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Find Missouri Travel Nurses | Get started with us

Hello. Um, my name is Darcel woods. I am a travel nurse recruiter with Trinity employment specialists. And today I want to talk once again about contract nursing in Oklahoma, Oklahoma. Find Missouri Travel Nurses Right now we’re all across the U S we’re actually in a crisis, UPenn dynamic as they say. Um, here with contract nursing in Oklahoma. We actually are in need of more our ENS, LPN, surgical techs. And so if you’re looking or have been contemplating doing travel nursing in Oklahoma, if you could give us a call at nine one eight six two two two five eight, eight. Again, my name is Darcel woods with Trinity employment. This urgency is very important for our livelihood here in Oklahoma. With this pandemic, a lot of people will be sick. We do have some currently, so they’re being proactive and asking all of the staff and agencies hospitals to look on the look for the crisis rates that are about to come out.

And what that entail is typically if you go on a travel contract for 13 weeks, a med surgeon nurse could probably make anywhere from 18 to 2000 a week. And most of that will be non-taxable. With the crisis rates. That rate will go up. Med surgeon nurse could probably make 22 to 2,400 a week because the bill rates are higher. So if this, again, if this is something you want to learn more about, please reach out to me. Um, and a nurse could work anywhere from my understanding now across the whole entire us because of this pandemic, you could have a license in Oklahoma or Alabama or New York, but Find Missouri Travel Nurses now per our governors and many governors across the country, they’re allowing nurses to Rourke anywhere to help in this with this battle of the Corona virus. So with that being said, I want to go into travel nursing.

A lot of nurses don’t know about travel nursing and travel nursing. In Oklahoma we, we have a surge of nurses that do travel nursing even without the virus being concerned. So our top concern, so if any one wants to learn more about travel nursing, I would say reach out to us. I would like to discuss this opportunity with you going to step by step so you can have a wide understanding of what you would be getting yourself to is doing a 13 week contract. And I asked all nurses if they’re never, they’ve never traveled before to stay home, stay a close proximity and we’re 50 miles away from their home and that is considered travel according to the U S dot. Gov so I’m going to talk about a contract nursing in Oklahoma. Find Missouri Travel Nurses A better term is travel nurse contracts. Um, again most of our contracts are 13 weeks and I just want to highlight today on a med search contract.

Med surge nurses is a RN one and a lot of their bill rates are not as higher as some of the other specialties. But there are so many med surge nurses out there and I know you guys are working the floor, you’re doing 40 hours a week and you’re not making the money that you want to make. So what that a travel nurse contract would do for you is help you make the amount of money that you’re looking for. And this is not a longterm thing. You could be a contract nursing in Oklahoma. Find Missouri Travel Nurses You could be a nurse for at least a year. The government will allow you to contract in one facility for an entire year. You would do 13 week intervals. I will suggest that all nurses take at least a week off before picking up another contract because it’s, it’s different. You’re needed because there’s a lot of work to be done there on that floor.

So of course take that week off. The benefits of doing contracts is taking you out of a regiment that you’ve so used to the humdrum of everyday getting up, going to work, working 40 hours, work in 36 hours, doing the same thing every day. This way, pick it up. A travel contract. You have the advantages of going to other hospitals, traveling to other hospitals, learning a lot of techniques that other nurses know. Talking to other nurses. I do believe that part of our education is learning a little bit more from everyone. No one person have all the answers. So when you go to at another hospital working, you could learn different techniques. On how to interact. Some of them have different testing, some of them have different certifications. Find Missouri Travel Nurses So it’s really beneficial for a travel nurse to, um, what I call spread your wings a little bit.

I know a lot of nurses are intimidated by travel. It’s like no one to stay in the comfort of my own job, but you need the money. So that’s where I come into play. I would like to build that relationship with you and one-on-one first, educate you on the, on the terms and the, uh, the things that you could look for and make sure that you’re comfortable in that setting because it is, it can be fearful. Um, when you’re leaving your family at home, going to venture out. I would like to just talk to you about the points, the hot points, the benefits of it, things that could go awry, uh, on a contract. You Find Missouri Travel Nurses , you know, nursing things happen all the time. Um, so if could give us the opportunity of speaking to you about contract nursing in Oklahoma, I would really appreciate it if you could give me a call.

(918) 622-2588. Thank you. This is Darcell was with Trinity employment specialists. I am a travel contract nurse for contract nursing in Oklahoma and this is something that’s new to me to sit here in front of a camera and talk to you about it because this is something that I’m passionate about Find Missouri Travel Nurses. I believe it’s a great need out there. Uh, again, my daughters are nurses. I have two daughters, this nurses and I watched them work lots of hours and then go have to pick up a part time job. So I talked to them about it and now they’re interested in travel nursing. Find Missouri Travel Nurses Then the reason for travel nurses is not just because the hospital has a need, it’s to help you as well. Your pay is better because you guys know, um, you don’t get paid a lot, especially here in Oklahoma. My daughters actually moved from Oklahoma.

They got their licensures here. Then they moved to Chicago where they could make a higher hourly rate, but yet instilled, they got in Chicago, got used to the cost of living everything. There’s a little higher than they still wanted to pick up contract nursing because again going to Illinois you can make more money. So I’m going to just talk about a travel contract nursing, um, nurse that I had as med search and how she was in home health and then she went and did bedside and realized she wants to do something a little different. So she start called me. We built a rapport. Uh, I talked to her and let her know that the process of travel, nursing and the steps because there are so many steps and yes, there is a lot of paperwork Find Missouri Travel Nurses. I just had a nurse today asked me a pay package is important, but if I send you my resume, do I have to do an application?

Absolutely. Unfortunately that is part of the protocol. Find Missouri Travel Nurses You have to send the resume in, you do your application, then I call you and we have either a virtual resume interview or we could just have a phone interview because I know you guys work a lot of hours. I do a lot of texting. I think that’s the best way to communicate with the nurse, because you guys are on the floor constantly, but you also use your phone while you’re on the floor. So if there’s someone out there that’s interested in learning more about travel contract, please give me a call. (918) 622-2588 again, my name is Darcel with Trinity employment services, and we’re doing a series of contract nurse in Oklahoma.