Find Missouri Travel Nurses | Learn how to work on the go

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Find Missouri Travel Nurses | Learn how to work on the go

Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m here with Darcel with Trinity employment specialists. Trinity is a staffing firm that specializes in travel nursing all over the nation. Darcell has been doing it for over 15 years. She is our expert today and today we’re going to be talking about factors that influence travel nurse pay. So we just did a video just now in this and going to follow it up. It’s going to be part two about different things that impact how much money you can make as a travel nurse. And just to kind of go over that just real quickly, I’m going to go to my notes so I don’t forget it. You know, location is a big deal. Shift differentials, it’s a big deal. Your cost of living wherever you’re going to, that, that differentiates how much the hospital’s going to pay you. Your specialty that you have makes a big difference with Find Missouri Travel Nurses.

If you are a specialist in labor and delivery, for example, or uh, you know, working with prenatal or something, you’re gonna make a lot more money right now because of the COBIT craziness that we’re dealing with. Respiratory therapists, there’s a big huge increase in the salary for them. Um, all sorts of different things can impact it. And S and so the last thing that we left off with was your shift timing. You know, whether it’s night shifts, holiday pay, all of these different things. Now we’re uh, we’re going to move into some different kinds of factors that can impact how much you can make as a travel nurse. The whole idea behind doing videos behind this, behind this for this is to, um, make sure that we educate the nurses whether they’re coming to work for Trinity or not. We would love for you to please come check us out.

Um, but we just want to help new nurses, Find Missouri Travel Nurses that have thought about jumping into travel nursing, educate them to educate them and make sure that you know, kind of what, uh, what is truth and what is not. In fact, in, in this particular podcast, we’re going to go through something that I always thought was the truth and our sales is going to talk about how it wasn’t. In fact, Trinity did not go into travel nursing for many years. Like seven years because I thought that this this bonus thing, we had to pay it and there’s no way that we could do it. So we’re going to talk about that. Right, so the first thing of factors that impact travel, nursing pay is rapid response assignments. Well, well, well Marcel, why in the world would we have a travel nursing, a rapid response assignment right now?

Right now because the Colvin PLA, I’m so sick, but no hearing about, I’m sure they are too. Oh, absolutely. Just let’s go ahead and agree to talk about it for a little bit just to educate. Exactly. Let’s keep it minimal. Yes, I will. Because a nurse can also get rapid response assignments without the covet. Okay, so let’s, let’s spend more time talking about that first. Go ahead and educate people on what we’re using for right now. Some of the hospitals across the U S offering are higher pay rates for different specialties, especially ICU nurses, like you mentioned, our teas, our RTS. Okay. They are essential to this time right now because everybody who has the coal that they says it’s respiratory, so that respiratory therapists is a high demand, so they can get the rapid response bag. But then you have your ICU nurses. Um, that’s another factor.

But again, you could get rapid response. Even without that. Nurses go on strike, they have a low volume of surge of flu or any accident or whatever happens in a state that is true. Yeah. You’ve got like big, you know, pockets of the U S that have the flu. Yeah. And negative. Of course it’s going to take over the floor. Yeah. So rapid response rates falls in effect. So that or strike, if a nurse going to strike the strike pay is ridiculous. It’s $125 an hour. It is crazy. Crazy. How often do people go on strike? Am I just the only one that’s so much? Not knowledgeable about it? Nurses go on, they go on strike all the times. I don’t think it’s ever happened in Oklahoma. No, it hasn’t. And this shouldn’t be the state and it should happen in what? I hate to say that because they pay the nurses so low here in Oklahoma.

I could, I could attest to that. Two of my daughters are nurses and they left. They got their license here. They left here because they’re not making enough money. Did mama Darcell tell them, Hey listen, you can make so much. I did Chicago go back home. Yes, because you can make more money in bigger cities. But again, and people said the cost of living, they still pay up there. They pay there. It’s a little bit different. But with a travel nurse, they could make more money, rapid response and just regular. The hospitals do not pay. Even in other States, Georgia, Florida, any Southern States, it’s across the board. They pay the same, just about, unless you looking at rapid response rates, which is where a nurse could make a lot of money, you know, they could go on their regular job, say go down to PRN, take some time off, let them know you’re going to do a contract and then come back.

Okay. So before I move on, are there any other like rapid response? No, those are the only reason. Rapid response rates take effect. Okay. Other than that, no. Okay. Well you already mentioned one of them. The second one was a strike, correct? Yes. Yeah. And so like tell me how long does a strike usually last? You, obviously you’ve staffed for this several times. The last of the 13 to 14 weeks, right? Yeah. So three, four months. So do they are, when they go on a strike, are they going to be signing them for 13 week assignments in or are they going to do mainly per diem? No, they do a contract with them. Really? They do a contract because they know, I mean, think about any time a company going to strike with Find Missouri Travel Nurses, you know, there’s some time they’re not going on strike adjusting before week.

Right. Find Missouri Travel Nurses when They’re wanting something. So the, all the nurses walk out well and I’m sure that they’d go to the CEO and they’re like, all right, how long are you gonna hold out? And they tell me down. They hold, I mean, these nurses make a lot of money on strike. Yeah, okay. I mean, they start off with two months and then it goes to three months and they constantly extending them. Okay. The last thing that we have here is bonuses. Now, the funny thing is, is that when we started looking into travel nursing, the number one thing that I started, uh, that I heard about that it was just, it really, now I’m learning. It was just a room where they were like, man, to do this, you’re going to have to come up to even get a nurse. Consider it. You’re going to have to come up with pay him like a $10,000 sign on bonus.

And I was looking at the numbers. You know how I do it? I’m like, all right, can I make a profit on this? That’s really what I’m looking at. And I’m like, there’s no way that we’re going to make a profit if we’re paying that. And so, um, and so when we brought Darcell in, I learned, listen, this is not an issue. When did this not become an issue? How did this become a thing? Because if you’re a new nurse, you’ve probably heard the same things that I have. I’m guessing. How did this, tell me the story, the timeline here. I think bonuses came into play when most agencies went from traditional staffing and want it to go into travel nursing. So what they did just like you, they took the bill rate and they start paying out of their own revenue. Okay. To get nurses to build them a pool.

Okay. But in essence, and just as quickly as they came quickly Find Missouri Travel Nurses, they went out because the agencies realized they were going in the hole. So this really was a true thing that it was, how long did it go on? Cause that’s all I heard about when I was looking at if a year. But because we, they couldn’t afford it. You know, and seeing the nurses think, and I’m glad we don’t talking about this right now because the nurses thing, Oh you make so much money. But no, as an agency we do not make so much money. A lot of times we go in the hole because we’re in competitive. We have to be competitive with other agencies. So we construct your pay package to meet what we try to get the most money that we can. You have to look at the factor that we have to do a lot.

We have to do the drug screens, we gotta to do. We pay so much out compliance Find Missouri Travel Nurses. Trust me, I’m aware of that. Exactly. I know. Right? And so, so we still try to get them the most money and almost every nurse, they’re shopping paid package. Absolutely. I’m hearing her talk about this all the time. They’re always shopping. That’s the big thing. So the bonus, and I’m going to get back to the bonus, we could give a nursing bonus and the bonus play come in. When you do an extension, we want to give you something to extend that’s a little extra, you know, one to $200 and each time you extend we give you a bonus. So that’s when the bonuses come in. So the bonuses work. Yes. Listen, we appreciate you joining us with this. If Trinity can help you in any way with travel nursing with options, we have contracts in every city in the United States. Um, we would love to speak with you and just show you what options we have for you and you can get to work with the great, great Marcel, give us a