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Find Missouri Travel Nurses | Work anywhere you choose

Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I’m the president of Trinity employment specialists and we are a staffing firm located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. However, we provide travel nursing for almost every state in the entire nation now. And um, we, we centrally focus on the center part of the United States. So that is Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri. We offer travel nursing options to nurses in all of those different areas. However, I mean we’ve got some places like in Alaska, need travel nurses, we have, we have of course New York right now needs travel nursing. But because of this Cove ID 19 virus that is throwing every company off and needing nurses at a rate that is just unbelievable. This travel nursing, the demand has escalated to a level that is almost unprecedent. Well it is unprecedented. The salary that they are offering nurses now has almost tripled. Find Missouri Travel Nurses by going online today!

So if you are an RN or an LPN and you are considering travel nursing right now, you will make more money right now than at any given time in your lifetime. Now, one of the things that is a concern to a lot of people is um, you know, contracting the disease, but now the equipment has began to catch up. So now we have mass for everyone. You know, I’ve, I’m friends with a lot of nurses that are in different areas and that’s another thing. You don’t necessarily have to go into a respiratory top of department in the hospital. Um, you can also be in the emergency room where your exposure rate is going to go way down. Or if you’re taking care of different people in surgery, um, you know, in ICU of course your, your exposure rate is gonna go way up. But this is a really great time to make some money if you’re interested in doing travel nursing.

But this, this particular article, we’re just going to be look at trends in travel nursing and looking ahead because this might be an option for people to begin getting into travel nursing. So this is going to be something very new. And so here’s some things that people can start looking at. But the first thing that I always try to start out with is just give you some general statistics. I’ve written some down here so you’ll see me looking at my notes so I don’t incorrectly, um, give, give you the statistics. But the Bureau of labor lists the average pay of a regular licensed nurse at $43,170 per year. The salary of a travel nurse though listened to this, can go as high as $103,893. Find Missouri Travel Nurses One of my very good friends, um, he has one of his best friends. Of course we’re talking to a friend of a friend of a friend.

It sounds like a redneck thing here I’m telling you, but um, but this is a really true story. He goes out to Alaska into a really remote area of Alaska and they have a hospital there and he does this travel nursing gig. He goes out there for three months and I know we listed that the salary goes as high as 103,000. That’s according to the Bureau of labor statistics. But this gentleman goes out to nurse to a remote area in Alaska, works for three months, makes a little over a hundred thousand dollars a year, comes back to the mainland in the United States and live somewhere in Missouri and doesn’t do anything the rest of the year because he made a hundred, $145,000 over just a three month period of time. And so, although those contracts are very difficult to get into and trust me, this guy’s not going to let it go.

He’s going to keep doing it. Those options are out there if you begin to look at them. So it, but it takes a little bit of a shift in the way that you think about working. So the salaries can at the very minimum double and sometimes way more than double. So here’s another, here’s another statistic. Um, travel, uh, travel nursing company, um, compiled that on the salaries of regular nurses and travel nurses and it discovers that travel nurses earn significantly more in an article by travel Travel nurse expert, Erin Moore indicated that the short contracts of travel nurses can be an advantage. It allows nurses who do not have much employment opportunity in their home towns to seek other employment opportunities in other cities with a specialty that allows you to begin to earn more money. Now a lot of travel nursing contracts are going to require that you have certain certifications. Find Missouri Travel Nurses and get started with your new life!

However, there you can. It’s a way for you to begin to work and get some exposure, um, into some specialty groups. So I told you, I’m, I’m kinda rambling a little bit, but this is a look ahead of travel nursing. What does it look like in the future? The first thing is the nursing shortage continues to grow. Listen with this COBIT 19, this pandemic, it exploded. The need for travel nursing tripled the salaries because of they’re giving you emergency rates now, which we’ve got nurses all over beginning to take advantage of these. But the, when they opened up, uh, the affordable care act, and I’m going to talk about that here in a little bit more, but there is more nursing need than ever before. And one thing that we know for sure, which is really interesting is that we know for sure that they’re not going to be enough physicians in the coming ages with because of, um, the baby boomers are coming out and they are all needing more healthcare than they did previously when they were younger.

And so we know that we do not have enough physicians to support the need that’s coming because of the baby boom, the baby boomers entering into the medical field. Um, the sec, the second thing is, is the affordable care act just opened up a ridiculous amount of new people into the, into the healthcare arena and that is not going to go away. You’re going to see in here from our, um, from news sources and maybe even from, uh, some politicians that they’re wanting to slow or change healthcare a little bit. They may change it a little bit because it’s kind of proven that the affordable healthcare, the affordable care act was really not well thought out. So they’re making some adjustments. Find Missouri Travel Nurses But one thing that you can be sure of that they’re not going to make adjustments to that is going to be, they’re not going to take away the option of somebody acquiring healthcare.

It’s just not going to happen. And because of that, we don’t have enough physicians to support it. So you’re going to see a lot of things move to telemedicine. But we do not have mere enough nurses and we don’t have enough schools to graduate nurses. So if you’re a nurse, this is what this means. It’s just general supply and demand. Find Missouri Travel Nurses The economic curve that we all learn, basic, general economics as supply goes down and demand goes up. So does price. So that is what’s going to happen with travel nursing. But the, the one thing that is going to be a differentiator, most salaries in hospitals for full time, permanent nurse nursing is going to stay about the same. But in your travel nursing it’s going to begin to increase and you’re going to see this. And we’re now moving into more of a gig style economy.

And this is a great way for you as a nurse to make more and work less. And as a, if you are a part of Trinity, we offer you benefits starting day one, we’re going to offer you all sorts of options. The same kind of options that you get within a, within a hospital, you’re going to get the same kind of benefits working at Trinity. So that is the first thing nursing shortage is going to continue to grow. That is going to increase the price point that we can pay for nurses. The second thing, the affordable care act, I mentioned it briefly, you know, according to the us department of health and human services, the affordable care act resulted in 20 million people gaining health coverage, 20 million more people gaining health coverage. We were not ready for this as a nation with the nurse supply and the physician supply.

So this is a great opportunity to Find Missouri Travel Nurses and a great time to enter the travel nursing industry. Trinity is a great option for you to learn. Listen, Darcel and myself. Um, we would love to be able to sit with you and explain things to you and go over it because it is going to be a little bit of difference, but we’d love to help you with that. Give us a where we’re opening up a new page on travel nursing to give you a lot of new information. Thanks so much for joining us. I hope you have a great day.

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