Find Missouri Travel Nurses | See how we can help!

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Find Missouri Travel Nurses | See how we can help!

Hi, my name is Cory Minter. This is Darcel and we are with Trinity employment specialists. We are a travel nursing, uh, staffing firm. And what we want to always do is add value to job seekers who are travel nurses out there. And then also make sure that you have as much information as possible because a lot of the people that we’re going to talk to or that we want to talk to and that we want to help our travel nurses that are really looking into this, maybe they don’t know everything. They’ve worked in a hospital, they, they’ve heard about travel nursing, they’ve talked to the nurses to do travel nursing. They probably heard that the salaries sometimes double and any time this is a human being thing, if, if, if you’re doing the same thing, even as a travel nurse recruiter and you had a travel nurse, travel nursing recruiter, Find Missouri Travel Nurses they come up to you and you’re like, you know, if you were to do this, you’re going to make double correct.

You’re to work the same. Absolutely. Actually you have a little bit more flexibility, but you’re gonna make double flexibility. Okay. That’s why you’re, that’s what the conversation is. And then the human being, they’re going to be naturally interested. So the title of this podcast is, uh, how to make the most money. As a travel nurse. There are certain things that you can do and make yourself available for. We want to talk about it. Darcell has been doing travel, nursing, recruiting for 15 years now. She knows a lot of just simple, small things that’s going to give you knowledge and knowledge, gives you power and will help you to make a little bit better of a decision. That’s what we’re going to do. So the difference in between a travel nurse and nurse. Okay. Yes, there is a bit a big difference. Well, can you explain?

Let me explain it to them for far as the travel nurse Find Missouri Travel Nurses pay is concerned, what we do is what you do as a travel nurse, you will receive a pay package. That pay package will have a lore hourly rates on it and you would get housing stipends and MNI stipends. So based upon the hospitals pay how they want to pay you when you go in and build a PAC pay package for you with that, because we wanted to make sure we include your non taxables now as Cory was stating, um, the difference between a regular nurse and that travel nurse and her pay package is you work the same hours, typically 36 hours a week and where you would work 36 hours a week as a regular nurse you will not get paid for two weeks. Here you get paid weekly and not only that, to the benefit of it where you work two weeks, do you get your taxes taken out of the sum of your pay?

Well with travel nursing your taxes is only taken out on that hourly pay rate and everything else is considered nontaxable according to the GSA. So that’s one difference that it makes as a travel nurse. And then you look at it as again as if you’re a regular nurse, you going to work a whole entire year before you’re granted a week pay and we time off. So, so nontaxable income like in general, like the housing stipend, all that stuff do you, about what is a percentage of that of their salary? That’s a plus. A large percentage, I will say 75% tax free. So 75% is tax free. You add that up over a year’s time and it’s really remarkable how much more money goes in your pocket and not out the door. Uh, to uncle Sam. Absolutely Find Missouri Travel Nurses. And we’re all trying to figure out a way to do this.

I remember when I was in the fifth grade and I started this lawn mowing company and my mentor who was teaching me also how to pay the books cause I had employees at this time, I wasn’t, he was truly entrepreneurial. But I remember when I wrote my first paycheck and I was like, what? Where did that go? No, go with those taxes. I was like, what? Yes. People I think are still doing this. Yes, absolutely. Well more so now, maybe, maybe a little bit more educating a fifth grader. All right. So the top factors that influence nursing pay, um, are, can be many different things. And so, um, I did a video cast on this last week, but I wanted to do, I wanted to go over the same things and allow Darcell to talk a little bit more Find Missouri Travel Nurses specifically about it. Your location can determine a great deal about how much you’re paid in travel nursing.

Talk about that real quick. That is correct. The demographics of where you would like to pick up a travel contract. Every state pays different. California is one of the ice pain States. And then you’ve got North Carolina, South Carolina. So Find Missouri Travel Nurses the advantage of where you want to go because actually while you’re working, you could literally take a vacation because you were only working 36 hours. You’re going to be there seven days a week for 13 weeks. So look at the factor of what do you want to have fun while you’re there. Uh, and the pay because you getting paid weekly is deposited straight into your account. So I mean it, a lot of people take their children or their husband and go with them. I would have working from home. I would imagine though that some of these, uh, some of these locations that are lucky in Florida, California, maybe there’s probably some in Hawaii, I mean all over the place will, um, I’m sure that there’s a lot more competition in those areas.

Are the opportunities as, as, as prevalent as in other areas? It is it again, California always have needs always. Well I would imagine like I’ve seen the laws in California and they’re very, Oh cause that’s the eight hours you get overtime. Well a lot of work, more hours, you get double time. So it’s crazy pay in in California. Yeah. So it’s, you gotta know that pace. And one of my buddies, his daughter just went and knows his son-in-law, took a, uh, took him and his daughter-in-law to California and they have a travel trailer and they’re staying on the beach out there. So their living expenses as well. Absolutely. But you mentioned Florida, Florida, lot of nurses, the time for a nurse to do Florida and you will see all the needs come in in October because they want to escape the cold time. Yeah. But the pay is very low in Florida.

Yes sir. Because they know that yes and they, those hospitals Find Missouri Travel Nurses take advantage but the an ex reality, the nurses don’t care. They want to get to Florida in the winter time. So I mean every nurse they will always call you and say, do you have anything in Florida? Yeah, yeah. Well and that’s helpful for people to know because you know when you, when you have expectations and when expectations aren’t met, right. There’s a frustration level there so that’s a little bit for them. So they’ll call you in September, I’m telling you to look for them somewhere in Florida. So the cost of living is very important. It’s going to be directly related to location but your nursing specialty is going to be a big D. Absolutely. Can you talk about that just real quick and say our M one, everyone know our in one, that is a med surge that is going to be a low pain scale, but the med search nurse already knows that.

And then you have an ICU nurse, which the pay goes up higher, ER goes up higher, all are is higher. So every specialty is different. So you’ll, your pay package will be a little bit larger. But look at the, the situation we’re in right now, some of them are still paying higher pay rates and some States because of crisis rates, so they’re astronomical, right? So your pay package will really be really good if you work this time. And I think this might last throughout the year. Right? And if you’re watching this later in the year or maybe next year, cause this is probably gonna be up for, we’re talking about the Covidien situation where this is in 2020 in. So, but we do have crisis rates even without a crisis. Okay. Okay. If a hospital has a shortage, they were raised in bill rate. Okay.

So it, it could be any time that we have crisis rates. Okay. Or nurses go on strike, right? They pay a lot of money to bring nurses in. Hey listen, some of the, I’ve been watching some videos of nurses talking about how uh, some of the patients are being treated with COBIT and how they’re not communicating with families, especially in New York. Some nurses are getting very frustrated in the way that they are treating some of these patients when they know that they’re not treating them the way they needed to. Right, right. Have you been watching the same thing or seen them pick it? I seen them out there talking about it really sad and my daughter being a nurse. Um, she said it’s really sad what patients are going through. Yeah. Well what about shift timing? Like uh, night shifts, holiday shifts, swing shifts on call, all that stuff?

Like what, what do you think their shift timing? Um, their shifts would Find Missouri Travel Nurses normally be 12 hour shifts, 36 hours a week. A lot of times. And I asked the nurse, most nurses want to know, can I get block booking? And I will say, actually I can’t make that determination. But when you interview, make sure you mentioned that to the manager that you want black booking. And for those that don’t know, black booking is getting every day in a role. Okay, so three, three days in a row, right? You know, if we want Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, they’ll book that. So that’s what they want. So, and you can pick up overtime, right? Because right now they are doing overtime. A lot of times, most nurses when they do contracts, they do overtime. Right? So that’s another benefit for the nurse. Okay. Yeah. Well these are the first things that we’re going to go over. We’re going to do a part two to this and we’re going to talk about some other factors that influence travel, nursing pay. Um, what we want is for you to be educated. If Trinity can help you in any way, please give us a call, ask for Darcel. Find Missouri Travel Nurses And even if you just need information, she would love to give it to you. Um, and we would love for you to know about some of the great things Trinity does. Um, please give us a

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