You want to have a tough skill set, but we switch the order priority from the 80s, where the order party used to be only what their resume said. Only what they look like on paper was why we bring somebody in I want you to consider Finding Banking Jobs in Tulsa flipping that a little bit and considering character and attitude and integrity is being probably the front leaders there and then making their actual resume being a secondary and, and so, when you’re doing these, when you’re making the switches you want to change some of your questions to also addie and about character.

Ask questions about how did you handle situations that were difficult? What was the worsttype of situation that you had happen to ask questions like that? I really think that that helps you to be able to gauge whether you know what type of person they are hard to find an interview to create a system and make sure that you have questions that are specific. There thought out, they’re, not on the fly. Finding Banking Jobs in Tulsa This keeps you from making a decision based on whether you, just like someone I’m sure that you met somebody before the past. Maybe I’m the only one I’m, not sure, but you met somebody really really like them, and then you got to know him and you’re likepeople do this in hiring all the time. So you want to try to eliminate that as much as possible by creating a systematic process in interviewing people. I would suggest that you had the same questions for every candidate, and that is so. You can actually measure its statistics thing, so the next thing is you’re going to want to. If you want to make a hiring decision and you really like a person, you want to check the references. First I really want to suggest that you put a lot of emphasis in this reference checking if you were an owner of a company-and this is an important position for you, I would suggest that you make the reference check. Finding Banking Jobs in Tulsa Call yourself don’t rely on one of your staff members to do it and hear here’s why your staff members are going to go robotically through the reference check and there are, you know you might have a manager or or someone who really cares about the overall vision of your company and they put a lot of effort into getting what you need, but most likely no one’s going to care more about your company. Then you and listen as owners. I want to get myself out of almost everything that I can and have, and have someone in delegate that if you don’t do that, it’s going to be very difficult to scale and grow.

But this thing is a is very important. I want to I want to suggest to you that you do not delegate this out unless it is for lower level positions for your positions that are important. You need to be able to do this. I remember a long time ago, I had an employee that I loved interviewed great was. Finding Banking Jobs in Tulsa It was like too good to be true type of scenario and I went and checked his references and i. Do this myself I want to talk to the people that work with them I want to know what they are like, and you know it’s so funny, because at the end of the day, this person’s top of the boss was his wife and he listed his wife’s maiden name on the reference sheet and i. The only reason I was able to figure it out was because I was asking metrics in eventually I got her to admit that she was his wife and that this guy was a complete scam. Finding Banking Jobs in Tulsa Artist and what’s funny, is i. Did another staffing company called me about 4 weeks later? They have you ever heard of this person, because I hired him in their horrible and they said that you gave them a job. Offer I didn’t give him a job offer so make sure. Okay, that you have that you check references, i, really suggest you do it on your own. If trinity can help you out in your hiring process, we would really love to be able to do. That. Please, give us a call anytime at 918-622-2588, or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com. Thank you

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